Best Toys for Toy Poodles

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We love to give our fur babies treats and toys! Not only are toys fun for our pets, but they keep our pets busy when we can’t be with them. Selecting the best toys for toy poodles is essential if we want our little fur-babies to be happy and entertained.

Poodles are great dogs with lots of energy. Keeping them occupied is essential for their well-being. Let’s talk about some toys that would be good options for poodles.

Teething Toys

Poodle puppies have very small mouths and lots of teeth. This can cause discomfort and possible overcrowding. Teething toys will give them a sense of relief.

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Dinosaur Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

Nylabone, one of the leaders in the dog toy industry, created this non-edible toy for teething puppies to soothe their aches and to discourage them from destroying your furniture with chewing. The yummy chicken flavor keeps your poodle pup busy and happy. The raised nubs on the toy help massage your pup’s gums, giving him or her some pain relief. Veterinarians recommend this terrific toy.

Petstages Cool Teething Stick Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

Any treat or toy that you can freeze is a great option for teething pups. The cold is ideal for a puppy or older dog with swollen gums. It will reduce the swelling and numb the pain. The stick is crunchy when it’s frozen and has lots of texture and soft fabric for teeth cleaning. The stick toy is mold resistant and washable.

Busy Buddy Puppy Waggle Toy        Check out on Amazon

This tiny teething toy is great for pups under 6 months old. It is perfect for soft to medium strength chewers and can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack.

Hartz Dura Play Bone        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

Hartz, another major name in pet care, created a unique foam technology to enhance durability. Puppies will love the bacon-scented toy that tempts your puppy to chew on the bone and not your furniture.

Chili relaxing after a long day of playing – from @chiliandpeanut

Chew Toys

As your poodle puppy matures, his or her dental health will need to be closely monitored. The right chew toys will help keep your pup’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Petstages ORKA Triple Dental Links        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

Give your powerful pup chewer a Petstages ORKA chew toy! These nearly indestructible dental toys are built with inner ribs and raised up diamond-shaped textures to keep your dog satisfied for hours. The ring design is made from durable materials that can enhance your game of tug. The textures and chew factors help massage the gums, clean the teeth, and remove soft tartar.

Arm & Hammer Dental Ora Play Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

This Arm & Hammer toy helps clean your dog’s teeth as he plays. The toy is designed with deep cleaning grooves to promote oral health. The grooves reach up to the gum line for scrubbing off tartar and plaque. The toy is also covered with micro nubs to help massage the gums and remove leftover debris as your pup gnaws on the toy. The awesome chicken-flavor will bring him to his bone over and over again.

Nylabone FlexiChew Bone Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

Nylabone’s Flexible Bone Toy is flavored with savory chicken that brings your pup running. This chewy yet soft bone has raised bristles to clean tartar and massage the gums. This flexible toy is made in the USA and is veterinarian recommended. Help your pup stay active and discourage him from chewing on your favorite shoes or furniture with this flexible chew toy.

Noisy Toys

When your pet is without your company, toys that make noise are a great option for their entertainment.

Ethical Pet Soccer Ball        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

This great squeaky toy is 2-inches in diameter – perfect for a smaller poodle! This soccer ball is great for games of fetch and is quite durable. Its small size is ideal for puppies and smaller breeds.

KONG Squiggles Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

KONG has been a trusted name brand in dog toys for more than a decade. These floppy, stretchy, squeaky toys are fun for everyone. These colorful toys feature long, stretchy bodies with squeakers at both ends. They are not filled with mounds of stuffing so your dog can shake it as much as he wants. The Squiggles is great for games of tug-o-war or fetch!

Outward Hound Fire Biterz Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

This great noisy toy is made from fire hose material and durable ballistic material. Talk about tough!  This is a great toy for games of toss and fetch, and there is no stuffing to come out if your dog rips it open. The squeakers are even super tough!

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Being rewarded for play and good behavior is always a treat for your poodle. Treat dispensing toys keep pups busy for hours!

KONG Dog Toy        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

KONG treat toys are made of soft, all-natural rubber. This toy is designed for a growing puppy’s gums and teeth. This bouncy toy will keep your puppy busy as he or she tries to get the treats out. You can put in peanut butter, treats, or kibble. This made in the USA toy will keep your pup busy for hours trying to get the treat.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball         Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

This toy is a true challenge for the extremely intelligent poodle. You fill the ball with snacks, select a difficulty level, and then let your dog loose! This IQ driven challenge keeps your dog guessing about how to get to the treats inside. The adjustable levels let you increase or decrease the challenge. This is a superior mental and physical activity that keeps your poodle from being bored and resorting to destructive behavior.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

This interactive treat ball will keep your dog occupied for hours. Insert your poodle’s favorite treat into the ball. While the dog plays with the ball, it dispenses treats to keep your poodle focused and having fun.

Companion Toys

If your pup is home alone for hours at a time, you need to consider a companion toy – a toy that gives your pup comfort and companionship when you are away.

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Toy        Check out on Amazon

This amazing toy gives your pup a sense of security. Its simulated heartbeat works to keep your poodle calm when he or she has separation anxiety or loneliness. The snuggle pup also has a gentle heat source to increase your poodle’s sense of intimacy while you are away. By having a warm, life simulating companion, your poodle will stop whining and barking as signs of stress.

PetZu Heartbeat Pillow        Check out on Chewy Check out on Amazon

There is nothing like the sound of a mother’s heartbeat to soothe anxious puppies to sleep. The simulators create not only the sound of a mother’s heartbeat but also the body warmth your pup will crave. You can turn either one or the other off and on separately, or you can even set a timer for the pillow to turn off itself. The pillow is machine washable (after removing electronics) and can help with nuisance barking or other destructive behaviors.

Smart Pet Love Tender Tuff         Check out on Amazon

Every character in the Smart Pet Love line has a puncture-proof squeaker in the belly. It’s deep enough to withstand even the “ruffest” play from your pup! The soft, marshmallowy stuffing is a great snuggle toy so your pup won’t get lonely. Each toy in the line is made with Smart Love’s proprietary TearBlok technology to prevent tearing.


Whatever your poodle’s needs, there are hundreds of toys out there to help them with teething, discouraging destructive chewing, and keeping them company when you are away.

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