Best Nutrition for Older Toy Poodles

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The life expectancy of dogs varies greatly depending on the breed and size. Owners of giant breeds would consider their dog a senior when they turn six years old since their life expectancy is nine. Toy poodles, on the other hand, can live until their late teens and will not start showing signs of being senior dogs until they are in their early teens. This is especially the case if they are having a nice life where they are properly groomed and have the best nutrition for older toy poodles available.

Making sure that your poodle gets a high-quality and appetizing diet will keep your poodle healthy and energetic longer. It will also help greatly to keep their curly coat rich and furry for as long as possible. Since poodles have a tendency of developing certain health conditions that can affect their appetite, carefully watching what they eat and how their weight changes will help to detect these conditions early if they occur.

Having in mind that toy poodles, younger and older, are extremely active and intelligent dogs, nutrition is one of the most important things to consider. Having said that, there is no dog food that is the absolute best overall, and your dog’s requirements will determine what is best.

How Diet Changes When Your Dog Ages

There seems to be a lot of confusion between dog foods labeled for adults, for seniors and then the ones labeled “all life stages.” What is the difference between them? Actually, very often, there is none. Since there is no precise regulation, food producers, not always but often, just market the same product differently.

Still, your toy poodle will go through physical changes as it ages. Some of the first signs will be poorer vision, changes in weight (gain or loss), dental problems, bad breath, and skin issues. To address these issues, or rather to help your now older companion adjust to the new stage of life, you should make some dietary adjustment.

Adjusting for Muscle Atrophy

Most common nutrient adjustments that you need to consider when your poodle hits the golden age is the level of all the macronutrients. Just like us humans, when they age, dogs tend to lose on their muscle mass. The extra supply of protein helps with this loss and assures your pet will stay stronger for a longer period of time. When it comes to the adjustment of fat, this varies from case to case.

If your pet is losing weight, this might be a signal of some medical condition. If it turns out the dog is healthy, then the vet may propose a diet higher in fat to tackle the weight loss issue. If your pet has the opposite problem, weight gain instead of loss, a good idea would be to reduce the amount of fat in their diet.

The same thing goes for fiber; it depends on the specific condition of your pet. If your dog is struggling with constipation, an increase in fiber will help with regularity. But for dogs that have trouble with the absorption of nutrients, it is advisable to reduce the amount of fiber, as they may get in the way of absorption.

A Few Good Choices of Nutrition for Older Toy Poodles

Having all of the above in mind, here are a few options that we think will be a good choice. In order to help you pick the one that fits best with your pet’s condition, we have indicated the ratios of macronutrients in each product.

Orijen Senior Dog Food

One look at the ingredients will tell you all you a lot when it comes to the quality of this product. Orijen is a company that places a strong emphasis on natural. They base all of their products on fresh meats and exclude high-glycemic carbs as well as the long list of unwanted and questionable ingredients.

The formula is a high-protein one, promoting lean muscle mass and a strong body of your pet. Their protein comes from free-run animals, chicken, and duck with the addition of wild-caught fish and even cage-free eggs. If only all of us would eat a diet with such high-quality ingredients!

  • Protein: more than average
  • Carbs: less than average
  • Fat: less than average
  • Fiber: more than average

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Canidae Grain Free PURE Meadow Senior Dog Dry Formula

Another grain-free option made of superior ingredients, whole food products, and no questionable ingredients. The first three ingredients – chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal indicates the source of protein in the formula.

As it contains less fat then the average product it may be a good solution if your Toy is starting to add on weight.

  • Protein: less than average
  • Carbs: more than average
  • Fat: less than average
  • Fiber: average


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Nutro Hearty Stews Senior Wet Dog Food 

Contrary to the previous one, this option would be a good choice if your canine is starting to lose weight. Although it does not have as high a level of protein as most products, the source of protein is from beef, turkey, and lamb, which are all considered to be superior sources of protein.

The high source of fat in this option will make sure your aging companion will get all those calories it needs to boost up its energy levels. Nutro prides itself in making only clean recipes with non-GMO foods, so you can rest assured you are giving your pet a high-quality product.

  • Protein: average
  • Carbs: average
  • Fat: more than average
  • Fiber: more than average

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Fromm Gold Nutritionals Senior Dry Dog Food

Designed specifically for the golden age, prepared with selected sources of protein and out of whole ingredients, this is an option good for those looking for low fat and low fiber.

So, as to further help with the absorption of nutrients, the formula is strengthened with probiotics. And, the addition of salmon oil will assure that the coat of your friend stays furry longer.

  • Protein: less than average
  • Carbs: more than average
  • Fat: less than average
  • Fiber: less than average

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Wellness Complete Health Senior Formula

Tasty, healthy and slows down the aging process. This is a short description of the formula from Wellness. The lower levels of protein are purposefully formulated in order to reduce levels of phosphorus for those poodles with kidney issues. The formula also contains a high level of antioxidants that fight those free radicals and delays aging.

This is also an example of a high fiber product that will hope those poodles with digestive issues. A combination of sweet potatoes, fish, chicken, and carrots is the delicious combo that will make your poodle look forward to each meal.

  • Protein: less than average
  • Carbs: more than average
  • Fat: less than average
  • Fiber: more than average

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A Few Things To Remember

If your dog has started battling a dental condition and is having increasing trouble with its teeth, one simple adjustment will help during lunch or dinnertime, and that is shifting to softer foods. Canned, raw, or fresh foods will ease the pressure on his teeth compared to breaking through kibbles, which can prove to be difficult for seniors.

Another common condition that occurs during the senior stage is the development of arthritis. There are numerous studies proving the beneficial effects omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA have on this condition. The studies almost irrefutably show how Omega-3s cause reduction of inflammation in the joints and therefore also a reduction of the symptoms of arthritis. However, many foods do not contain a sufficient level of omega-3 fatty acids, so make sure to add them to your poodle’s food to achieve results.

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