How to Make Dog Bandanas

How to Make Dog Bandanas

Creating a homemade dog bandana is a fun way to accessorize your pet’s wardrobe using scrap fabric and unique patterns from your storage closet.

How to Make Dog Bandanas

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Dog bandanas are a stylish accessory that’s perfect for your pet. When you consider all the pet-specific clothing, footwear, scarves, and boots, bandanas are a great accessory that’s easy to create with a piece of extra cloth or fabric scraps from a previous sewing project. You’ll find everything you need to get started with creating a dog bandana at home or at your local craft supply store or bargain shop.

What You’ll Need to Make a DIY Dog Bandana

If you have a piece of flannel or an old scarf with a unique pattern, you may want to set it aside for your dog’s first bandana. There are a few essential supplies you’ll need to sew your pet’s custom dog bandana:

Once you have everything ready, you’ll want to prepare your fabric with your next laundry cycle. Depending on the type of fabric, you’ll want to press the freshly dried scraps to provide an easy surface to work with when you begin to sew.

Preparing the Fabric for Sewing Your Custom Dog Bandana

Your choice of fabric and the size should be large enough to fit loosely but comfortably on your dog. A triangular fabric shape of 18 to 20 inches may be enough if you have a smaller dog, though a medium or large dog may require 30 inches or more.

Using a mat and rotary cutter, measure and cut your fabric into a triangle, and ensure that all the sides are straight and even. If you’re unsure which size you want, cut the triangle larger, then “test” or fit the fabric around your pet to get an idea of how well it fits.

Sewing Your Dog’s Bandana with a Machine

Once you have the correct size for your dog’s bandana, fold about ¼ inch of the fabric of each edge towards the back of the fabric and pin it down with pins or clips.

Place the fabric into the sewing machine and carefully sew each side to ensure they are even and consistent around the perimeter of the triangle. This step is best performed slowly to ensure each side is folded evenly.

Check for loose threads and trim with scissors or fabric shears when the sewing is complete.

Creating Your Dog’s Bandana Without a Sewing Machine

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew each side of the fabric with a needle and thread. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a straight line along each edge, and follow with a thread and needle to keep it even. While this process may take a bit longer, it gets easier to follow the line, which can be washed and pressed for a more uniform appearance.

When you’re sewing by hand, it’s essential to use a strong enough needle to handle the fabric. The thread should be close to the fabric to blend into the pattern or color for best results.

If you’re looking to add a few extras to your dog’s bandana, you can consider adding one or more buttons, sequins, beads, or patches. It’s essential to add items that your dog won’t chew or pull off the bandana. Alternatively, you can dye the fabric or combine several scraps to create a patchwork pattern.

Style and Fabric Options for Your Dog’s Bandana

Is there a unique style or fabric in your storage closet that could make a great scarf or bandana for your pet? You might have a piece of felt, a frayed scarf, or worn denim that could create a one-of-a-kind bandana for your dog.

While some fabrics look stylish and fun for a DIY dog bandana, it’s best to find a scrap of fabric that’s easy to work with, so you can easily create this accessory:

  • Choose a fabric for your custom dog bandana that’s not too thick, as it can be difficult to trim with shears or sew the edges. Examples of these fabrics include heavy felt, quilted fabric, and knits.
  • Denim is an excellent option if it’s thin and worn. You can skip sewing the edges and opt for a raw edge and frayed look instead
  • If you plan on dying or tie-dying the fabric, this should be done before sizing, trimming, and sewing your dog’s bandana. Cotton fabric or all-natural fabric should be used for this purpose

If you have regular bandanas that are large enough, you can use one of these or use an old t-shirt or clothing with a unique design or texture for your dog’s new accessory. Creating a dog bandana from leftover fabric or unique clothing scraps can be a great way to reduce waste while adding a bit of style to your pet’s wardrobe.

Add a Dog Collar to Your Pet’s Bandana

You can easily add a loop to one of your dog’s bandana’s edges to create a space for a dog collar. This process makes it easy to thread a one or one-and-a-half-inch thick collar quickly to attach the bandana to the dog collar when it’s worn.

Dog Bandanas with Special Themes

When you’re choosing scrap material to create your pet’s new cute bandana, you can decide if you want a plain fabric so that it can be customized with your design or used as-is. A plain bandana is an excellent opportunity to create a holiday or birthday-themed accessory with a set of stencils and fabric paint.


Choosing the suitable fabric and creating a bandana for your dog is easy to create inexpensive accessories for your pet. You can choose to keep it simple with a triangular pattern, attach the fabric to a collar, or combine several smaller scraps for a more unique and customized patchwork project.

Dogs love wearing clothing, especially enjoying something made just for them. Keeping a small pile of scrap fabrics and accessories handy is a great way to get creative while saving money on your pet’s fun wardrobe.

DIY Dog Bandanas

DIY Dog Bandanas

DIY Dog Bandanas

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Are you considering a bandana for your pup or creating a tailor-made design with a scrap piece of fabric? DIY dog bandanas make excellent accessories for your dog. Whether you have a specific design in mind, they are easy to make or leftover fabric from a previous sewing project.

DIY dog bandanas are easy to make, and you’ll have lots of options based on the tools and equipment you have available at home.

Choosing a Fabric for a DIY Dog Bandana

When creating your DIY dog bandana, the first choice you’ll make is the fabric type and design. You may have many scrap pieces of fabric or clothing to work with, or you may find a unique pattern at your local craft store. It’s essential to choose a material that’s easy to work with, especially if you choose a pattern that involves sewing or attaching custom designs.

Creating a Dog Bandana Without a Sewing Machine

You can create a fashionable dog bandana quickly if you have a piece of fabric without a sewing machine. It’s best to find a piece of fabric that doesn’t fray or wear fast, such as fabric that’s trimmed with pinking scissors, which keeps the edges uniform and less prone to fraying at the ends.

Great Fabric Ideas

If you’re looking for a great fabric to create a dog bandana, you’ll find many great ideas around your home if you have older clothing made of polyester, cotton, or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

Whether you’re looking to create a no-sew bandana or use a sewing machine, you’ll find many creative options, including old seasonal sweaters from Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day.

A checked tablecloth, shirt with a unique pattern, or a similar lightweight fabric makes an excellent option for a DIY dog bandana.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

The items you’ll need to create a dog bandana depends on whether you plan on using a sewing machine or pinking shears without sewing the edges of the fabric:

Optional, if you’re sewing your dog’s bandana:

It’s essential to ensure your chosen fabric is washed and pressed. Some materials wrinkle fast, making it easier to press before measuring and cutting the fabric to have an exact shape and size.

Preparing Your Chosen Fabric for a DIY Dog Bandana

When you measure and trim your dog bandana, it’s vital to choose enough fabric to make sure the fit is comfortable and loose. Using the rotary cutter and mat, cut a piece of material in a triangular shape that suits your dog’s size, approximately 20 inches for small to medium dogs and 30 or more inches for larger dogs.

If you’re uncertain which size works best for your pet, try a larger size and “fit” the fabric around your dog to determine which is ideal.

Sewing a Trim Around Your Dog Bandana

If you choose to sew the trim around your dog’s bandana, fold approximately ¼ inch from the edge, inward towards the back of the fabric. Pin down evenly with clips before you sew, and proceed slowly to ensure you’re sewing in a straight line.

Using Pinking Shears

An easier way to trim the edges of your dog’s bandana without using a sewing machine is with pinking shears. Before you cut the edge of the fabric, measure accurately to ensure that the shape and size are consistent across all sides of the triangle shape. To keep the shears cutting evenly, draw a line with a ruler and pencil and follow carefully when trimming the edges.

Customizing Your Dog’s Bandana

If you’re looking to create a more customized style with your DIY dog bandana, you can try a few options to create patterns, use fabric dyes, or attach the trim to “dress” up your pet’s favorite accessory. One of the easiest ways to create a unique look is with fabric dyes or paints, and this treatment should be applied to the fabric before you measure and trim the material.

Tie-Dying Your Dog’s Bandana

If you’re looking to get creative with colors, a tie-dye kit is ideal for this fun activity. Tie-dye kits include a variety of fabric-friendly paints, soda ash, and supplies so you can create custom designs on any shape of the fabric. When you use these types of dyes, they will only work well on 100% cotton or natural fiber material.

Tie-dye kits include instructions, which often require the die sets in the fabric for approximately 24 hours, then be rinsed and washed in a separate laundry load.

Fabric Paints, Buttons, Collars, and Trims

If you want to paint or draw a specific design or lettering on your dog’s collar, you can buy a stencil kit with non-toxic paints, ideal for any canvas, including fabric decorating. These kits are also great for kids and make an ideal family project. Some kits include silver and gold shirt paint, which is excellent for seasonal designs and custom designs.

If you sew a loop around one of the sides of your dog’s bandana, you’ll have the option of attaching your dog’s collar easily. There are many great buttons, trims, and design ideas at your local craft store or online, which can be added to the edge of your dog’s bandana, or as décor around the collar. It’s essential to choose items that your dog isn’t likely to pull off or chew and that they don’t interfere with your dog’s enjoyment of the garment.

Patchwork Fabrics

Do you have an old patchwork fabric, or are several fabric scraps sewn together to create a unique design or dog bandana pattern? This is a great way to create a bohemian-style bandana for your dog, whether you sew smaller fabric scraps together or use a ready-made bandana style for your pup.


DIY dog bandanas are easy to create and make a great family project if you want to add creative designs, patterns, or your pet’s name. Dogs enjoy wearing clothing and accessories as long as they are comfortable, and bandanas are a great option for any sized dog and a fun way to add to your pet’s wardrobe.

Dog Bandana Collars

Dog Bandana Collars

Dog Bandana Collars

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Dog collar bandanas are great accessories available in plenty of styles, colors, and sizes. When shopping for your dog’s bandana, it’s essential to find a size and collar that fit your pet. Many dog collar bandanas are adjustable, so you can expand the length as your dog grows if you buy a bandana for a puppy. Most bandana collars are nylon and may be bought separately or already attached to the bandana.

When you choose a dog collar bandana, it’s essential to find a stylish, easy-fitting accessory that’s durable and comfortable. While most dogs enjoy clothing and fun accessories, it’s essential to ensure that your dog’s collar bandana fits enough and is the right size so as not to be too tight or loose for comfort. Our top dog collar bandanas are based on price, material quality, size options, durability, comfort.

Best Adjustable Dog Bandana Collars

Alpha Tail Supplies Dog Bandana Collar offers a package of three bandanas with adjustable collars available in three colors: red, black, and blue. It is an excellent option for new dog owners, as they are easy to use and adjustable for various pet sizes.

  • Manufacturer: Alpha Tail Supplies Store
  • Size:5 x 6.75 x 4.75 inches, and 4.16 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester (fabric), nylon (collar), and a buckle


  • Available in three colors as part of this inexpensive package
  • Made from durable fabric, polyester, which is easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s a comfortable fit that’s functional for various dog breeds and sizes
  • You can purchase this collar bandana pack in three sizes, all of which are adjustable, in small, medium, and large
  • Safe to use for all dogs
  • This package contains a pet waste bag dispenser and a roll of bags
  • The dog collar bandanas are fashionable and fit well with pet clothing


  • This dog collar bandana may not correctly fit some giant dog breeds


Alpha Tail Supplies Dog Bandana Collar offers an inexpensive set of three bandanas with adjustable collars that are easy for your dog to wear. These bandanas are safe and durable, with machine-washable fabric, and don’t require any maintenance treatment. The collar attached to the bandana is highly durable and fits nicely around your dog without any difficulty.

Best Bandana Collar for Small Dogs and Puppies

BingPet Bow Tie, Bandana, and adjustable dog collar with a leash is an excellent kit for puppies and small dogs.

  • Manufacturer: BingPet Store
  • Size: 16 x 4 x 1 inches, and 5.61 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton (bandana) and PU leather (collar)


  • This kit contains everything you need for your dog’s new wardrobe, including a quality collar made of PU leather with a durable cotton fabric bandana, bowtie collar, leash, and a removable bell
  • All materials are comfortable for your pet and well made
  • The collar is adjustable, which is ideal for various sizes of small breed dogs and puppies
  • Available in small and medium sizes
  • Reasonably priced
  • It may be suitable for some breeds of cats


  • Only available in one pattern and color theme (plaid)
  • Not suitable for large dog breeds


BingPet Bow Tie, Bandana, collar, and adjustable leash are great gift sets for new dog owners. This kit is an affordable way to start your dog’s wardrobe with excellent quality fabric, durable collars, and a leash perfect for dog walking. There’s also a removable bell available in the kit, which is ideal for puppies and small dogs that like to roam.

Best Fashionable Dog Bandana

Mile High Life Seasonal Floral collars with bandanas make great fashion statements for your dog during the spring and summer. They offer a great collection of styles and sizes for all dog sizes and breeds.

  • Manufacturer: Universal Promotions
  • Size:91 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches, and 1.76 ounces
  • Materials: Poly-cotton material for the bandana and nylon lining with a safety buckle on the collar


  • This dog bandana and collar combination is available in a variety of floral patterns and provides a great seasonal addition to your dog’s wardrobe
  • Fabric, collar, and buckle is durable and easy to wash maintain
  • Available in a variety of sizes, patterns, and styles, including collars with bowties, and extra small, small, and medium sizes
  • Ideal for small dogs, puppies, kittens, and adult cats
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only one bandana and collar per package
  • Not ideal for large dogs or pets


Mile High Life Seasonal Floral designs make a great addition to your pet bandana and collar collection. All fabric is highly durable, so you can easily wash and dry this soft poly cotton with a nylon lining. It is lightweight and comfortable. If you prefer to use the collar or bandana separately, these parts are removable and can be worn on their own.

Best Dog Bandanas for Medium-Sized Pets

MayPaw Dog Bandana Collar is a high-quality, British-style accessory that’s affordable and ideal for medium-sized dogs. They offer a great textured-style bandana with a high-quality collar and buckle in various colors and patterns.

  • Manufacturer: MawPaw Store
  • Size:3 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches, and 1.59 ounces
  • Materials: Collar is made of PU leather, metal buckle, and natural fabric for the bandana


  • The collar and buckle is adjustable and fits well with small and medium-sized dogs
  • Available in various fabric textures and patterns, including denim and casual styles
  • A great accessory for small to medium dogs, cats, and rabbits
  • Available in extra small, small, and medium sizes
  • The fabric is durable and easy to clean
  • This kit includes four different bandana collars


  • This collar style is not large enough for large breed dogs


MayPaw Dog Bandana Collar offers a pack of four fashionable accessories ideal for small and medium dogs. These well-made bandanas feature durable fabrics and collars to last for years, and they fit best on small breed dogs and other similarly sized pets.

Best Dog Bandanas for Medium and Large Dogs

Summer and Hawaiian-themed four-pack dog bandanas feature cute, stylish prints with a holiday theme for medium and large-breed dogs. These dog collar bandanas feature a four-pack of seasonal, holiday-themed accessories ideal for larger-sized dogs and puppies.

  • Manufacturer: Tatuo
  • Size:51 x 6.06 x 1.26 inches, and 3.53 ounces
  • Materials: Collar is elastic and metal, with durable poly-cotton fabric


  • This package of four bandanas offers a range of designs and patterns that are ideal for photography, festivals, and everyday wear
  • The design of the bandana collar fits easily and doesn’t loosen or fall off
  • Includes an ID card inside the product, where contact information can be provided in the event your pet is lost
  • Ideal for all dog breeds and some cats
  • Made with durable materials, including metal and polyester, which are not prone to wear and tear


  • This bandana collar may not be suitable for large breed dogs


Summer and Hawaiian-themed bandanas and collars for dogs are ideal as stylish accessories, especially if you’re attending festivals, photoshoots, and other events with your pet. They are also ideal for everyday wear, and the bandana is detachable from the collar, which can be easily washed in a regular laundry cycle. These adorable bandana collars make wonderful gifts for pet owners.

Best Bandana Collars for Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

Bandana collars are an excellent accessory for dogs and typically fit many pet sizes. They are available in various patterns, collars, and sizes, with the option to adjust if your pet grows or you have more than one dog that wears them. When you’re choosing a bandana collar for your dog, you’ll want to consider the following when choosing the fit, style, and material:

  • Your pet’s size is an essential factor, as some collars fit too tightly on large pets and cause discomfort
  • The quality of the material is essential, which includes the collar, which is usually made of nylon or polyester, and the buckle, which is usually plastic or metal. The bandana fabric should be easy to clean
  • If your dog wears the bandana collar outdoors, you’ll want a durable fabric that doesn’t stain quickly or can be removed without too much effort
  • Take note of any skin conditions or irritation, such as rashes or other issues, especially around the collar. This may signify an allergy or reaction to specific materials on the collar or bandana material.

Many dog bandana collars are well suited for most small and medium-sized dogs and may work well with rabbits and cats. If your dog is a large or giant breed, you may want to consider a custom bandana design made to fit with a collar for greater comfort and a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dog Bandana Collars

How long do dog bandana collars last?

Most dog bandana collars last for years, as long as the fabric is durable and well maintained. It’s vital to choose poly-cotton or heavy-duty cotton that doesn’t easily fray or wear. The collar should be nylon or similar durable material, with either a metal or rugged plastic buckle that doesn’t easily break.

Are dog bandana collars easy to use?

Yes. They offer a collar already attached to the bandana so that you can fit it on your dog within seconds. If your pet isn’t accustomed to wearing a collar or a bandana, it may take time to get comfortable with it, though most dogs quickly adapt to accessories. If you plan on using a bandana collar on a cat or another small or medium-sized pet, they may require extra time to get acquainted with this new accessory.

Can dogs eat while wearing a bandana collar?

Yes, in most cases. Dog bandana collars should be loose enough for comfort when your dog runs, plays, or relaxes. If you’re concerned about stains or the fabric becoming damaged, you can temporarily remove the collar and bandana, though most materials are easy to clean and don’t stain too easily.

Do I need a custom dog bandana collar if my pet is a large or giant breed?

Most pet stores and suppliers offer bandana collars that fit well for large breed dogs, including adjustable collars that fit pets between medium and large sizes. If your dog is a giant breed or requires a much more oversized fit, you’ll likely find some suppliers that offer this option. It’s essential to choose a product that measures correctly so that your large dog enjoys a comfortable fit.

Can more than one dog wear the same bandana collar?

This depends on your pets, though some dogs prefer their collar and bandana. You may find it ideal to have separate accessories for each of your pets, even if they enjoy sharing, especially if they are different sizes or feel comfortable with specific styles or fabrics.

How can bandana collars help dogs and their owners?

Dog bandana collars can provide more than a fashion statement for your pet, and they can help protect your pet from sun exposure and catch loose hair, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Some pet owners spray a pleasant scent on a bandana that may be calming and reduce stress.

Is it best to buy a bandana collar where the collar is detachable?

In most cases, collars can be removed from bandanas, making it easy to wash the bandana fabric or use the collar on its own. If the collar is adjustable, you may find that purchasing a more oversized bandana is best, especially if you have a puppy that’s expected to grow into a large or giant size.

Funny Dog Bandanas

Funny Dog Bandanas

Funny Dog Bandanas

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If you’re a pet owner with a sense of humor, you’ll find funny dog bandanas are a great option to share a few laughs with friends and neighbors. Funny dog bandanas make perfect conversation starters, whether you meet other dog owners at the local park or on vacation. They make a great accessory with other scarves, collars, and pet clothing.

Choosing a humorous bandana or scarf is a great way to reflect your pet’s unique personality. Is your pet stubborn and energetic, or easy-going and quirky? You’ll find a lot of great slogans and phrases that reflect your pet’s nature, which is enjoyable when they’re a puppy or adult. There are many pre-made designs with funny pictures or phrases, or you can choose a custom “pet” name or something specific about your dog that stands out.

Ideally, it’s essential to find a bandana that’s the right size and shape for your pet and made with quality material for durability and comfort. There are plenty of materials and styles to accessorize your wardrobe, and our top picks take into consideration price, durability, size options, comfort, and material quality.

Best Funny Valentine’s Day Dog Bandanas

STMK Two-pack Valentine’s Day bandanas are a great holiday gift for your pet and add a spark of humor to their wardrobe. These bandanas are fun, adorable accessories for your pet and are available in a bold red plaid that’s classic and playful.

  • Manufacturer: STMK
  • Size:33 x 4.53 x 0.63 inches, and 1.13 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton

STMK Two-pack Valentine’s Day bandanas are fun, adorable accessories for your pet and available in a bold red plaid that’s classic and playful.


  • Made with quality, durable cotton that’s easy to wash and maintain
  • Two bandanas are included in the pack, each with Valentine’s Day slogan, “Free Kisses” and “I Woof You.”
  • The size is adjustable and suitable for most dog sizes, including medium and large dogs
  • It’s an excellent bandana to wear outdoors and during play
  • Additional phrases are available in convenient two packs
  • It’s an excellent style for photographs, and the plaid style is ideal with other clothing and accessories


  • This dog collar bandana may not correctly fit some giant dog breeds
  • There are limited colors and designs available for this bandana


STMK Two-pack Valentine’s Day bandanas add a great splash of bold color to accessorize your pet’s wardrobe. This adorable two-pack is fun for your dog to wear during Valentine’s Day or other events.

Best Funny Sci-Fi Dog Bandanas

Tees & Tails Storm Pooper Funny dog bandana is a great gift for dog owners who enjoy a bit of sci-fi and bathroom humor. It is a fun accessory that’s available in various colors and is adjustable to fit most pet sizes.

  • Manufacturer: Tees & Tails
  • Size:48 x 6.5 x 0.98 inches, and 0.63 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton


  • This bandana is lightweight and made of 100% cotton
  • It fits most dog sizes, from small to large breeds (one size fits all)
  • A great gift for fans of sci-fi humor
  • Easy to maintain and machine washable
  • Adjustable to fit different dogs and your puppy as they grow
  • Available in nine different colors


  • It may not fit some large or giant breed dogs


Tees & Tails Storm Pooper dog bandana is an easy accessory for your dog to wear. It’s made of lightweight fabric and cotton, so your pet can enjoy wearing it year-round, especially in the summer.

Best Treat-themed Funny Dog Bandana

“It’s Treat O’Clock Somewhere” dog bandana is a durable, fun scarf that’s great for most dog sizes. It is a fun accessory that makes a beautiful gift for new pet owners.

  • Manufacturer: PWHAOO
  • Size:17 x 4.76 x 0.35 inches, and 0.71 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester


  • Made with polyester that’s soft and durable
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Available in one size that fits most dog and pet breeds
  • It’s durable and great for outdoor wear and ideal for photoshoots
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not ideal for large breed dogs


“It’s Treat O’Clock Somewhere” dog bandana is a fun, playful accessory for most dog sizes and breeds. It’s an excellent bandana for your puppy or dog to wear during training or at festivals and local events. This scarf is easy to wash, and the fabric is soft and simple to tie without leaving creases.

Best One-Size-Fits-Most Funny Dog Bandana

The Wiggle Butt Dog Bandana is a fun, cheeky accessory that’s great for most dog sizes and breeds. The lettering is playful and significant, and several background colors are available. It is an excellent FunDog Bandanas brand of accessories by the Dog Perk Corporation, which offers a great line of pet scarves and bandanas.

  • Manufacturer: The Dog Perk Corporation
  • Size: Adjustable, one-size-fits-all
  • Materials: Durable fabric with a drawstring


  • FunDog Bandanas is a well-established brand that offers quality pet accessories for all dog sizes
  • Available in a one-size-fits-all size that’s accommodating to most dog breeds
  • Easy to tie and stylish with a drawstring
  • This bandana is available in a variety of bold colors and designs with the fun lettering
  • Reasonably priced
  • The fabric is easy to wash and maintain


  • This collar style is not large enough for large breed dogs


The Wiggle Butt Dog Bandana makes a bold and fun statement with your pet. It’s a playful way to engage with other pet owners as a conversation starter and adds a splash of color to your pet’s wardrobe. The FunDog Bandanas brand features a wide range of humorous phrases, colors, and styles for your pet.

Best Bib-style Funny Dog Bandana

The Parisian Adjustable Dog Bandana is a loose-fitting, bib-style tie-on scarf that’s fun for small and medium-sized dogs, cats, and smaller pets. It makes the perfect gift for puppies, small dogs, and medium-sized pets. The adjustable fabric and triangle shape makes this design easy to tie and wear.

  • Manufacturer: Parisian Pet
  • Size: 11 x 6 x 1 inches, and 0.32 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester


  • This bandana is offered in over ten colors, including bold and pastel shades, and several patterns
  • It fits comfortable on small and medium-sized pets
  • The polyester fabric is machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Durable and great for outdoor wear
  • Adds a splash of color and style to your pet’s wardrobe
  • The bib-style fits closely but comfortably


  • This playful bandana is not suitable for larger pets or dog sizes


The Parisian Adjustable Dog Bandana is a fun accessory for your pet to wear at photoshoots, parties, festivals, and outdoor events. These scarves are bold and accent your pet’s wardrobe with a splash of color and style. These bandanas are available in various prints and themes, including quirky and humorous phrases, birthdays, and more.

Best Funny Dog Bandanas for Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

Funny dog bandanas are a great way to dress up your dog’s wardrobe for any occasion. While these bandanas are functional and provide a comfortable fit for your pet, the funny, quirky phrases and lettering provide a fun way to start a conversation or share some laughs at the local dog park or a family party.

When you choose a funny dog bandana, you’ll want to keep in mind some of the following factors to ensure you’re getting a quality garment, including:

  • Your pet’s personality can play a role in which slogan or funny phrase you choose for their scarf or bandana
  • There are plenty of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, in addition to the lettering style and font, which may be pre-made and sold “as is” or customized to fit your dog’s style and size
  • A soft, durable fabric that fits comfortably and is slightly loose
  • Your dog’s size and breed, especially if you choose a custom bandana with lettering about your dog’s nature or personality
  • Take accurate measurements of your dog’s neck to ensure the bandana you choose fits comfortably, even if it’s pre-made and not made-to-order.
  • Whether to include a collar to keep the bandana fitting more uniform

Funny dog bandanas are available in various styles, phrases, and patterns, so you can easily personalize your pet’s accessories. It’s essential to choose a durable, machine washable scarf that doesn’t wear too quickly, so your pet can wear their bandana for years. A comfortable fit will also ensure that your pet will enjoy their new accessory without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Funny Dog Bandanas

Are funny dog collars popular?

Yes. They are popular among many pet owners and make a great way to add a bit of humor and expression to your dog’s outfit. These bandanas are fun and playful, so you’ll find they help break the ice with other dog owners when you take your pet for a walk at the local park. Funny dog collars are a fun way to showcase your adorable pet and make a great statement.

Are funny dog collars best as a customized gift?

Yes, if you have a dog with a unique personality or want to order a gift for a friend or family member with a one-of-a-kind pet. While custom lettering and colors are ideal for a personal touch, you’ll also find a lot of hilarious pre-made bandanas for a wide variety of pets.

Can you use funny dog bandanas as part of a costume?

Yes. Funny dog bandanas are great as a costume accessory, and you’ll find a lot of Halloween-themed bandanas to choose from, or you can order a custom phrase or joke on your pet’s scarf to adorn with their seasonal outfit.

Should I have a custom bandana made if I have a large breed dog?

The size of your dog depends on how well the bandana fits and whether they are comfortable. For most small and medium-sized dogs, you may not require a custom fit, as long as the fabric is soft, comfortable, and loose. A large or giant breed dog may require a custom fit because most scarves and bandanas aren’t designed for these pets and typically work best on medium and some large breed pets.

Should I order a funny custom bandana if I have a toy-sized pet or dog, like a poodle or a Chihuahua?

Most pre-made funny dog bandanas for small dogs fit well for toy breeds, though they may loosely fit. If you want a more accurate fit, you can opt to order a custom scarf and choose your dog’s slogan or humorous phrase as a personalized part of their wardrobe. Small dogs, especially toy breeds, may benefit from a custom scarf, which is typically not too expensive, and a fun way to surprise your pet with a gift.

Which fabric is best for funny dog bandanas?

When choosing a fabric for your dog’s bandana, consider two things. The material should be durable and easy to wash, and the lettering for your funny phrase should fit well and be resistant to fading. If you stitch or embroider the wording, this is one of the best ways to keep the lettering looking fresh, as long as the sewing is well done and of high quality. Polyester, cotton, and poly-cotton blends make the best option for funny dog bandanas, as they preserve the lettering best.

Is it best to buy one funny dog bandana or several kits?

If you’re not sure whether you want more than one funny bandana, you can try one at first and see if it fits your pet’s wardrobe well, then decide if a kit or package of several bandanas with jokes and phrases is best.

Large Dog Bandanas

Large Dog Bandanas

Large Dog Bandanas

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When shopping for a dog bandana, you’ll find a fantastic variety of colors, patterns, styles, and personalized options. While most bandanas for pets are adjustable and designed to fit most dog sizes, finding the perfect, comfortable fit for large and giant breed pets can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are some great options for large breed dogs, whether you’re looking for a standard, classic plaid style, bold color, or a personalized design for your pet.

Finding the proper bandana fit for your large dog includes finding a soft, durable fabric that’s easy to maintain. You may also add a collar and other accessories, such as a label, custom name tag, bell, leash, and other commonly available items with bandana collars.

Choosing a fabric that’s not too stretchy is essential, as a bandana that’s slightly smaller than your pet’s fit can become restrictive and uncomfortable.

Our top large dog bandana chosen include brands based on price, size options, material quality, durability, and comfort. You’ll find many varieties and styles available, or choose a custom, made-to-order option for your pet.

Best Plaid-Style Bandana for Large Dogs

The Remifa large plaid dog bandanas are great accessories for medium and large dogs, offering a variety of classic plaid patterns and colors. They are high-quality cotton scarves that provide a comfortable fit for your dog.

  • Manufacturer: Remifa
  • Size:21 x 7.01 x 1.5 inches, and 4.97 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton


  • The medium and large-sized bandanas fit most large dogs
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine, foldable, and simple to tie to wear
  • The cotton fabric keeps your dog cool during the summer
  • This package includes six bandanas, which is a great deal at an affordable price
  • The unique plaid design is ideal for matching your dog’s wardrobe
  • The patterns are great for dressing up your pet for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, birthdays, and holiday events


  • This dog collar bandana may not correctly fit some giant breeds and may fit too loosely on small and some medium dogs


The Remifa large plaid dog bandanas make the ideal accessory set for your pet’s wardrobe, whether you’re looking to keep your dog cool during the warmer season or looking stylish at a family party or function. The classic plaid style offers the perfect color and pattern against a solid-colored outfit, and it’s also a great scarf for your pet during the winter.

Best Halloween-themed Large Dog Bandanas

This two-pack Halloween Dog Bandana set is a fun, seasonal gift for your pet during the Halloween season or year-round. It offers a fun way to celebrate this autumn holiday with your pet, whether you’re taking your children trick-or-treating with your dog or enjoying the festivities at home.

  • Manufacturer: KZHAREEN
  • Size:3 x 7.3 x 0.4 inches, and 1.59 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton


  • The fabric size is accommodating for most large breed dogs and pets
  • Bandana fabric is double-sided and made of high-quality cotton material, which is durable
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • The material is durable and not likely to wear easily
  • The two-pack is vibrant and colorful, which is ideal for accentuating your pet’s wardrobe or Halloween costume
  • The two-pack option is available in two style options
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not suitable for small breed dogs, puppies, and small pets


This two-pack Halloween Dog Bandana package is the ideal theme for your pet during the autumn season. The quality of cotton, print, and durability make this set of bandanas a great buy and, with proper care, will last for many seasons and years. The neck side of the bandana measures up to 32 inches, which is ideal for most large dogs. You’ll also have the option of providing accurate measurements for your dog, so you can order a scarf that accurately fits your pet.

Best Adjustable Fit Large Dog Bandana Kit

Remy + Roo Dog Bandanas is a great four-pack of stylish accessories made with premium fabric. It is a stylish set of accessories for your medium or large dog. The material is available in various stunning colors and patterns and accentuates your pet’s wardrobe.

  • Manufacturer: Remy + Roo Store
  • Size:83 x 5.43 x 0.94 inches, and 3.7 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester


  • This four-pack of bandanas is stylish and easy to accessorize with your pet’s wardrobe, with fashionable colors and patterns (navy, maroon, light blue, and grey)
  • Every set is adjustable and fits large-sized dogs. This is ideal for large breed puppies, as you can adapt the sizing as they grow
  • Designs are trendy and fit well with a wide range of colors and other patterns
  • Fabric is made of durable polyester and dual-layered, which is made to last for years
  • Designs and patterns are exclusive to Remy + Roo, which makes this brand ideal for a custom design


  • The fabric isn’t water-resistant


Remy + Roo Dog Bandanas offer a great kit to accessorize your pet’s wardrobe, whether your dog has a complete set of outfits or you’re just getting started with your new puppy. You’ll find the adjustable bandanas ideal for large breed dogs, as they expand quickly as your pet grows into an adult.

Best Birthday-themed Large Dog Bandanas

Realeaf Dog Birthday Bandanas are a vibrant, two-pack accessory kit that offers reversible pet scarves for all pet sizes, including large and extra large-sized dogs. These bandanas make a great splash of color and design for your pet’s wardrobe. These birthday-themed bandanas are ideal for celebrating your dog’s birthday or attending someone else’s special event.

  • Manufacturer: Releaf Store
  • Size:02 x 8.94 x 0.63 inches, and 2.89 ounces
  • Materials: Durable, washable fabric


  • Ideal for large and giant breed dogs and offered in medium, large, and extra-large
  • The large bandana is protective against the sun and prevents dogs from scratching or biting
  • The dual-layer fabric is durable and machine washable
  • Ideal for birthday parties and photoshoots


  • Not suitable for small breed dogs and pets


Realeaf Dog Birthday Bandanas make an excellent gift for your next pet’s birthday and add a great accent of color, especially with a solid-color sweater or outfit for your dog. These birthday-themed bandanas are specially designed to fit large and giant breed dogs, so you’ll find they fit comfortably without any issues.

Best Bib-style Large Dog Bandana

The Yespet Dog Birthday Bandana is a large, comfortable accessory perfect for your pet’s birthday or special occasion. The easy fabric cleans well the washing machine and works perfectly for everyday wear. It is a bright and cheerful accessory ideal for spring and summer wear. It is a durable, cotton, and lightweight bandana perfect for large and giant breed dogs.

  • Manufacturer: YesPet Store
  • Size:87 x 5.94 x 0.59 inches, and 0.63 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton


  • The fabric is soft, durable, and breathable, which makes it cooling and ideal for the warmer months
  • Available in a variety of pastel colors and patterns
  • The bib style is excellent for your dogs when they drink or snack
  • The cotton material is machine washable and doesn’t fade easily
  • You’ll find the fabric folds and stores well, without any treatment required
  • It makes an excellent accessory for photoshoots, parties, and outdoor festivals
  • Available in medium and large sizes, and fits most large pets


  • Not available in solid or dark colors
  • This garment isn’t recommended for small breeds or pet sizes


The Yespet Dog Birthday Bandana is an excellent addition to any pet wardrobe, offering a splash of pastel color and pattern to your dog’s outfit. It’s an excellent option for everyday wear or if you’re planning a family photo shoot. The bandana is versatile and available in medium and large sizes so that this accessory will grow along with your pet into adulthood.

Best Large Dog Bandanas: Buyer’s Guide

Dog bandanas are an excellent accessory for pets of all sizes and make a bold statement. While it’s challenging to find the right fit for a large dog or pet, you’ll find many adjustable collars and bandanas in various colors and patterns, whether you choose a custom order or a pre-made option. When you shop for your large breed dog’s new bandana, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind, including:

  • If your pet is a giant breed or more significant in size than a typical large breed pet, you may want to consider custom options or take careful measurements to ensure the bandana you order fits well
  • Choose a durable fabric that doesn’t wear too quickly and is easy to wash, dry, and fold
  • Outdoor durability is essential, especially since most large breed dogs spend a significant amount of time playing and exploring outside
  • If you choose to add a collar, make sure it fits securely but not too tight
  • Skin conditions and allergies to specific fabrics or fabric treatments is essential to keep in mind, so these can be avoided when ordering a bandana

While many pet owners choose to customize their bandana for a large or giant dog breed, there are plenty of great pre-made options available for purchase. The most important factors are comfort, durability, and fit.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Large Dog Bandanas

Are large dog bandanas more expensive because of the extra fabric?

The difference isn’t much if there’s any price difference due to size. In most cases, large dog bandanas are adjustable to fit any size, from medium to large. If your pet’s bandana is extra-large and requires a custom fit and style, this will cost a bit more, but typically not too much.

Can I use a large dog bandana on a smaller-sized dog?

Yes, though they may fit too loosely and fall off often. Medium and large-sized dogs are best for large bandanas, as they can fit more comfortably without the chance of getting lost when they fall off. While a bandana doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, it’s essential to allow room for growth and comfort.

Are prints on large dog bandanas more likely to fade?

No. The wear and tear factor depend on the fabric quality and how well it’s maintained, instead of the size. The same types of materials are used in making dog bandanas of all sizes, so the quality is most important and should be based on the artisan’s material, brand, and reputation.

Is it best to buy one large dog bandana at a time or a kit?

This depends on your pet and if they are generally comfortable wearing this accessory. If they are new to clothing or worn items, you can try one for size and see how your pet responds. Kits are great options if you have multiple dogs or want to add several new accessories to your pet’s wardrobe. They are usually cost-effective and offer a variety of colors, patterns, and slogans to choose from, so you can customize.

Are most dog bandanas machine washable?

Yes. Most dog bandanas, including large scarves, are machine washable and work well in a dryer. If you have a custom genuine leather label or similar accessory attached, you may need t to wash your pet’s bandana by hand to keep this part of their scarf in good condition.

Is it advisable to add bells, fringes, and other items to a large dog bandana for style or convenience?

Yes, in some cases, this is a good idea. A personalized name tag or contact information on your pet’s scarf is a great way to find them if they are lost, though bells and other accessories are fun if your pet enjoys them.

Personalized Dog Bandanas 101

Personalized Dog Bandanas 101

Personalized Dog Bandanas

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Personalized dog bandanas are a great way to provide a gift for a new dog owner. They are lovely in providing your pet with a personalized accessory in their wardrobe, whether for a special occasion or everyday wear. These unique bandanas are available in various fabrics, colors, and styles. You can add your dog’s name as a label, embroidery, hand-painted onto a custom design, or decorate your pet’s scarf with seasonal decorations and themes.

These accessories fit easily on most dogs and are generally affordable to purchase with a custom quote, slogan, name, or holiday greeting. The top personalized dog bandanas are handcrafted and made to order.

Best Embroidered Personalized Dog Bandanas for Small and Medium-sized Dogs

The Personalized, Custom Dog Bandana is a great accessory for small and medium-sized dogs. These personalized dog bandanas are also a fantastic way to embroider your dog’s name at an affordable cost.

  • Manufacturer: My Personal Memories
  • Size: Measures 30 x 15 inches
  • Materials: Polyester


  • Custom embroidery is included in the overall price
  • Fabric is durable and machine washable
  • Ideal for all small and medium dog breeds
  • Fabric dye and embroidery are high-quality and don’t quickly fade or wear
  • The bandana size is large enough to fit comfortably and easily adjustable


  • This bandana is not recommended for large or giant breed dogs


The Personalized, Custom Dog Bandana is a great gift idea that’s inexpensive and durable. The polyester material is easy to clean and isn’t prone to wear and tear. You’ll have several choices of colors and styles, which are custom-made for each order.

Best Personalized Name Tag Dog Bandanas

Hand Trades Large Plaid Personalized dog bandana offers a classic design and name tag for dogs of all breeds and sizes. These dog bandanas make for a quality-made cotton accessory with a signature leather name tag customized for each order.

  • Manufacturer: Hand Trades
  • Size: Adjustable from extra small to large size
  • Materials: Cotton with a genuine leather name tag


  • The bandana is made from high-quality cotton fabric that’s durable and machine washable.
  • Every bandana is made to order, which includes the custom size, name tag, and signature for your pet
  • Hand Trades is a reputable company offering custom pet accessories for over 20 years by professional artisans
  • Lettering for the name tag is available in Great Vibes and Arial font, hand-stamped on genuine leather, and affixed with silver rivets
  • Ideal for outdoor wear and special occasions, including photoshoots
  • Available in all pet sizes, from extra small to large


  • Only available in one pattern and color theme (plaid)


Hand Trades Large Plaid Personalized dog bandana is ideal for casual and outdoor wear for your dog and is made to order by professional artisans. Every order is custom-made to size, so your pet will have the perfect fit.

Best Holiday-themed Personalized Dog Bandanas

Yespet Dog 12-piece Dog Bandana set for medium and large dogs is a fun way to celebrate seasonal and holiday events.

  • Manufacturer: Yespet
  • Size:9 x 8.35 x 1.54 inches, and 8.47 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester


  • The bandana fabric is soft and breathable and made of soft polyester
  • Ideal for summer weather and keeps your pet cool
  • Durable fabric with quality sewing that’s lightweight and easy to wash
  • Every bandana is well-designed with bright colors that don’t fade quickly
  • You can choose from a variety of designs and themes, including holidays, New Year’s Eve, seasonal events, weddings, and other celebrations, which are all available in a kit
  • Ranked as a best seller in the top 200 top dog bandanas
  • Ideal for medium to large breed dogs


  • While the dog bandanas are personalized for holidays, seasons, and celebrations, this product doesn’t offer the option of adding personalized tags for pet names
  • Dog bandanas may not fit small or toy-sized dogs


Yespet Dog 12-piece Dog Bandana set is an excellent gift for dog owners who enjoy celebrating holidays and seasonal events. While this product doesn’t include the option of adding your dog’s name, it’s a fun collection that’s inexpensive and makes a great set of accessories for your dog’s wardrobe.

Best Handmade Personalized Dog Bandanas

Yao Yao Personalized Handmade Dog Bandanas are natural fabrics with a durable collar attached. They are well-designed, easy to wear, and made with durable, high-quality fabric.

  • Manufacturer: Yao Yao
  • Size:3 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches, and 1.59 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton (bandana) and nylon (collars)


  • Available in all sizes, from extra small to large, to fit all dog breeds and smaller pets
  • The bandana includes a collar, which has a quick-release buckle that’s easy to use
  • There are several color options available, including light yellow, dark blue, pink, and blue
  • The fabric is 100% cotton and comfortable for dogs, with a soft texture and durable material
  • Every bandana is custom stitched with your dog’s name with embroidery lettering
  • The collar is adjustable to ensure comfort
  • All fabrics used are environmentally friendly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ranked as one of the best sellers in the top 105 dog bandanas category


  • This bandana style is only available in solid color


Yao Yao Personalized Handmade Dog Bandanas offer durable, solid-colored fabrics with built-in collars embroidered with your dog’s name. These bandanas are easy to wash in cold water and can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. The stitching is well made and customized for every order.

Best Design-themed Personalized Dog Bandana with Collar

Funny Girl Designs Personalized Embroidered pet bandana and collar are quality, handmade scarves for dogs that fit most small and medium-sized pets. It makes a great gift idea that features a custom design and your dog’s name embroidered.

  • Manufacturer: Funny Girl Designs Store
  • Size: Custom-sized to fit up to 16 inches
  • Materials: Durable fabric


  • Available in an adorable, custom design and various colors and patterns
  • Every order is custom-made to your pet’s size and with your dog’s name embroidered
  • The snap enclosure makes it easy to fit and adjust for various pet neck sizes
  • Made by Funny Girl Designs, a well-established professional artisan
  • Durable and ideal for wearing outdoors and in various climates


  • This bandana collar may not fit large or giant breed dogs


Funny Girl Designs Personalized Embroidered pet collar and bandana is a beautiful gift for pet owners. These bandana collars fit most small and medium dogs, including puppies and other small pets. Every product is custom-sized based on your dog’s measurements, so you’ll receive the perfect fit and your pet’s name in quality embroidery.

Are there benefits to a personalized dog bandana?

Yes. If your dog is lost, a personalized collar is an excellent idea for your pet. Some personalized bandanas and collars include a small tag to add a contact number or other information so you can be contacted when your pet is found. It’s also an excellent way for your pet to be recognizable in the immediate community.

Best Personalized Bandanas for Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

Personalized dog bandanas are lovely gifts for new pet owners and the perfect accessory for your pet’s wardrobe. There are many types of personalized options, whether you choose to add your dog’s name, a holiday theme, or a phrase on your pet’s garment.

When you shop for a personalized dog bandana, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right fit for your pet:

  • Choose a fabric that’s durable and easy to clean, preferably in a washing machine
  • Your pet’s size is essential, especially if you purchase a custom-made accessory
  • If your pet reacts to certain fabrics or materials, these should be avoided if they are a part of the bandana
  • Personalized names for your dog’s bandana are available in various fonts, colors, materials, and maybe embroidered, stamped on a leather label, or hand-painted
  • The colors, patterns, and themes available
  • If your dog is new to wearing scarves or bandanas, it may take a while to help them adjust, and a natural, easy fit is best
  • Whether you want to purchase a personalized bandana with or without a collar attached

There are many great personalized bandanas for your dog, with outstanding custom options and sizes to fit every pet. When you choose an option, it’s crucial to find an artisan that uses only quality materials, sewing, and buttons. Some bandanas with collars allow you to manually adjust the size of your dog, which is especially ideal if you have a puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Personalized Dog Bandanas

Is it best to choose a custom fit with a personalized bandana?

If your dog is large or a specific size that’s not easy to fit, you may consider ordering a customized fit that’s perfect for your toy poodle or giant breed dog. Bandanas with adjustable collars are also a great option, as they can adapt and “grow” with your pet from a puppy to adulthood. Many collars are removable and can also be attached to a leash and other accessories, such as bells and tags.

Are personalized bandanas durable?

Yes. An embroidery is an excellent option if you prefer textured, sewn-in lettering, as long as it’s done with precision without any frayed threats. A stitched label with genuine leather and stamped writing is another durable option. If you choose hand-painted or iron-on labels, these may fade over time, depending on the fabric.

Is it common for personalized dog bandanas to be more expensive than regular bandanas?

The cost for a customized dog bandana with personalized lettering isn’t much more expensive than a standard accessory. Most artisans offer quality fabrics and bandanas with various themes, whether you want to order a holiday-based pattern, an entire theme centered around your pet’s name, or a label.

Do personalized dog bandanas need to be a specific size?

The proper size of your dog’s bandana depends on the size of your dog, the type of custom design you choose, and the size of the label. If you choose a small label or stamp for your pet’s name, you’ll find it easier to affix to the edge of the fabric. More oversized bandanas allow more space to add customized designs and fancy lettering.

Should I have accurate measurements of my dog before ordering a collar or bandana?

If you plan on a custom size, an accurate measurement of your pet is an excellent option for the best fit. An adjustable collar is ideal for giant breed puppies as they grow. Even if you have a small breed dog or pet, it’s best to purchase a slightly larger collar or bandana to ensure a good fit. This is especially important if you choose to attach a collar.

What is the most common fabric used for dog bandana?

Cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton are the most common materials used to make dog bandanas. If a collar is attached, it’s usually nylon or a similar durable fabric.