Best Wet Dog Food for Royal Poodles

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Poodles have a wide range of sizes and cross-breeds. Whether you have a tiny teacup or a large standard type, a Goldendoodle or a labradoodle, they all need good nutrition. The largest poodle in the breed is a royal. These particular poodles are larger than the standard, can be up to 90lbs in weight, and need specific wet dog food for Royal poodles to grow.

A royal’s large size requires certain nutritional requirements to maintain their ongoing health and fitness, both mentally and physically. It’s important to choose the right food when they are puppies, so they have the best chance at optimal health through their adult and senior years. By ensuring they have good food, you as an owner can be proactive to avoid potential illness and pricey vet bills. Each stage of your royal’s life will need a different diet based on where they are in their maturity.

Specific Needs of Royal Poodles

Every size of poodle brings its own potential health issues to the nutrition discussion. Their vast size differences need different nutrients. A food that may be considered great for a toy poodle will not be as nutritionally sound for a royal who is at the other end of the size spectrum.

Royal poodles can have some significant issues that should be addressed and supported through quality nutrition. A discussion with your dog’s veterinarian is beneficial as you decide what food is the best fit for your royal. Decisions about food may have to be made if medical issues arise or their personal preferences change but keeping them healthy should be the main goal.

Whatever wet food product you choose for your royal, it needs to include your dog’s activity level, possible health problems, and lifestyle. It also needs to consider their personal preferences and most importantly, their vets’ recommendation. The fact that royals have a high rate of hip dysplasia and other joint problems as they age along with the fact that they are also predisposed to higher rates of cancer and immune diseases should be considered. All these medical issues need to be accounted for when picking wet food for your royal.

Quality Ingredients for your Royal

Whatever you and your dog’s veterinarian chose as food needs to be beneficial for a dog the size of a royal. The nutrients in the food need to of good quality and work as a deterrent to future potential health issues. Royals need large amounts of food compared to small dogs and have good digestive systems, so eating and digesting is not a significant issue. However, the cost may be a factor for you as the owner when choosing food.  The ingredients in the food they eat are very important, so if you are going to use both wet and dry dog food to reduce costs, the same specifications should apply in your nutrition search.

The first ingredient you are looking for in your poodle’s food should be a named protein as the primary component. Not an unnamed, random by-product.  This is critical for royals as they need that extra protein for energy and skeletal maintenance.

The second main ingredient needs to be named animal fat. Again, this shouldn’t be a by-product or unhealthy fat. If it doesn’t have a name, you can’t know what it is or where it is derived from.

A third thing that is significantly important when it comes to your royal’s nutrition is that the food should have no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients.  These last items tend not only to be allergy triggers but hold no nutritional value.

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What to Look for?

A food that is labeled a limited recipe is one of the healthy options you can feed your royal. This type of food lessens the chance of there being ingredients that have little nutritional value. It also can avoid allergic reactions to things such as grain, egg, or poultry. All poodles, including the royal, seem to have a higher incident of food allergies when compared to other breeds. If their food has fewer ingredients, then this helps stave off anything that may lead to itches or worse.

In combination with a tasty and healthy food product, your dog needs to have fresh water. However, royal should not have water when they are eating. Having water for the rest of the day is fine. Large dogs like royals can fall ill with serious bloating if some water is offered with a  meal. The mix of water and food can make them very sick.

Another issue that needs to be considered when choosing food is caloric content. Royal poodles can become over or underweight if they’re not given appropriate amounts of food. The biggest issue for their large frames is that they have to carry the extra weight. Because of the large stature, royals can struggle with not only joint issues, but cardiovascular problems and immune issues brought on by obesity. Excess weight is unhelpful and dangerous.

In addition to a good protein and fat, your royal can use low carbs to keep diabetes out of the picture and glucosamine and chondroitin to protect their overworked joints and bones. All these things are important to make sure your royal lives the best life they can.

Best Wet Food for Royal Poodles

Royal poodles will require a high number of calories per day as puppies and throughout the first year of life. Their growth is rapid, and they need calories to maintain this pace while remaining healthy. Their growth will slow as they near 18 months of age. Royals grow for a longer time then their small counterparts. Because of their size and extended bone growth, they take longer to get to adulthood. Their adulthood calories will be less than the puppy years and their senior years even less. It’s important to understand caloric needs in each stage of their life so you can choose the appropriate wet food. Below are some options that will help your pup to optimal growth and health.

Royal Puppy Food

The growth pace of royal puppies means that all they are developing steadily both internally and externally. This development requires energy to maintain not only growth but quality health. Good nutrients are extremely important for those 18 months of puppy life. Your royal will not require solid food until there are at least four weeks old, but then they need to move on to food that can support their puppy growth. Wet food is one of those options. They need high protein and carbs with DHA to help their eyes and brains develop. You need to be mindful that your royal does not get too much calcium as that can be quite harmful to large dogs and their bone development.  Once they get close to their adult weight of almost 90lbs, then you can change their food from puppy to adult and begin to lower how much they are eating every day. By 18 months you should be moving to fewer calories and two meals per day.

Merrick Grain Free Puppy Plate

This puppy recipe is great for large breed puppies as the calcium is not overwhelming. It has a good blend of turkey, chicken, and duck at the protein. Vegetables and fruits offer good fiber, vitamins, and minerals making your royal feel full. Merrick adds broth to the recipe to make it tasty and moist. It can be used as a complete meal, or you can mix it with dry food to cut down on cost. It has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Merrick boasts of its America production, so it meets a higher standard than wet food produced elsewhere. It has nutritious ingredients that will support your royal puppies’ fast growth.

Pros: Good calcium levels, filling

Cons: strong smell, fiber may cause some gas

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Royal Adult FoodWet Dog Food for Royal

Your royal poodle will not need the high calories from their puppy years once they move into adulthood. However, they will still need a food that meets the demands of being a large breed dog. They will need good protein and fat to sustain healthy bones and muscle, along with good fiber and Omega fatty acids. The food for adults should not have unnecessary fillers such as wheat, soy, or anything artificial.

Taste of the Wild Wetlands Grain-free

This product is good for large breed dogs as it limits the amount of calcium. Its main protein is the duck, which is then further supported with quail, turkey, and fish, making it a great choice that will help balanced nutrition and maintain strong muscles. It is grain-free and is easily digestible to give your large royal lots of energy for their outdoor activities. The recipe is full of antioxidants which will support their basic health and immunity and also has Omega 3 & 6 Fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. There are no unnecessary fillers, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Overall a great wet food to feed your royal and help maintain their health and can be added to dry food or fed on its own.

Pros: Great balanced recipe, good flavor

Cons: Expensive, fowl could cause allergies

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Royal Senior FoodWet Dog Food for Royal

As your royal ages, their energy, activity, and metabolism may start to decline at a certain point, which will mean they need fewer carbohydrates and lower calories.  The benefits of wet food for your senior is beneficial because it is easier to chew and digest. Adjusting your royals’ calories is important as they age since gaining extra weight can be a problem as it can add to their health issues. Royals are already predisposed to cancer, joint issues, and various types of disease, so keeping their nutrition balanced and lower in calories will help maintain good health for a longer period.

Blue Buffalo Home Style Recipe Senior

This recipe is a quality product for your older royal poodle. It offers balanced nutrition that support their general health and wellbeing. It has real meat, brown rice, barley, and many vegetables for great taste and nutritional content that will give them extra energy. The lean protein in the product supports muscle health and healthy body weight and glucosamine and chondroitin to help with their aging joints. Lots of lead chicken for protein and amino acids. Wheat free as a bonus.

Pros: Carbs will help with energy, good balance of vitamins and minerals

Cons: not completely grain free, poultry can be an allergy trigger

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Wet Food Extras

If wet food in some form is the nutrition you have decided is best for your royal poodle, you should look at how best to keep the meal nutritious and fresh. Although your royal will eat a large quantity of food compared to small poodles, they may have partial cans left that can be used in their next meal.  Wet dog food must be held at a consistently cool temperature and sealed, so it does not go off or dry out. There are items to make measure portions and reduce food waste. Things such as:

A product to make sure you are not wasting food that your royal cannot finish. These products are made of durable plastic and will keep food fresh and moist. They are good in the dishwasher and fit two sizes of cans.

Avoid overfeeding by measuring how much your pup needs. It goes flat for storage and is dishwasher safe.  It is great for wet food as it cleans up quickly and is water resistant.

Final Thoughts

There are many quality options for wet dog food, that is good for your royal poodle. A good nutritional balance is important throughout their life stages, and their large size means they need an extra dose of nutrients to keep those large size medical issues in check. Whether you chose wet food as their main course or use it as a dry food topper, you need to make sure it has everything they need to maintain a pain-free, enjoyable life.

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