Best Treats for Miniature Poodles

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If you have decided on a Poodle as your canine companion, then you have chosen an intelligent and active pup. Miniature poodles are considered to be miniature if their height is between 10 and 15 inches from the shoulder down. Similarly, the best treats for miniature poodles are quite small but are still nutritious and full of energy.

Understanding your miniature poodle’s nutritional requirements is important in keeping them healthy and will give them a head start in combatting any potential illnesses they might be predisposed to as they get older. Although they require quality food for their everyday meals, their snacks and treats should be healthy as well. Treats could make up to at least 10% of their caloric intake if you chose.

A visit with your dog’s veterinarian about your miniature poodle and what would be nutritionally beneficial for them is a good way to decide on the right treats to offer in addition to their regular meals. Treats are helpful when training your dog, but they are also nice just to offer as a special nibble.

Good Treats

Treats for miniature poodles need to be the appropriate size for their smaller mouths. They should have plenty of protein rather than empty calories. A quality meat protein is a good supplement to your dog’s main meals. Dogs digest meat better than plant protein making it healthy and enjoyable. Whatever treat you decide on for your miniature, it should have a named meat product first on the ingredient list. Unnamed meat meal or by-products should not be eaten as there is no way to rate its quality.

A healthy treat for your pet should not have corn, wheat, or soy as these are fillers that just add unnecessary calories and have few nutritional qualities. If a treat recipe includes carbs like sweet potatoes, then that is good as those particular ones have quality nutrients.

Best Treats for Miniature Poodles

Little Kurumi having a treat – from @kurumitaan

Your dog treats should also be free of artificial flavor, color, and preservatives. Natural preservatives like tocopherols (Vitamin E) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are both healthy ok as they will not hurt your dog and are beneficial to their health. Salt and sugar should also be avoided along with corn syrup and sugar.

These four products can contribute to your miniature gaining too much weight and becoming obese, which can then lead to diabetes and other health issues. If sweetness is something you think your miniature poodle would prefer in a treat, then pure cane molasses is a healthier choice.

The tasty flavor and different textures will make a treat more enjoyable for your miniature. Whether your pup likes chewy, hard, soft, or crunchy, there are nutritional treats that come in all these forms. Try different ones to see which one your dog enjoys the most. Keeping more than one kind of treat handy will keep your miniature poodle engaged in training and looking forward to their next snack.

Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore TreatsBest Treats for Miniature Poodles

This recipe is a healthy choice that can be a stand-alone treat or part of a regular meal. It has raw protein from meat, organs, and bone. The product is freeze-dried to seal in the healthy nutrients during processing. This treat can be offered during training or as an enjoyable extra. It can be sprinkled on regular meals as an added nutritional bonus as well. There is no grain, gluten, fillers, or artificial ingredients. It also has no salt, sweeteners, or bad carbohydrates.

Pros: Low calorie, quality nutrients, simple recipe

Cons: Pricey, crumbles too much

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Zukes Mini Naturals Peanut Butter Treats

Zukes is a great product for all sizes of poodle but perfect for miniature poodles. These small treats are made with fresh and healthy ingredients. Wonderful for training or giving your dog extra nutritional enjoyment. These treats are soft and have flavors of cherries and spices. They don’t have corn, wheat, soy or unnecessary fillers. They won’t crumble and are easy to carry.

Pros: Good price, quality ingredients, low calorie

Cons: Processed quality


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Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Air-Dried Venison

Great ingredients that include meat, organs, and bone for your miniature poodle. Ziwi uses air-drying to preserve the nutrients and makes sure there are no pathogenic bacteria. Venison protein is the main meat in the recipe. There are no antibiotics, growth hormones fillers or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.  The treat can be broken into the appropriate size for their smaller mouth.

Pros: Quality protein, good taste, adaptable

Cons: Pricey


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Canidae Grain Free Pure Heaven Treats

This is a quality treat with salmon as its protein. It has sweet potato, quinoa and olive oil in this healthy recipe. It can be broken into the right size for your miniature poodle and given as a reward or simply a treat to enjoy. The product helps keep teeth clean, which is good for Miniatures as they are prone to dental issues.

Pros: Inexpensive, good nutrients, good pieces for smaller mouths

Cons: Stronger odor, some dogs don’t like it


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Nylabone Natural Healthy Edibles

Nylabone is a healthy choice for your miniature poodle. It is natural with no preservatives, salt, or sugar and has good vitamins and minerals. It will keep your dog busy as a long-lasting treat. It’s best for miniatures who have their permanent teeth.

Pros: Healthy, specially designed for small Poodles

Cons: Not good for young puppies

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Final Thoughts

Treats for your miniature poodle are a helpful way to train, praise, and reward them. However, it’s important to make sure that these treats are not your dog’s prime nutrient source. A tasty treat will make your poodle enjoy learning with a tasty reward for positive behavior. It’s also nice for them to have a treat from you with no strings attached.

Try different treat recipes to see what your miniature poodle prefers and mix it up, so they enjoy a variety. Good treats are a healthy way to supplement your miniatures regular diet.

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