Best Flea Treatment for Poodles

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Fleas are not something any pet owner wants to deal with. It can take weeks or even months to clear a home of these pesky parasites. Most vets or pet stores will recommend a chemical flea treatment, but there are other options as well.

The poodle has an ultra-delicate skin surface that is prone to infection. It may not be in your poodle’s best interest to stick with over the counter flea prevention or infestation treatments. Dry skin on a poodle is very uncomfortable for the dog and can quickly become more debilitating conditions like skin cracking, which makes your poodle vulnerable to infection.

It is not only crucial to protect your poodle’s skin; it is also important properly treat a flea infestation to restore your poodle’s skin to health. Luckily, there are several great options for handling flea infestations that will not harm your poodle’s skin.

Top Flea Treatments for Poodles

Richard’s Organics Flea & Tick Shampoo

This organic flea treatment formula is designed to kill fleas and ticks while deterring mosquitos. This natural treatment is paraben and sulfate-free to save your pup from exposure to harsh chemicals. This all-natural shampoo is safe for use around pets and children to keep your family itch-free! The formula includes essential Cedarwood Oil for coat and skin conditioning.

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Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Flea & Tick Shampoo

You can count on Clinical Care Shampoo to control ticks and fleas on contact. This vet-approved formula gently cleanses and exfoliates your poodle’s coat and skin. It contains .15% pyrethrins derived from flowers to control fleas on contact. The added lanolin and aloe soothe your poodle’s skin irritation that arises from flea bites.

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TropiClean Maximum Strength Natural Flea Shampoo

The TropiClean natural blend kills fleas at contact with all-natural pest-fighting ingredients like cinnamon, lemongrass, and cedarwood essential oils. TropiClean Maximum Strength also has cocoa to soothe your pup’s irritated skin. It also kills ticks, flea eggs, larvae, and mosquitos on contact.

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Natural Chemistry De Flea Shampoo

Natural Chemistry uses only safe ingredients to kill fleas (no pesticides). The unique formula attacks the waxy exoskeleton of fleas, essentially drying them out until dead —and parasites can’t become resistant to the natural ingredients. That means the shampoo is always effective. Natural Chemistry is safe and non-toxic, ideal for dogs and puppies of any breed (over 12 weeks old).

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Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Shampoo

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are powerless against Only Natural Pet EasyDefense. The Only Natural harnesses the power of natural Peppermint and Geranium plant extracts, keeping this unique shampoo completely free of toxins and pesticides. The veterinarian-approved botanicals produce an imperceptible barrier around your dog. The pleasant scent repels pests.

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NaturVet Herbal Flea Dog Shampoo

This all-natural herbal flea shampoo contains a unique combination of Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood, and Geranium to repel fleas. This formula is safe for all ages of dogs, including puppies. The gentle ingredients are perfect for a poodle’s super sensitive skin and leave the coat soft and smooth.

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Vet’s Best Flea Total Protection Kit

This Total Protection Kit defends your dog and home from natures parasites. The kit goes beyond a flea shampoo or spray. The kit has one 8 oz. bottle of flea killing shampoo, one 6.3 oz. can of flea spray, and one 0.6 oz. spot-on flea treatment. This kit provides multiple layers of flea defense by ridding your dog of fleas and flea eggs on contact.

The formula even repels mosquitoes! Every product in the kit is absolutely free of chemical pyrethrins and permethrins, so the whole family, including the fur babies, will be safe. The kit products use certified essential oils like clove extract and peppermint to kill fleas while leaving your poodle smelling fresh. This product is made in the USA with certified, natural essential oils.

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RX 4 Pets Dog Skin Irritation Shampoo & Conditioner

This all homeopathic, organic, and natural ingredient flea treatment formula is a fantastic option for the sensitive-skinned poodle.  Made from premium-quality ingredients, RX 4 Pets features colloidal oatmeal to help soothe dry, itchy skin resulting from flea bites, hot spots, or dermatitis. There are no chemicals present to damage your pet’s skin further. The formula contains vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, to nourish and enrich your poodle’s coat and skin. The formula is also designed to prevent any hair loss.

RX 4 Pets contains botanical and herbal extracts for powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which fight skin irritations and diseases. There are no sulfates or parabens to decrease irritation and limit side effects. This product is proudly made in the USA and keeps your pet healthy with great smelling skin and coat.

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Skin Parasite Dust for Dogs made with Organic Herbal Powder

Proudly made in the USA, American Pet Botanicals presents a fully organic and herbal powder to fight fleas on your poodle. The formula is made with Certified Organic Neem, Organic Yarrow, and Diatomaceous Earth. This natural combination attacks the exoskeleton of fleas, draining them of vital moisture. Not only can you use the powder on your pet, but you can also sprinkle it on furniture, bedding, and carpet to manage any flea infestations in your home.

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Agatha’s Organic Flea Prevention for Dogs

Fleas and other parasites will think twice before approaching your poodle after taking this flea prevention product. The formula is free of chemicals and offers a safe way to protect your poodle. Agatha’s natural remedy, when combined with an all-natural yard and home preventions, will keep your home and pet free from pests.

One scoop of this all-natural flea fighting powder in your poodle’s food will make your dog naturally repellent to pests as well as treating current infestations. The formula includes safe, natural ingredients including organic coral calcium, garlic, sea kelp, brewer’s yeast, food-grade diatomaceous earth, and nucleotides that naturally repel fleas.

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To give your poodle the best treatment for fleas, choose a treatment or shampoo that is gentle on the skin but tough on pests. Organic and herbal treatments will always be the best option for the poodle.

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