Best Furcut Styles for Poodles of All Sizes

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What other breeds can be more convenient for experimenting on different furcuts and styles then the poodle? It’s the sheer volume of the coat that allowed for so many different furcut styles for poodles to appear. The softness and hypoallergenic properties of the coat is what inspired professional groomers to get creative.

For non-professionals, grooming can become quite a challenge, and this is the main reason many of those longing to own a poodle have given up and decided on lower maintenance dogs. Keeping that rich, furry coat free of knots and tangles is a full-time job not everyone will commit to.

Poodle Grooming Tips

A few basic facts that every poodle-owner should know are related to their coat and grooming. Poodle’s coats are not really fur, but hair that continuously grows until it is trimmed and shortened. Good news for your home is that they do not shed, so no need to clean up hair after them like with the majority of other breeds.

The bad news is that their hair requires constant taking care of, washing, brushing, and trimming. Taking them to professional groomers is highly recommended as frequently as every three to six weeks. Brushing and combing them daily is still required unless your style of choice is “shaved.”

Poodle Grooming Tools

Unless you plan to take your poodle for a show, you don’t need to go all fancy with it. Independent of which poodle you have, standard, miniature or toy, they all require the same grooming tools. Similarly, figuring out how to groom a miniature poodle requires the same effort as figuring out how to groom a standard or toy poodle. Regardless of whether you intend to take your poodle to the groomer’s, you will still need to shop for some basic at-home tools for brushing and maintenance.

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Choosing the Best Brush

A single grooming brush is usually enough for everyday coat maintenance of most breeds. Unfortunately, poodles don’t fall into that category.  While deciding on the best brush for poodles, you would have to consider at least two different kinds, a slicker brush, and a bristle brush. To remove knots and tangles, the slicker brush is used first.

Make sure to brush gently, so you don’t hurt your poodle’s skin. After all the knots and tangles are taken care of, the bristle brush is used to smoothen out the coat. Again, make sure you use gentle but firm strokes to get a soft and smooth coat, without injuring the skin.

Choose a brush based on the size of your poodle and make sure to watch how your dog responds to it. Even if the brush comes highly recommended by your vet or another poodle-owner, the response to it will vary from dog to dog. If it seems like your poodle is not comfortable while you are brushing it or is getting edgy, this may be a sign that the brush is too rough on the skin.

Similarly, if after brushing the hair becomes quickly tangled again, the brush may not be going through deeply enough, either due to its short bristles or due to a poor and inadequate brushing technique. Either way, some adjustments will need to be made.

Furcut Styles for Poodles

The same grooming basics apply to all three types of poodles. Two of the most common grooming styles for any size poodles the “English Saddle” and the “Continental.” The two styles have a lot of similarities, with the difference of one having hind legs more shaved then the other. Besides these two that are most common, there are still plenty of other grooming styles to choose from. They are usually easier and faster to accomplish and much more practical for regular everyday poodles.

Since grooming is not all about looks but also greatly influences your poodle’s health, it is vital to make sure you reserve both time and proper resources for learning about grooming techniques. It is always an option to take your pet to a professional if you are not sure how to go about it or just don’t have the patience or time.

Below you will find five of the best and most popular haircut styles for poodles that you can choose from:

Lion cut

The Lion style is most probably the style that is responsible for the fancy reputation of poodles. It is one of the most famous and lavish poodle haircuts.

In the lion cut, the tail should be rounded off, while the head, chest, and stomach are left with hair. The limbs are shaved off, with pompoms around the paws. This style is one of the most used for competitions and dog shows.

It is lavish, extravagant, fancy, but it also requires a lot of time and effort.

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Dutch cut

This is maybe one of the most practical for an everyday pup that still likes to look beautiful. With this style, the length of the coat is the same over the whole body, with only the tail ending in that cute pompom.

Modern cut

This cut for poodles is best for those trendy poodle owners who like following dog beauty competitions. This cut also goes by as the Scandinavian cut or European cut, especially in the US. This style is not as exaggerated as the lion cut, the hair on the head is puffed out, and the coat is covering the whole leg only showing a little bit of the paw. It does not expose any part of the skin. It is very beautiful to the eye, but yet seems very natural. The style follows the shape of the body, only emphasizing the head and the tail.

Cupcake cut

Cupcake is one of those creative cuts that have the sole purpose of achieving the “Awww” sound from admiring humans.

This style is recognized by the shape of the head that ends in a point, resembling perfectly a cupcake.

Another distinct characteristic is the carefully styled ears that are perfectly rounded.


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Teddy bear cut

This is also getting very popular only due to its level of cuteness. In order to achieve this style, you would need an expert pair of hands and a good pair of scissors. The hair is neither short nor long, but rather a medium length, allowing the curls to be clearly visible. This is a full-body cut with a full face and round feet. Shaping the face right is the most important part as this will give the resemblance to a stuffed toy that you are aiming to achieve.


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