Best Canned Dog Food for Toy Poodles

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All poodle sizes have nutritional requirements that are key to keeping them healthy and fit. If you make good choices for them in their early puppy days and give them good canned dog food for toy poodles, you will maintain their health as they get older.

Quality food products give you the ability to be proactive about your poodles’ health and temperament. An unhealthy dog will feel ill and unhappy so understanding what they require nutritionally as they move from puppy to adult to senior is part of what will make your poodle’s life comfortable and fun for both of you.

Although all sizes of poodles need good food, each type has different potential health issues and nutritional requirements. Poodles all look similar other than their size, but their dietary needs should be addressed distinctly from each other. Food that meets a standard poodles’ requirements will not be the same product that a teacup poodle might need.

How to Pick Good Canned Dog Food for Toy Poodles?

For those of you with toy poodles, you will have to address some medical issues that can be supported through proper nutrition. It helps to talk with your dog’s veterinarian as you decide what food is best as there can not just be one brand of food that will suit your toy all the way from their puppy years into their senior ones.

Their nutrition may also have to be adjusted if medical issues become evident or their taste for a particular food just suddenly changes. There will be times when they prefer something different with new flavors and textures.

The food you decide on for your toy should be chosen based not only on their taste preference but also on their vet’s recommendation. Their vet will concur that good nutrition can work towards preventing specific health problems that your toy poodle may encounter.

Toys seem to have a predisposition to back issues, joint problems, skin irritations, cancer and dental disease over other small breeds so there is a need to have a good source of preventative nutrition to ward off any issues that may appear.

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Best Canned Food for Your Toy Poodle

You must understand your dog’s physical characteristics when you and their veterinarian are talking about a food choice for your toy poodle. They stand about 10 inches tall and carry very little weight as they only weigh between 6-9 pounds.

Food choice needs to take in to account their small size so the recipes you choose should be designed to support any potential health issues. Unlike the Royal or Standard Poodle, toy and miniature poodles can’t eat some traditional dog food but will fair better with certain processed foods.

However, the food also needs to account for their small jaws and teeth as well. They have little mouths, digestive systems that are finicky and possible dental problems, unlike bigger poodles.  All this needs to be considered as their nutrition choices are weighed.

The main ingredient in your poodles’ food should be a protein that is listed first on the ingredient label of their diet.  This protein should be named rather than one that is just a by-product or unknown source. The second most important item should be listed as animal fat.  Thirdly, as with any dogs food, not just your toys, there should be no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors. There is nothing beneficial health wise found in any of these last items.

Nutrients to Consider

If will be helpful you can find a food product that reduces unnecessary ingredients and the chance of allergic reactions. Food allergies in poodles can be quite severe and caused by anything from chicken-meal to some types of treats. These allergies don’t mean that these dogs have sensitive stomachs, as they are the same type of allergies as humans have.

Any food that removes allergens is great since toy poodles are predisposed to adverse skin reactions. Both environmental and food allergens can be triggers, so if you can find a limited ingredient recipe that will help take out the nutrition threats.

Another issue to consider when choosing a food product for your dog is the caloric content of different ones. Toy poodles can easily eat too much and become heavy. If their small frames are expected to cart around extra pounds, then it can make any potential health issues worse. The problems will increase as they age, especially if their weight keeps climbing. Toy poodles are predisposed to bone issues in their back, hips, and knees, so having too many extra ounces of weight will only exacerbate secondary problems.

Keep in mind that along with protein, fat and natural ingredients, your toy will need DHA for brain and eye health, quality fiber, lower carbs, and grain free if possible. Glucosamine and chondroitin are an added benefit as it will help with the bone issues as they get older.

Best Canned Food for Your Toy Poodle

Toy poodles will require higher calories per day when they are first born and in their early days. Their pace of growth is fast and immediate. It will slow substantially until they only need around 300 calories a day at approximately nine months when they are heading into their early adult years.

The 300 will do until they are about ten years old, and then it should drop lower to 265 as they move into their senior stage of life. These numbers of calories can vary depending on your dog’s gender, neuter/spay condition, activity, and size. You will need to take these calorie needs into consideration with your pup’s health needs when you choose canned food. The ones listed below will be great options for your toy poodle:

Toy Poodle Puppies

The fast pace that puppies grow at means they are developing bone, muscle, and organs quickly. They need fuel for this growth. Good and appropriate nutrients are a must. Your toy poodle puppy will not start eating solid food until after four weeks of age, but after that, canned food is a great option to offer them. They need quality protein and carbohydrates along with DHA for cognitive development.

Once your pup has reached 90% of their expected grown up weight, they will need to change to a different food that is more appropriate for maintaining their weight in adulthood. They should be fully grown between 9-12 months of age.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe – Puppy

This is a great puppy product for your toy poodle. It is a well-balanced recipe with above average protein and fat but with below average carbs, which is beneficial. The formula contains only natural ingredients supporting muscle growth and brain development. There are no unnecessary fillers such as corn, wheat, or soy. It made with the good protein of deboned chicken that has essential amino acids for this fast growth phase.

The recipe is not grain free, but it has healthy grains such as barley and brown rice which offer complex carbohydrates. This holistic recipe does not have any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors to bother those with allergies. The cranberries and blueberries provide antioxidants to help your puppy build their developing immune system.

Pros: Easy to chew for tiny mouths, good fiber content for digestion

Cons:  Strong odor, may bother the digestive system early on

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Adult Toy Poodles

Once your toy poodle has passed from puppyhood to adult, they will need fewer calories but still, require certain nutrients specific to small dogs. The recipe will need to have higher protein and fat in it than it would for larger dogs.

It needs to have real meat to sustain healthy organs and be specifically made for small breed adults to aid with touchy digestive tracts and immune systems. There should be no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives to help avoid the allergies that adult toy poodles are prone to. Adult toy poodles will not need the calories that a puppy would so that is important as well when you measure out how much to feed them.

Merrick Grain-Free Cowboy Cookout

This canned dog food is a solid grain-free choice for your toy poodles. Its first ingredients are deboned beef and beef broth. It’s a great source of protein that also includes fruits and veggies for a quality source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The antioxidants that are in the recipe will help your toy feel full and carry them to the next meal without becoming hungry.

It has great taste along with needed vitamins and minerals to benefit your small adult dog. The product has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. You can use this food to top off dry kibble or on its own. It is best to amend serving sizes should you choose to use it with kibble as the calorie count will need to be adjusted.

Pros: Easy to chew, great flavor

Cons: Strong smell, extra fiber could bother digestion if switching from another food

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Senior Toy Poodles

As dogs get older, their energy tends to decrease, meaning they need fewer carbs and calories. Canned food is often beneficial for seniors, as it is easier to process and chew. It’s important as your toy poodle ages that they stay lean as the extra weight can be detrimental health wise.

Toys are already a breed predisposed to cancer, low blood sugar, and joint issues, and the excess weight would exacerbate that. So look for a low carb for good blood sugar, high protein to sustain muscle mass, good fat for proper body weight, and Omega fatty acids to keep skin and coat healthy.

Hills Science Diet Adult 7+

This recipe is a healthy product for your older toy poodle. Hill’s SD has balanced nutrition that will help keep your pup mobile and maintain their lean muscle mass. It is easy to process and supports healthy body weight. The food works well at keeping their heart and organs healthy. It specially designed for small toy poodles who are over seven years of age.

Pros: Good flavor, healthy balance of nutrients

Cons: May need more carbs if dogs are still really active

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Canned Food Extras

If canned food is your preferred choice for your toy poodle, then there are some items to keep its quality intact as your small pup should not be finishing a big can in one sitting. Similar to human food, canned nutrition must be held at a healthy temperature and sealed up, so it won’t go bad or dry out. There are also items for easy storage if you are buying in bulk and items for measurement, so your pup is always getting the right amount of food. Things such as:

A great product so you are not wasting cans of food that your toy can’t finish. These are made of food safe, flexible silicone and preserve the food to keep it fresh and moist. They are safe to go in the dishwasher and fit most sizes of food cans.

A good product to save space so you can buy in bulk and store your dog’s canned food easily. It loads easily and moves the cans without issue. It’s well built and will last. It fits most sizes of cans. Easy to clean so you can keep your toy poodles feeding area neat and clean for good health standards.

This helps avoid overfeeding by creating good portion control. The clip that’s attached to it lets you connect it close to where you will be serving your pup. This one collapses flat for easy storage, and it is dishwasher safe as it should be wash thoroughly so as not to leave food on it that can make your dog sick. It is great for canned food as it is durable and water resistant.

Final Thoughts

There are many great options when looking for a quality canned dog food that will benefit your toy poodle. Your toy will need specific food compared to the miniature or standard poodles, so you need to find the most optimal nutritional balance as your toy ages through their life stages. The dietary needs of a puppy, adult or senior are important to consider when making a final choice.

A food for your pup is a significant part of maintaining their future health. Finding the healthiest brands to offer your toy gives them a good chance at keeping their health throughout all the stages of their busy lives.

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