Best Fetch Balls for Poodles

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Fetch balls for poodles? Aren’t they those prim and proper kinds of dogs that have meticulously styled hair and sit around all day looking pretty? Owners of poodles know very well how far this is from the truth. Poodles are extremely active dogs with a playful personality.

They are also one of the most intelligent breeds, which is why they also need a lot of activity. Leaving them to be idle for long periods will lead to them finding their own way of amusement, which could result in destructive behaviors.

Playing Fetch

The best game for bonding with your fella or gal is the good old game of fetch. Some poodles are so eager to be around you and play with you that any old ball would do.  Still, they would be even more thrilled if you used something colorful and engaging for your active times.

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball

For the simplest game of fetch, Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball is an excellent option, as it was designed for that specific purpose – a game of fetch. Its orange color makes it easy to spot, which firstly allows your dog to target it easily, but also prevents the ball from getting lost.

What makes it fun is that it’s very bouncy, so it will shoot across the playground no matter what it hits, the wall, a tree or the earth, allowing your poodle to have fun for hours. The rubber makes it very easy to clean. Basically, a wipe will do it, and it also floats on water.

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Hartz Dura Play Ball

Another good option for taking your dog out for some much-needed exercise is the Hartz Dura Play Ball. It’s made out of unique foam, a special technology that provides it with extra durability, so chewing up this one will not be such an easy task for your pet. It’s very soft to the touch, which makes it the right choice for seniors or teething puppies.

Even if your poodle is having an extra lazy day, which almost never happens, the added scent of bacon will have his energy back instantly. The irregular shape was smartly added to add to the fun. You will never know where it will bounce off to.

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Chew King Fetch Balls

What makes these balls so exciting for your pet is the hidden surprise. The balls are designed so you can tuck your pet’s favorite treat in it, which will make him go wild. Knowing how dogs will try anything to get to the treat, the designers of the balls have made sure to add a safety vent to protect the pup’s tongue from getting stuck.  Besides the hidden goody, what makes them fun to chase is there great bounce and vivid colors.

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Chuckit! The Whistler Ball

This is another great ball from Chuckit that will have your poodle laughably running around in the attempt to chase it down. What gives it this special allure is the whistling sound it makes while flying through the air. This feature will keep your pup endlessly entertained and even ecstatic. The great thing is that the whistle is fairly quiet, so while it’s enough for your dog’s entertainment it won’t be obnoxious for you or any other humans around.

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Slightly Different Options

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Although not specifically designed for a game of fetch, dogs have so much fun with this ball that it absolutely had to make this list. Its most fun feature is that it makes giggle sounds when pushed around, which is why dogs are so drawn to it. It arouses a poodle’s innate curiosity with its hilarious sounds and luminous colors, having him play with it endlessly.

You will most likely have to drag the ball away from your pet when you determine he had enough of running around.  Although the ball is not so small in size, it is still designed for dogs of all sizes and can be easily carried around in your pet’s jaws.

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Pacific Pup Tug Toys

Although not a ball, a tug rope is another perfect option for a game of fetch. One reason is that the rope handles are great for throwing. They are also awesome for those days when it’s yucky outside, and you would rather stay indoors, but your pup still needs its exercise.

Having in mind how keen they are to please and connect with humans, a good old tug-o-war will keep your playful friend entertained and happy. If you do have to leave your pup alone, having tug toys around will ensure that, while waiting impatiently for you to come home, your poodle will chew on the ropes instead of your shoes. The great thing about Pacific Pups is the reason for their existence.

Pacific Pups makes toys in order to support all dogs that were rescued and are currently residents of their non-for-profit animal shelter.

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Chew King Ball Launcher

While your dog is full of energy and ready to go out for a hefty exercise, you can’t say that is always the case for yourself. It gets tiring to keep throwing those balls around the place. Instead of calling it quits when your shoulder and elbow start hurting, we recommend using this simple ball launcher.

The launcher is adjustable so it can be used for larger and/or heavy balls, but also for smaller and/or lighter balls. Long-distance, short distance, strong throw, weak throw, you can adjust it to the needs of your current surroundings and conditions.  It’s really easy to use, men, women, kids, but even grandparents can join in on the fun.

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Things to Look Out for

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect toy for your game of fetch. The durability, of course, is an important feature. There is not much point in getting a great new toy your dog loves, to have it chewed up in and unusable in the first day or two.

Also, make sure that the materials used for your dog’s favorite toys are not harmful and poisonous, as that would surely be a fun spoiler. Another thing to make sure is to get the right size. A ball that would fit the mouth of a standard poodle may be way too big for your little toy poodle fella.

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