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Poodle training clickers are very simple tools and are incredibly effective when it comes to basic obedience training. It isn’t always easy to train a dog. It requires a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of repetition. Yet, once it’s done, it’s done.

Your dog will continue to live their lives understanding the commands that you are giving them. Which in turn helps their behavior. So how can we take the first steps of training our dogs with the use of a training clicker? And why are they so effective?

What Are Training Clickers?

Like most dog training items, clickers are used to reward a pet for their good behavior. The difference with a training clicker is that they help your pet to acknowledge that their behavior was good. Over time, and when used correctly, the sound of a click will inform your dog that they are doing well.

When your dog hears the click then they will understand that they are correct and that there is a reward coming. Most of the time our dog’s love to please and when they know that they are doing the right things and acting in the correct way, then they are likely to repeat this behavior in the future.

How To Use a Training Clicker

Using a training clicker is as easy as pushing a button. Yes, there really isn’t anything else to it. But, the trick is knowing when to click it and why. Even though the tool is simple, it is sometimes difficult to figure out how to even begin using it. To help you out with this, we have put together a few steps of how to use a training clicker for your Poodle.

Starting Off

Starting off is much easier than you may think. Make sure that you are in a quiet area with little to no distractions. Put the treat bag in your pocket and get the attention of your pet. Once they have eyes on you, press and click once. As soon as you have done that give your dog a treat. The clicker doesn’t need to be right next to their ears or face, remember that the hearing of a dog is much more sensitive than ours.


In order for your pet to understand that this noise means that there is a treat in it for them, you will likely have to repeat the ‘click and treat’ action several times.


Continue with the ‘click and treat’ action until your dog remembers what it means. When you click and you notice that your dog is looking around for their treat, then you will know that their memory is telling them something good is about to happen.

Behavior Shaping

The next step would be teaching your dog some tricks and commands. You can do this by clearly saying the command several times, and then giving them a treat. At first, they won’t perform the command but by clicking they will know to keep an ear out for what you are saying. The next few times of saying the command try putting them in the position that you want them to be in. As an example, if you want to teach them to sit, say the command several times before putting some light pressure on their back end. By doing this, your dog will likely sit as a natural reaction. When they do, be sure to give them a click, a treat, and some general verbal praise.

When To Click

It is always best to use the clicker when your pet is behaving in the way that you want. Clicking afterward probably won’t have the same effect, so it is advisable to click during good behavior. Once you have clicked, reward your pet with a treat. If you accidentally press the clicker, still reward your dog. If you don’t they will likely become confused and could lose trust.

Sometimes your older sibling can help your education – from @benny.and.brie

The Benefits Of a Training Clicker

There are many reasons that using a training clicker for your Poodle is beneficial. It’s quite surprising really as it is such a simple tool. But, basic as it may be, a training clicker comes with consistency. For your dog, the sound of reward and good behavior will always be the same. It isn’t like the click will change pitch or the sound of reward will switch from a click to a clap, it will always be the same sound that they hear. For dogs, this is crucial, as they have significantly sensitive hearing. The best thing about a clicker is that it is so easy to use. You literally only have to press a button. Clickers also help pets to remember. When they start hearing that familiar sound they will know that they are doing what you want and will continue. They will remember what they were doing the last time and will remember what they got out of it (a tasty doggy treat) and will continue to please for the same results.

Why Training Clickers are Great for Poodles

Poodles are highly intelligent dogs that love to please their owners. Because of this, training them can sometimes be much easier and quicker when comparing the training process for other breeds. Poodles also have exceptionally sensitive hearing meaning that the clicking noise will definitely get their attention. As puppies, Poodles certainly have a passion for learning. They thrive when getting attention and even at a young age they want to please their owner. Training a Poodle is also a way for you and your dog to bond. They will see you as an authority but one with a lot of love to give, and a pocket full of tasty treats. Along with physical exercise, Poodles love to work their brain and training them when they are young is definitely a recipe for success.

Are Other Training Essentials Needed?

For Poodles, very little equipment is required for training. Having said that there is no harm in acquiring other types of training equipment if you feel that it would help. In all honesty, training a Poodle with no equipment or tools at all is possible. For a simple and affordable tool like the training clicker, it could make the training process run a lot smoother. They already have strong characteristics of obedience and attentiveness which means that they are relatively easy to train. Actually, they like using their brains and learning new skills. Any challenges they face, they will likely beat, and it’s the same for training.

Poodle Clicker Training Best Buys

Training a Poodle is slightly challenging but a highly enjoyable part of being a Poodle owner. Watching them gain new skills and obey your commands is a moment to be proud of for both you and your pooch. Before you start your clicker training journey, take a look at our Poodle clicker training best buys.

Downtown Pet Supply Training Dog Clickers

Delivering a crisp and clear click, the Downtown Pet Supply Training Dog Clicker, gets the job done. It sports a large button that has a loud click, perfect for Poodles but not as efficient for small or sensitive dogs. The hooped end makes it easy to carry around. It can be attached to keys or clothing and the addition of the bungee means you can wear it as a bracelet. That way, the clicker will be with you all if the time. More benefits include,

  • Clear click
  • Easy-to-use big button
  • Grabs the attention of pets
  • Elastic bands to wear the clicker around your wrist

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PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Tool

A fantastic tool to help streamline the training process is the PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Tool. This model comes with a finger strap fixed to the back of the clicker and is easy to grip.

As a bonus, every PetSafe Clik-R Training Tool comes with a complimentary training guide for added tips on the best ways to train your dog with a clicker. Key features are,

  • Finger strap located on the back
  • Bonus training guide
  • Small and easily portable
  • Easy to grip

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Starmark Pro-Training Clicker Dog Training Aid

A basic training tool that is super affordable is the Starmark Pro-Training Clicker Dog Training Aid. At less than $5 you can help to speed up your dog’s learning process by signaling good behavior.

The hooped end gives you the freedom to attach it wherever you like. Use it on a lanyard, a keychain, or even as a bracelet. More benefits include,

  • Comes with a complete step by step clicker training guide
  • Clear click noise
  • Easy to hold
  • The option to attach it to anything
  • The button is raised so that missed clicks are less likely

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StarRoad-TIM Dog Training Set

If you are going the whole hog with training your pooch then look no further than the STARROAD-TIM Dog Training Set. Complete with dog training bells for toilet training, a clicker, whistle, and a doggy pouch that can hold toys, treats, and other accessories, this kit will get you well on your way to having a cleverly trained pooch. All of the items in this kit will enable you to effectively train your pet.

Using the whistle helps to regain attention and the clicker informs the dog that their behavior is good. The training bag has separated sections for different treats or foods and is closed with a drawstring. More item specifications are,

  • Includes training bells for toilet training, when your pooch needs to go to the toilet they ring the bell instead of barking
  • A training clicker to identify good behavior. Comes with an elastic wrist strap. Ideal for dogs of all ages
  • Kit contains a whistle for teaching commands and maintaining the attention of your dog
  • A durable doggy training bag with room for treats, food, toys, and accessories. Closes with a drawstring.

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Exclusively Dog Best Buddy Bits Dog Treats

The key to smooth training and a happy pooch is dog treats, lots and lots of dog treats. When training you will want to ensure that the treats you give your dog won’t be harmful to them and aren’t too big as they will likely have several in one go. This is why we have chosen the Exclusively Dog Best Buddy Bits Dog Treats as one of our best buys.

They have a peanut butter flavor that dogs go wild for and are shaped in bite-sized balls. These treats are ideal for puppies, dogs in training, or small dogs that may struggle to eat large treats. The ingredients in the Exclusively Dog Best Buddy Bits Dog Treats are completely natural and adored by all. More features include,

  • Natural kosher ingredients
  • Full of peanuts
  • The small size makes them ideal as training treats
  • Free from animal parts and by-products

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American Journey Salmon Recipe

Specially designed dog treats that are just the right size for training purposes. The American Journey Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Soft And Chewy Training Bites are ideal for any aged dog as well as any breed. Each treat only contains 4 calories meaning that you don’t need to worry about your pet putting on some extra weight.

They are made with real salmon for that burst of flavor that keeps your dogs very invested in their training. Other ingredients include vegetables and fatty acids. So, these treats are actually pretty healthy. Other benefits are as follows,

  • Contains no by-product
  • A moist and soft treat for easy consumption and digestion
  • Perfect size for training
  • Protein-rich
  • Only 4 calories per treat
  • Wholesome ingredients like peas, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes
  • Free from grains, soy, wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors
  • A source of omega fatty acids from salmon oil and flaxseed oil for skin and coat health

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Clicker training isn’t instant but it is highly effective. Because Poodles have incredibly high intelligence, it probably won’t take them that long to get used to it. Remember to always praise your pet when they have obeyed a command. It’s easy to move on without praising but a little gratitude goes a long way through the eyes of your Poodle.

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