What kind of companion will my poodle or poodle mix be for me? Are poodles well-suited to be dog volunteers? If you want to learn all about poodle behavior, this is your starting point!

Raising Poodle Puppies 

Raising Poodle Puppies 

Is there anything cuter than a Poodle puppy? Probably not. But while they are a bundle of absolute gorgeousness, they can also be a complete handful very much like having a toddler. So to help you on your journey of Poodle parenting, here are our best tips for raising...

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Poodle Colors: How Do They Get Them?

Poodle Colors: How Do They Get Them?

If someone were to ask you to think about which poodle color you would choose if you were to buy a poodle, you would think that’s not such a difficult choice. How hard can it be to pick a favorite out of three poodle colors: black, white, and cream? If this is you,...

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