Best Toys for Poodle Puppies When Teething

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Poodles are wonderful companions and highly intelligent. They can grow up to be good hunters, trackers, performers, watchdogs, and companions. Regardless of the size of the poodle, they will have their baby teeth growing after a week, and will need to toy for teething.

However, this growth rate does not change the fact that all three sizes will go through a period of teething while they are a puppy. Their mouths may vary in size, but the destruction they can wreak on your personal possessions will not. The introduction of appropriate chew toys for teething is important for their comfort and your household goods.


A new poodle puppy of any size will go through a teething stage that may seem to go on forever. In reality, it starts around three weeks of age when their first puppy teeth come in and last up until 8 months or until all the baby teeth are gone and the adult teeth have come in.

Teething for your poodle means that their gums are irritated, itchy and uncomfortable. Chewing helps relieve those feelings and distracts them from the discomfort.  It is important to find your poodle good teething toys otherwise that new pillow, your dining room table legs or pair of stiletto heels may be the next best thing for soothing irritated puppy gums.

Do not let your puppy gnaw on you either. What feels good to them when they are teething is not going to work as they get older. Letting them chew on your hand or fingers is a bad habit to start and one that can cause issues later on when their jaws are bigger. They may feel comfortable gnawing on anyone, not just you, and that can be painful for children or others who are unaware of their intent.

If your poodle puppy tried to chew on you to then its best to act like their litter-mate siblings would and yelp, so they know that is not appropriate. Proper teething toys should be used rather than their humans no matter how “cute” you think it is.

Little Kurumi as a mighty steed – from @kurumitaan

Teething Toys

When looking for good teething toys, you should purchase more than one and look for the ones that will be engaging and help relieve teething discomfort for your poodle. They need to be size appropriate, as toy and miniature puppies will not be able to use the same size product as a standard. They may tire of one, so having a few different options around the home is a good idea. Look for toys that have:

  • Different textures, such as:
  • Cloth
  • Rope
  • Hard rubber
  • Twisted
  • Looped
  • Little nubs to massage gums
  • Flexibility to move on the gums
  • Proper size for your Poodle puppy
  • Flavored

Teething Toy Suggestions


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These bones are helpful for teething poodles. They are available in different sizes, which is great depending on whether you have a toy, miniature or standard poodle. Nylabones have varying texture, nubs that help irritated gums and are flexible. They will keep your poodle entertained with the toy itself along with a good chicken flavor as they chew. It creates a distraction from the teething irritation and keeps them focused on the toy instead of the furniture.

Petstages Cool Teething Stick

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This great toy is helpful as the outside of it can be frozen to soothe puppies’ sore gums. It can reduce swelling and numb the pain temporarily. It has good texture and soft fabric for teething. It won’t get moldy and is easily washable. Once your poodle is done teething, this product can be used as a regular chew toy and frozen to cool them down in the warm summer months.

Kong Binkie

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This is a fun toy that will help soothe sore gums while promoting appropriate chewing. It can be used alone or stuffed with snacks, peanut butter, or kibble. If you don’t mind a little water, the toy can be frozen to create ice in it which will also sooth gums as your puppy chews. The combination of cold and a chew toy makes a good combination. It may be a little big for toy poodle puppies so check if it is size appropriate before you purchase.

Chuckit! Erratic Ball

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These balls come in two sizes so are good for poodle puppies. They might still be a little large for toy size, but miniature and standards should be fine.  These balls are great for chewing and also keep them running around as it bounces and ricochets with a design that includes corners. This product will soothe their sore teething gums while tiring them out with a game of fetch that bounces all over the place.

JW iSqueak Ball

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This heavy-duty rubber squeaky toy is great on gums of teething poodles. It allows for play and exercise until you pup wants to settle down and gnaw on the ball itself. The fact that it squeaks will entice your pet, but it may be better as an outdoor toy where everyone won’t have to listen to it. The ball is flexible, fun, and distracts your pup from non-toy chew items.


Teething is not fun for your poodle puppy or for you. Teething can seem to take a long period of time while they work their way through this stage. Making this time easier with appropriate chew toys is important. Good toys will not only make your puppy feel a little better but may save your furniture, carpet, and shoes from their irritated mouths.

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