Best Pulling Toys for Toy Poodles

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Poodles are content, active, and intelligent dogs who can grow to be good hunters, trackers, performers, watchdogs, and companions. They do require regular exercise and both physical and mental stimulation. Using pull toys is a great way to achieve this while bonding with you as their owner.

Picking out Pulling Toys for Toy Poodles

Poodles have a lot of energy no matter whether they are big or small. They need to have lots of daily outdoor activity along with lots of playing time. Without mental and physical activity, poodles of any size can get mischievous when they have too much energy and get bored. Toy poodles have little legs so enjoy walks but need to be carried if its an extended hike.

However, exercise and playing along while interacting with other people and dogs is something they really love to do. They enjoy the socialization aspect of exercise rather than just socialization on its own.

Poodles need to be socialized with an integrated stimulating activity. It is important, so they are calm and settled with not only people but other dogs and come to understand basic manners. Toy poodles are sociable dogs and enjoy lots of interactive playtime to both learn and bond with those they are playing with.

Pull toys will help create this interaction at all stages of your toy poodle’s life and at all levels of activity. This interaction will help in their mental and physical wellbeing as well as with bonding and socialization.  From being a puppy to their senior years, there are lots of great pull toy products to keep your Toy Poodle engaged.

Pulling Toys “Rules”

Playing tug of war with your toy poodle is great for fun and good for bonding, but you need to have some ground rules. Even though they are little, and you can easily stop the game, they need to understand boundaries. Although it’s fun, it is also a game to help teach them basic manners.

Make sure you have lots of small, tasty treats such as Zukes Mini Naturals Peanut Butter Treats that are easily accessible to use for teaching and praise as you begin to play. When starting to learn and play pull games, your toy poodle must:

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  • Understand that they can not touch the toy until you tell them to start the game. They should sit or lie down while they wait for your words. You can use treats to reinforce this if they are just learning commands. Once you offer a phrase such as “get it” that they recognize as the start of the tugging game, then they are free to have lots of fun. The game will be their reward for waiting patiently for the start command
  • Drop the toy when you tell them to. This is a good way to teach them how to listen and respect commands. This will come in handy if you need them to drop other items in the future. Once they learn the command to drop, it can apply at any time; not just playtime. Once again use treats to reinforce when they do this action properly.
  • Make sure they do not put their mouth on your skin or clothes while playing tug of war with you. Even if its an accident, the game should stop when this happens. This makes sure your toy poodle knows that skin and clothes are off-limits.

Pulling Toys for Your Toy Poodle

You need to find pull toys for your toy poodle that are manageable for their size. There is no point in having a great toy that is not useable because it’s too big for their small jaw size. It will only frustrate them or make their mouths sore. The following toys are good products that will suit your toy poodle and make the playtime between you fun, interactive, and a great way to expend pent up energy.


Jolly Pets Tug-a-mals Cow Toy Check out on Chewy

This fun product comes in many animal forms. It’s for smaller dogs and has a squeaker that can make it even more entertaining. You can play fetch, and when they bring it back, you can begin your tug of war. Once they are worn out is soft enough to curl up with. This product is great for both indoors and outdoors as it floats. If your toy poodle likes the pool, then the game can continue by the water as well.

Chuckit Floppy Tug Dog Toy Check out on Chewy

A great product that is a little different for your toy poodle. It’s twisty and can be played within fetch or tug of war. Its twists and turns its shape, keeping your poodle amused. It’s easy for your dog to grip and shake but is also durable, so it can deal with teeth and pulling. Its spring-like shape means it goes in and out while your dog pulls at it making it lots of fun.

Kong Tuggerknots Moose Dog Toy Check out on Chewy

Another great item that will make sure you and your toy poodle have fun with a game of tug a war. This toy is tough with knotted ropes and handles at each end. Dogs love the texture, and it has a squeaker for extra fun. There is not much stuffing, so it will not make a big mess if your pup does any damage to it. It’s long-lasting and created to make sure it is one of the best interactive toys to play with.


Toy poodles are great companions who are smart and active. They enjoy time with their owners, and the interaction offered by pull toys for them is a great support in giving them the ability to do this. Pulling toys for your toy poodle engage them in healthy activity, challenge them mentally while playing the game and give them a healthy way of expending their energy.

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