Best Blankets for Poodles

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Most dogs love blankets and it’s no surprise why. This is especially true for blankets for poodles, which are often as fluffy as they are. They tend to be smart, affectionate dogs that are great for a variety of living situations. Like most dogs, they enjoy having their own spaces to curl up in and rest and they get attached to certain items that provide them with comfort.

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Some dog lovers believe this tendency goes back to when they were young pups with their litter mates and would lie in a pile of puppies to stay warm and safe. Blankets tend to help dogs with anxiety, so if you need to spend time away from your dog, it’s especially important to provide him or her with a blanket that is familiar and has your sent on it.

With the right blanket, a dog is able to recreate that feeling of being warm and cozy. Who wouldn’t love that?

Choosing the best blanket for your poodle requires more than just grabbing whatever old blanket you might not be using anymore. There are even blankets made especially for dogs that are designed to stand up to the nibbling, scratching, and usual wear and tear dogs subject their belongings too. If you’re in the market for a new blanket for your poodle, what should you know and what are the best options?

What to Look for in Blankets for Poodles?

There are three important things to look for in a blanket for your poodle.

First, the blanket should be durable. You want something that doesn’t tear or rip easily and that will last a long time. Chances are this will mean paying a little bit more, but in the long run, it will be cheaper to buy a higher quality blanket that costs more because you won’t need to replace it as often.

Next, you’ll want a blanket that is machine washable. Even if your dog is fully potty trained and you are confident he or she will never have an accident on the blanket, it’s still going to need to be washed sooner or later. After all, you don’t have accidents in your bedsheets but they still need washing, right? When you do wash your poodle’s favorite blanket, make sure you use a detergent that is safe for pups and won’t trigger any allergies.

Finally, you want to find a blanket that is warm and cozy. This is somewhat subjective and might require a little input from your pup on a trial and error basis, but when you find the right blanket you’ll know it. Your poodle will express love for the blanket by burrowing, snuggling, and maybe even dragging the blanket around.

Best Choices for Poodle Blankets

What are some of the best choices for poodle blankets?

Animal Planet’s Sherpa Pet Blanket

Animal Planet knows animals, so it’s no surprise when they created a line of pet product they included plenty of high-quality options. This blanket is no exception. It’s ultra-soft and one of the warmest blankets on this list thanks to its blend of Sherpa and fleece fabrics. Dog owners report their pups loving this blanket, probably because of the fluffy Sherpa material.

It’s 48×40 inches, so plenty big enough for medium-build dogs like poodles. The blanket doesn’t shed and tends to stay soft and in good shape even after several washing cycles. It’s warm, but lightweight, so it makes a great year-round blanket for your pup.

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Bogo Brands Large Fleece Blanket

This blanket is specially made for dogs, as the paw print pattern indicates. It’s a fluffy blanket that is available in three neutral color options. It’s great for general snuggling at home or on the road, or it can be used in your dog’s crate as bedding.

This blanket is on the larger side at 60X39 inches, which is perfect for bigger dogs or for small to medium-sized dogs that like to burrow and snuggle. It’s perfectly suited for medium-sized poodles.

This blanket is machine washable and made from cozy fleece material that can stand up to several washing cycles. It also offers a 90-day warranty, so if anything were to happen to your blanket you’d be able to replace it. It tends to be on the more durable side, though, so this shouldn’t be a concern.

The blanket is lightweight, so it’s great for travel and would be comfortable to use in any weather. It’s not as thick as you might want for a dog blanket, but most pets were relatively happy with the product even if their owners wished for a bit more fluffiness and thickness.

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SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket

SmartPetLove’s blanket is great for snuggling – just like the title says! It’s made from lightweight fleece material and features several fun animal print design options. This blanket is designed to attract your pup’s shedding fur, which is typically a concern for poodle owners but can cut down on the dander your pet expels.

This blanket is machine washable and tends to hold its shape and color after several washings. Some buyers reported the blanket had a stronger chemical odor right out of the box, so it’s recommended that you wash the blanket before your dog uses it.

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PAWZ Road Pet Blanket

This soft fleece blanket from PAWZ is marketed as a road or travel blanket, but it can be used just about anywhere. It’s made from fleece so it’s soft and cozy, but this specific type of fleece is made to be more breathable than other options.

It comes in two different sizes and is lightweight, so it can be used in all four seasons. Some buyers reported that this blanket tended to produce a lot of lint after washing, so it’s a good idea to shake out the blanket once you pull it from the dryer.

Finding just the right blanket for your dog can be a challenge, especially when you have so many options available. The best thing to do might be to try out a few different choices and see which blanket suits your poodles fancy the most. Over his or her lifetime, chances are you’ll be investing in a few blankets and you want the one that provides the greatest level of comfort and warmth.

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Final Thoughts

Blankets can provide your dog with tremendous comfort and hours of fun. If you’re in the market for a new blanket for your poodle, there are plenty of great options available.

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