Stuffed Toys for Poodles

Stuffed Toys for Poodles

Is there any better feeling than treating your Poodle to a new toy? Probably not. Thankfully, there are a lot of options when it comes to stuffed toys for poodles. The wagging tails and wet noses are enough to put a smile on your face but a new toy will make your pooch feel on top of the world.

It may seem like a simple thing, but stuffed toys for Poodles actually have several benefits to them.

Why are Stuffed Toys for Poodles a Good Option?

For dogs, time goes by so much slower than it does for us. When we aren’t there, and our pets are by themselves they can easily become bored. After all, there is only so much sleeping a dog can do in one day. So, when a Poodle has a collection of stuffed toys in his play box, he will automatically go and get it if he is feeling bored or lonely.

In a sense, dogs are like children. They combat boredom with soft toys and, of course, they will also have a favorite. Good luck trying to wash it, by the way, your pooch will know that it’s missing and they will probably become restless until its return.

Comfort and Security

Poodles can get lonely pretty quickly. When they do, they will likely cry until they get the company that they want. But, if you are working that might not be possible for at least a few more hours. Making sure that they have access to a few stuffed toys while you are away, will help them to get the comfort that they want.

Occasionally dogs can have a bout of feeling insecure or anxious. When they do, they might move into a small space or tuck themselves away amongst a load of pillows. Usually, they overcome this pretty quickly. Again, stuffed toys will help them to get that sense of comfort and security that they want.

Lenny loves his stuffed animal friends – from @lennytheminipoodle

Pack Animals

Dogs are pack animals and although your Poodle wasn’t born in the wild it still remains a fairly strong trait. Their pack instincts will be with them forever and by giving them stuffed toys, you are enabling them to get a feel for ‘pack life’ whenever they want it. Sometimes your Poodle may just want to snuggle up to it or they might just want to carry it around for a while. Either way, it is still a comfort for them and it helps them to feel like they have company.

Hello Puppy

Bringing a puppy home for the first time is extremely exciting. But, for the puppy things are going to feel very strange and a bit scary for a while no matter how many cuddles you give them. Remember, they have just left their mother and siblings and are now sitting in a room they have never seen before. To help get them settled into their new life, a stuffed toy really can make all the difference. It is something that will make them feel safe and not alone.

One of the reasons why puppy toys come with heat packs and pulsing heartbeats is so that the puppy feels as though someone is there with them. They don’t feel alone which makes any anxiousness fade. It helps them to feel safe. Sometimes being around too many people will make a puppy feel uneasy, especially in the first few days. By giving them a few stuffed toys for poodles, and some space, your pup will gradually come out of their shell and won’t feel alone or scared while they are doing so.

Smart Pet Love New Puppy Starter Kit

As you know, it can take a little while for a puppy to settle into their new home. So why not make it a bit easier for them with the Smart Pet Love New Puppy Starter Kit. Here we have a puppy comfort toy, a snuggle blanket, and a teething aid.

The toy has a real feel heartbeat to it as well as heat packs, helping to comfort your puppy. This kit provides everything you need to help your new addition to feel welcomed and at ease.

More features include:

  • Comes with 3 additional heat packs
  • The stuffed toy provides security and warmth
  • Real feel, pulsing heartbeat
  • Ultra-soft blanket
  • Teething aid with a frozen core and massage nibs

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Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Toy

The Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Toy is a unique stuffed toy that also acts as a puzzle. Available in 3 different sizes this soft puzzle toy could quickly become your pet’s favorite.

Poodles love their comfort and they love to put their intelligence to work and with the Outward Hound Puzzle Toy, they can have both. Additional benefits include:

  • Detachable toy squirrels that squeak
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Durable material
  • Engaging textures and design

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Chuckit Indoor Ball

Poodles, just like most breeds, love their exercise. As well as taking them on their daily walks, why not entertain them at home with the Chuckit Indoor Ball.

The soft plush ball will provide your dog with hours of fun without breaking anything around the house.

Item specifications are:

  • Multilayer design for increased durability
  • Chenille fabric
  • Bounceflex technology making the bounce soft and suitable for indoor use

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Kong Tuggerknots Moose Dog Toy

This toy offers the best of both worlds. An interactive pull rope, with a soft moose style soft toy over the top.

With the Kong Tuggerknots Moose Dog Toy, your pooch can play with it or snuggle up to it.

Key benefits include:

  • A small amount of stuffing
  • Looped ropes for durability
  • Addition of a squeaker
  • Multi-layered material for extra strength
  • Comforting and fun

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We all want what is best for our pets, and there is no harm in giving them some toys to play or snuggle with. It is recommended that you keep an eye on your dog while they are playing with toys to ensure that they don’t break and swallow any small parts. This is especially important when they reach the stage of ripping everything up.

If the behavior of your dog changes around their stuffed toys at any point, keep a watchful eye and consult with a veterinary practitioner to make sure they haven’t developed a phantom pregnancy. Though unusual it can happen but it isn’t life-threatening.


Toy Poodle Accessories

Toy Poodle Accessories

You must be filled with joy after you just adopted your new toy poodle and you are finally getting ready to bring it home. Before you can finally bring it home, there are a few essential toy poodle accessories that you should get. Here is a list of some of the most important accessories to purchase when bringing home your new toy poodle.


  • Best Toy Poodle Brushes
    • Combs for your toy poodle
    • Slicker brushes for your toy poodle
  • Best Toy Poodle Detangling Sprays
  • Best Toy Poodle Shampoos
  • Final Thoughts

Best Toy Poodle Brushes

If you own a toy poodle, then you should know that finding the appropriate brush for your poodle can make a difference in your poodle’s coat and skin health. Depending on the type of brush you choose, grooming your poodle can get a lot easier, faster, and much more delightful for both you and your poodle.

When choosing the right type of brush for your toy poodle, it wouldn’t be different from the brush for a miniature poodle. The only thing that would have to change is the size of the brush you plan to purchase. For your toy poodle, you would want to get a medium or small brush size for your toy poodle.

The best brush for your toy poodle doesn’t necessarily have to be a brush, sometimes it could be a comb. The combs you pick should be made of stainless steel or any other anti-bacterial, durable material with seamless construction in order to prevent pulling on your dog’s hair. If you opt for a comb, then always pick the ones with rounded tips for safety.

Little Marron loves being clean and fluffy – from @iamlittlemarron

Combs for Your Toy Poodle

The Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb comes in two sizes. It is a high quality, durable, seamless stainless steel round-tip grooming comb. It is lightweight, so when using it your hand won’t get tired, and it makes your poodle’s coat look light and fluffy.

Another comb you could opt for is the Hertzko 2 Pack Pet Combs, it is a set of two combs and it is perfect for taking care of your toy poodle. You could make use of the smaller comb if your toy poodle is still a puppy, then transition to the larger comb as the poodle grows.

Slicker Brushes for Your Toy Poodle

Your toy poodle will definitely benefit from these small-sized slicker brushes, it makes grooming and brushing out tangles and mats relatively easier.

Since you are taking care of a toy poodle, the extremely small Li’l Pals Slicker Brush will probably end up being the best choice for you. It lacks the self-cleaning button but makes up for it with the small size.

The Four Paws Magic Coat Instant Dog Mat Remover is a specialty slicker brush that was manufactured especially for dogs with long or curly coats. Also, its tiny size might be the best fit for your toy poodle.

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Best Toy Poodle Detangling Sprays

Another accessory that would come in hand is the poodle detangling spray. You might not face too many tangles and mats if your poodle is still a puppy. But due to its active nature, as it grows you will be faced with more dirt, debris, and typical disarray after it has finished playing or doing other things poodles love to do. Due to this, you must have a detangling spray in your groomer’s accessories box.

BioSilk Therapy Detangling and Shine Protecting Mist for Dogs is a detangling spray that can be used on your toy poodle to remove mats and tangles with ease. It is safe to use on puppies 8 weeks or older. It consists of only human-grade ingredients.

Another human-grade detangling spray is the Pet Head Fur Ball Detangling Spray for Pets Strawberry Yogurt. It is pH balanced for your toy poodle’s skin.

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Best Toy Poodle Shampoos

Poodles are water bred dogs, which means they were built to swim. But this does not mean that giving your toy poodle a bath is a push-over. The poodle’s unique coat can take a lot of time to get fully wet, not to talk of shampoo.

Poodles are prone to getting dirty and wet just for the fun of it. You would need to constantly bathe your toy poodle as this will help to make sure that its skin and coat remain strong and healthy.

It is important to know that the poodle has only one layer of hair when finding the appropriate shampoo for them. It might seem unbelievable considering the thickness and the rapid rate at which it grows. Most people often think that poodles are hypoallergenic, but that is not true because they still shed hair.

Poodles shed their fur and the loose strands most likely get caught among the still-rooted curly locks, instead of just falling off on to the couch or ground. That is why you should pay attention to the grooming of your toy poodle so that the shed hair doesn’t cause mats and tangles.

Most of the following shampoos for poodles work well with their natural oils to help keep their hair perfectly moisturized and also prevent itch.

4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo

This is one of the best shampoo products you can get for your toy poodle. It is hypoallergenic, which means it is the perfect choice for poodles that have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies or dryness.

Isle of Dogs Everyday Violet & Sea Mist Shampoo

The Isle of Dog is another top choice shampoo for poodles. It contains calendula flower extract and rosemary leaf juice that helps in enhancing the natural body and shine for your poodle curls.

Final Thoughts

Poodles are great companions that demand attention when it comes to grooming, so be sure to do your best to take good care of them. These toy poodle accessories will surely come in handy if you want to take care of your new toy poodle. Picking the right accessories can determine how long your poodle will last and it is also essential to keeping your toy poodle happy and comfortable.

Training Toys for Poodles

Training Toys for Poodles

Training toys for Poodles are great for a variety of reasons. These toys don’t act as simply playtime additions but also as a way to help your Poodle deal with some tough issues as they grow. Poodle owners find that the right training toys can help with everything from teething, chewing, stress, and even separation anxiety.

To keep your Poodle from continuing with negative behavior and to encourage them to move towards more positive behavior, owners use training toys to get their puppy on the right track. They are great for encouraging your Poodle to bond with you as the dominant figure in the relationship, encourage more activity in dogs that don’t get around much, and even help keep your Poodle’s brain moving and thinking constantly.

It is extremely important to ensure that your pup gets the playtime he needs, but it is always great to add in useful play to help keep your Poodle happy and healthy with great behaviors. The training toys are also great for keeping your pup entertained and occupied while you’re out so they can still get the playtime they need and deserve.

Of course, toys (for training purposes or not) don’t replace human interaction. It is best to play with your Poodle while using the training toys to ensure they’re getting the love and affection they desire and deserve.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality training toys are vital to the success of the training methods you employ with your Poodle. It doesn’t necessarily help if you have 5 training toys if the quality of those toys isn’t very good. In fact, the more you invest in the quality of the training toys you purchase, the better chance your Poodle will have at having them longer. When your Poodle gets the chance to play with training toys for longer than a few days, the training methods you’re using with the toy become much more effective!

Check out your local pet store and consult with professional dog trainers to find out top quality brands of the training toys we recommend here. You can easily purchase training toys online (we’ve included links for you to make life easier), but you can also purchase them at your local pet store.

No matter where you purchase the training toys, purchase only the top quality toys you can find!

Little Chili loves his pull toy – from @chiliandpeanut

The Dog’s Size Matters

Poodles come in three sizes – Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Finding the right training toys for your Poodle’s size is highly important to the overall success of the training toy. If you buy a training toy that’s too large for a Miniature or Toy Poodle, the effectiveness of the training method may be lost.

Standard Poodles don’t need small training toys as they won’t be effective, either. They could be easily torn apart and become unusable quickly. That’s why it is important to find training toys that are right for the size of the Poodle you have!

Inspect The Material First

One thing that some Poodle owners (and dog owners in general) tend to forget is to look at the material the training toys use. If you purchase training toys for your Poodle that contain material that can be broken off into small pieces, your Poodle could potentially choke or swallow something harmful. If your Poodle breaks off the little pieces of the training toy, you could be cleaning up mess after mess and get more frustrated than anything!

Look for high-quality training toys for your Poodle that won’t break apart and that will stand up to the test of time (and your Poodle’s teeth)! You’ll thank us later, we promise.

Types of Training Toys for Your Poodle

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to explore the different types of training toys for your Poodle. Here’s the best of the best that will keep you and your Poodle happy and healthy for years to come!

Stop the Chewing

Poodles (like other dogs) find that chewing is quite enjoyable. In fact, some Poodles take chewing up as their one-and-only hobby, which makes them pretty good at what they do. This is not necessarily the type of hobby you want your Poodle to take on, of course, which means you have to get the chewing under control as soon as possible.

Finding training toys that stand up to excessive and aggressive chewing can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Poodles have the typical urge to chew that most other dogs do, which means they’ll chew anything and everything.

However, if you give them the right training toy, your dog will use that toy as their sole chew source. If you don’t give them something to focus their chewing on, they’ll find whatever they need to satisfy their urges.

Here are some things to look for when you’re checking out the best training toys for your Poodle to help them get their chew on in the right places:

  • Be able to withstand strong bites
  • Made from safe materials
  • Includes color indicators that show when the toy has been chewed too much/enough
  • Is fun with great texture that will feel good to the Poodle’s sore gums

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description
Kong Puppy Chew Toy
  • Cleans teeth and gums
  • Safe, USA-made materials
  • Made in 3 sizes – S, M, and L
  • Great for stuffing with treats to encourage exclusive chewing
  • Promotes proper chewing behavior
  • Decreases separation anxiety while owners were away and/or while crated

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Goughnuts Chew Toy

  • Not easy to destroy
  • Color indicator to show when the toy has been chewed enough
  • GoughNuts will replace worn-down chew toys
  • Floats and is great for use as a fetch toy
  • Made in the USA

Check out on Amazon

Teething Training Toys

It is inevitable that all puppies (Poodles or not) will experience teething pains. These pains differ from the urge to chew as we discussed in the previous section. Teething is a phase puppies go through when they’re growing, and it is not fun for either the puppy parents or the Poodle!

You’ll notice your puppy starting to teeth around 3 to 4 months, and it could last for 4-5 months. Much like human babies, puppies have an extremely difficult time with itchy gums and extreme discomfort they don’t know how to soothe themselves. Your Poodle may look for something to chew on to ease their pain, so finding them teething toys that train them to chew on the right thing is extremely important.

Effective Teething Toys

Teething toys should have the following qualities to ensure they give your puppy the relief they need:

  • Provide your pup with a variety of textures
  • Small nubs to help rub the gums and give relief
  • Flexible manipulation so that your Poodle can get to different parts of their mouth easily
  • Sized correctly for your Poodle’s size (if it’s not the right size, your Poodle may move on to something that is not a toy)
  • Includes flavors that can either be added manually or come with the teething toy to entice your Poodle to chew on it rather than something else

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description

  • Includes nubs to massage your Poodle’s aching gums
  • Material is designed specifically for teething puppies
  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar
  • Great for Toy Poodles due to small size
  • Chicken flavored
  •  Made in the USA

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Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys Set

  • Cleans your Poodle’s teeth and gums
  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar
  • Great for Toy and Miniature Poodles
  • Made from 100% cotton and floss fabric
  • Redirects puppies from bad biting and chewing behavior

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Busy Bodies + Treat Dispensing


Your Poodle may find themselves at home for extended periods of time due to work or life happenings. That doesn’t mean your pup should be left without something to keep them busy. If your pup is home for 5+ hours, these training toys are great for keeping your dog busy as well as giving them a treat in the middle of the day while you’re gone.

Another benefit of having a treat-dispensing training toy is that it can prevent bloat. This is a big concern for standard Poodles because it can be a serious health condition caused by fast eating. These training toys do a great job at keeping them busy while also preventing bloat and providing a mid-day snack.

What to Look For?

Here’s what you should look for when searching for the right treat-dispensing training toy for your Poodle:

  • Does it hold enough treats that are not easily released?
  • Can your Poodle smell them to trigger the response to make them want to get the treat out?
  • Is it designed to hold a variety of dog treats?
  • Is it made from safe materials to ensure that your Poodle doesn’t chew or swallow unsafe materials?
  • Can it withstand daily use and constant chewing?
  • Does it have the ability to be cleaned and rinsed of food particles left by treats?
  • Is it correctly sized for your Poodle? (Treat dispensing training toys are hard to find for toy and miniature Poodles, but if you look for one that works for 10 lbs and underdogs, it should work for your tiny Poodle, too.)

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description
Busy Buddy

  • Great for Standard Poodles (20-50 lbs)
  • Provides stimulating play for hours of fun and excitement
  • Durable and stands up to aggressive chewing
  • Easy to fill with dry treats or smears of peanut butter
  • Can be used with kibble to slow down eating time to decrease chances of bloat
  • Add extra challenge with added prongs
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Made from non-toxic materials

Check out on Amazon

The IQ Treat Ball

  • Easy to fill with your dog’s favorite treat
  • Can be used with kibble to slow down eating time to decrease bloat
  • Adjustable difficulty level to keep your dog’s interest peaked
  • Comes apart to clean
  • Great for small to medium-sized Poodles

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Playtime is Key

No matter what you do or how long you’re gone from home during the day, your Poodle will need (and love) playtime with you! It’s so important to give your Poodle playtime because it is the best way to keep your pup active and healthy. Even if you can only play for 10-20 minutes each night, that’s still enough time to let your Poodle know how much you love and care for them.

There are training toys that are ideal for various playtime activities such as playing fetch or puzzle games.  What happens you spend time training your Poodle with these training toys, you’ll teach them what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate behavior!

What Training Toys are Best?

Let’s look at some of the best training toys you can buy to give your Poodle the best playtime possible:

  • Look for colorful and interesting toys that get your Poodle interested in playing
  • Ensure that it is durable
  • Find the right size for your Poodle so that it can easily fit in your Poodle’s mouth
  • Get toys that are like puzzles for your Poodle to keep their brain moving

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description
Zanies Mini Tennis Balls

  • Perfect for small dogs to play fetch
  • Small dogs can pick up and carry these mini tennis balls easily
  • Interesting colors to keep them enticed
  • Made from safe materials

Check out on Amazon

Trixie Pet Products

  • Designed for small dogs
  • Knobs and lids are made for flipping to keep your dog guessing and entertained
  • Place treats in different locations to keep the difficulty level constantly changing
  • Teaches your Poodle how to paw and maneuver certain pulls and knobs for constant guessing

Check out on Amazon


Training toys for your Poodle vary in their use and their ability to meet the needs of your pup. Your Poodle will grow with you, which means he’ll need different types of training toys throughout the different stages of his life. It’s safe to say that some of these toys will work for a majority of your Poodle’s life while others may come and go in usefulness. Keep up with your dog’s needs and pay attention to her growing physical, emotional, and mental development to ensure that the training toys are right for your Poodle at all times.

Appropriate Size for Poodle Toys

Appropriate Size for Poodle Toys

Toys for your poodle need to be chosen as you would for a child. They need to be safe, fun, and size appropriate. Poodles’ toys should vary in size as they do.  While some toys are for mindless entertainment, poodles also enjoy ones that can engage them both physically and mentally.

Toys that Will Keep Your Poodle Healthy & Happy

Poodles of all ages and sizes are generally energetic dogs. Even as they age, they aren’t a breed to be content sitting for long periods. They get bored without activity which can be detrimental to their mental health and can lead to damage within your home. Poodles are highly sociable animals and learning how to be polite, active, and gently playful is important. Toys can help accomplish these things.

The most important part of choosing toys is safety. If your poodles’ toys are too small, then this can be a hazard and also make the toy unusable. Your pups’ toys need to be large enough to suit their stature and be safe.

Appropriately Sized Toys for your Poodles First Year

The main toys that your poodle will need in the puppy year are for teething and teaching. Chewing a teething toy will ease their gum discomfort but also allow you to show them what to bite on and how to play appropriately.

You aren’t just relieving teething issues; you are teaching your poodle that your shoes are not appropriate chew toys. These early toys need to be adequate size according to your poodle’s stature.

While the design for small dog toys will be the same as for a larger canine, the size will be significantly reduced to make it easier for the dog to play. Too big will hurt their jaws and too small can be a choking hazard. The toys for learning and teething should have some of these features:

  • *Proper size to match your puppies jaw – this applies to all toys soft or hard
  • Varied textures and flavors for teething toys
  • Soft Toys – make sure they are puppy appropriate so no small items can be torn off
  • Tug-o-war toys for interactive fun

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Dinosaur

Nylabone products come in various sizes for teething poodles. They have bumps, good taste, and will keep your puppy chewing on the appropriate toy versus your table legs.

The back of the package gives you teething and chewing suggestions with some toys offering size examples to help you choose one that is the right size for your puppy.




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Kong Plush Teddy Bear

Kong is another product that caters to all sizes of poodles. Using this type of soft toy offers your pup something to chew on with or without a squeaker.

It is perfect as long as you choose the right size. If its too small, large poodles can destroy them quickly, too big and small pups can’t play. All of them have low stuffing so less mess and less hazard no matter what the size.




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Appropriately Sized Toys for Adult Poodles

Once poodles are out of the teething stage, many of them still love to gnaw on toys. While their first-year toys may yet be of interest to them, you need to be cautious that they haven’t outgrown them, or they aren’t too worn.

Your poodle should move into bigger and stronger toys to suit their adult years. This applies to all size of poodles. Even your small toy still needs appropriate size and texture for their adult teeth and chewing ability. Good chew toys should:

  • Be size appropriate – for safety and health
  • Strong enough for a larger dog’s jaw power


Kongs are the go-to chew toy in the poodle world. These toys are highly praised due to the large choice of sizes offered and their durability.

They are color coded for strength and size, which allows you to make the safe and correct choice. Chew toys should never be too large as it will strain jaw ligaments and cause pain. These toys can also challenge your dog mentally as they try to figure out how to get the treats out should you choose to fill them.

As they are made from a sturdy material that won’t collect anything from the ground, they can’t cause any health issues for your canine, regardless if they are a mini poodle or a larger type of poodle.

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Toys for Amusement

The purpose of toys is to challenge your poodle and keep them busy. However, they need to have fun as well. Interactive toys are perfect for doing just that. These types of toys should:

  • Be size appropriate (no tiny parts)
  • Interact with sounds and voices
  • Challenge their brains and keep them moving

Babble Ball Toy

Babble Ball is a good example of toy interaction. It comes in variable sizes appropriate for either toy sized, miniature, as well as standard sized poodles.

The wrong size can take the fun out of playing if it. If it’s too small, it loses its purpose, and if it’s too big, it can become scary for little pups. These toys are fun as they let out noises or speak to your dog and keep them engaged when your dog is alone.




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Fun Toys for you and your Poodle

The best toys are ones that let you and your poodle play together. Outside toys and indoor toys are fun for owners and their poodles to interact with as long as they are suitably sized for each type.

Tennis Balls

You can’t go more old school then a tennis ball. A game of fetch can challenge your pup and wear them out. However, be aware of their size. For small poodles, you will need to find a smaller ball than these for tiny jaws.

For larger dogs, they are great but be careful if they are chewing on them in the case that they break. You want to have fun playing catch but need to make sure your pup is comfortable with the size and durability of the ball itself.



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Zippypaws Burrows Squeaky Hide and Seek 

Fun puzzle so you can play hide and seek together. Squeaky toys are hidden by you, and your poodle searches them out. This works for dogs of most sizes as it’s the searching that engages them.

However, you need to be careful with larger dogs if they get more aggressive as the game may not hold up to strong chewers.

It’s a great way to work on your “drop” command, so they don’t get too caught up in the chewing. This toy is neither too small nor too large, but no matter what your poodle size needs some supervision.



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Final Thoughts

The size of the toys you offer your poodle is important. If the size does not suit them, then the toy becomes useless and can also be harmful to your pet. Too small and it becomes a choking hazard, too big it can hurt and strain their jaws. Be mindful of the toy size you choose by putting safety first.

Best Pulling Toys for Toy Poodles

Best Pulling Toys for Toy Poodles

Poodles are content, active, and intelligent dogs who can grow to be good hunters, trackers, performers, watchdogs, and companions. They do require regular exercise and both physical and mental stimulation. Using pull toys is a great way to achieve this while bonding with you as their owner.

Picking out Pulling Toys for Toy Poodles

Poodles have a lot of energy no matter whether they are big or small. They need to have lots of daily outdoor activity along with lots of playing time. Without mental and physical activity, poodles of any size can get mischievous when they have too much energy and get bored. Toy poodles have little legs so enjoy walks but need to be carried if its an extended hike.

However, exercise and playing along while interacting with other people and dogs is something they really love to do. They enjoy the socialization aspect of exercise rather than just socialization on its own.

Poodles need to be socialized with an integrated stimulating activity. It is important, so they are calm and settled with not only people but other dogs and come to understand basic manners. Toy poodles are sociable dogs and enjoy lots of interactive playtime to both learn and bond with those they are playing with.

Pull toys will help create this interaction at all stages of your toy poodle’s life and at all levels of activity. This interaction will help in their mental and physical wellbeing as well as with bonding and socialization.  From being a puppy to their senior years, there are lots of great pull toy products to keep your Toy Poodle engaged.

Pulling Toys “Rules”

Playing tug of war with your toy poodle is great for fun and good for bonding, but you need to have some ground rules. Even though they are little, and you can easily stop the game, they need to understand boundaries. Although it’s fun, it is also a game to help teach them basic manners.

Make sure you have lots of small, tasty treats such as Zukes Mini Naturals Peanut Butter Treats that are easily accessible to use for teaching and praise as you begin to play. When starting to learn and play pull games, your toy poodle must:

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  • Understand that they can not touch the toy until you tell them to start the game. They should sit or lie down while they wait for your words. You can use treats to reinforce this if they are just learning commands. Once you offer a phrase such as “get it” that they recognize as the start of the tugging game, then they are free to have lots of fun. The game will be their reward for waiting patiently for the start command
  • Drop the toy when you tell them to. This is a good way to teach them how to listen and respect commands. This will come in handy if you need them to drop other items in the future. Once they learn the command to drop, it can apply at any time; not just playtime. Once again use treats to reinforce when they do this action properly.
  • Make sure they do not put their mouth on your skin or clothes while playing tug of war with you. Even if its an accident, the game should stop when this happens. This makes sure your toy poodle knows that skin and clothes are off-limits.

Pulling Toys for Your Toy Poodle

You need to find pull toys for your toy poodle that are manageable for their size. There is no point in having a great toy that is not useable because it’s too big for their small jaw size. It will only frustrate them or make their mouths sore. The following toys are good products that will suit your toy poodle and make the playtime between you fun, interactive, and a great way to expend pent up energy.


Jolly Pets Tug-a-mals Cow Toy Check out on Chewy

This fun product comes in many animal forms. It’s for smaller dogs and has a squeaker that can make it even more entertaining. You can play fetch, and when they bring it back, you can begin your tug of war. Once they are worn out is soft enough to curl up with. This product is great for both indoors and outdoors as it floats. If your toy poodle likes the pool, then the game can continue by the water as well.

Chuckit Floppy Tug Dog Toy Check out on Chewy

A great product that is a little different for your toy poodle. It’s twisty and can be played within fetch or tug of war. Its twists and turns its shape, keeping your poodle amused. It’s easy for your dog to grip and shake but is also durable, so it can deal with teeth and pulling. Its spring-like shape means it goes in and out while your dog pulls at it making it lots of fun.

Kong Tuggerknots Moose Dog Toy Check out on Chewy

Another great item that will make sure you and your toy poodle have fun with a game of tug a war. This toy is tough with knotted ropes and handles at each end. Dogs love the texture, and it has a squeaker for extra fun. There is not much stuffing, so it will not make a big mess if your pup does any damage to it. It’s long-lasting and created to make sure it is one of the best interactive toys to play with.


Toy poodles are great companions who are smart and active. They enjoy time with their owners, and the interaction offered by pull toys for them is a great support in giving them the ability to do this. Pulling toys for your toy poodle engage them in healthy activity, challenge them mentally while playing the game and give them a healthy way of expending their energy.

Best Toys for Miniature Poodles

Best Toys for Miniature Poodles

As small as they may be, miniature poodles still enjoy playing and being active as much as other types of poodles. However, because of their quaint size, not all toys for miniature poodles are suitable. Some will be much too large for the pooch to play with (although they will likely give it a good go) and so in this article, we have highlighted the best toys for miniature poodles.

A Little History of The Miniature Poodle

The miniature poodle dates back to the 18th century when they quickly became a popular fluffy friend in France. Standard poodles which are what miniature poodles descended from have been around since the 15th century where they were used as hunting dogs also in France.

If you are a true poodle lover, then you have probably also heard of the toy poodle. They are very similar to miniature poodles only they were bred in the United States. Both the toy poodle and the miniature poodle appeal to those who live in cities or small apartments.

The Characteristics of Miniature Poodles

If you have read any of our other poodle articles or if you own one yourself, then you will be well aware of the fact that they are incredibly smart dogs. This is the same for miniature poodles. Although they are small in size, their intelligence is anything but, which makes training them a relatively simple process.

All types of poodles are pretty proud dogs. They love people and young children, which has resulted in them being a family favorite. Standard poodles are also known for their energetic personality; they love to run, swim, play, and just generally be on the go having fun. When you look at miniature poodles in this respect, don’t let their size fool you.

They share the same energetic trait of the standard poodle and will thrive when living a relatively active life. Being fiercely loyal and eager to please, miniature poodles make excellent pets that will shower you with affection at any given moment.

A Challenging Play

When considering the options of which toys to get for your miniature poodle, always have an interactive one on hand. These types of toys are ideal for miniature poodles, toy poodles, and just any kind of poodle really. As we said, miniature poodles love to use their brain as much as their legs, and with interactive toys, they will get to do this. They also come in handy for the times when your pooch seems extra clingy. Give them something to think about, and you will probably get five minutes to do some thinking of your own.

Toys for Teeth

Another thing to think about when choosing toys for your miniature poodle is the stage of life they are at. When your pooch is still a pup, you may want to consider things like teething toys that will supply them with a tool to relieve pain and soreness. In that respect, a puppy is very similar to having a baby.

When puppies are teething, their gums can feel quite itchy which will make them want to chew and if there isn’t anything else around, then they will more than likely chew on your furniture or your shoes, whether they are on your feet or not. Generally, teething only lasts until they are around eight months old, but once the teething stage is over, your poodle can still enjoy the benefits of teething toys.

Because these toys usually come with different textures, flexibility, and nubs, they are an excellent tool for natural teeth cleaning throughout your dog’s life. The rubbing motion that it has on the teeth will help to remove built-up food particles, which will prevent decay and bad breath.

Comfort Toys

Depending on the personality of your miniature poodle, you may find that they love comfort toys. These types of toys are used to help them overcome loneliness and are particularly beneficial for puppies. More modern toys are now available with an added motion feature that makes your pup feel as though someone is really there with them. Comfort toys are perfect for your dog to sleep with or to have when you are away for long periods of time.

Our Top 3 Toys for Miniature Poodles

There are countless reasons for having a selection of toys for your miniature poodle, but of course, you are still going to want ones that are safe and are made with high-quality materials. Below are our top three recommended toys for miniature poodles that surely won’t disappoint you or your pooch.

Smart Pet Love New Puppy Starter Kit

This bundle is more than just a comfort toy. It is a great little kit for all new puppies to feel relaxed when going into their forever homes. As well as including a comfort toy with heat packs, the Smart Pet Love New Puppy Starter Kit comes with a snuggle blanket and a puppy teething ring. A great option for relieving a puppy’s anxiety and loneliness.

  • The Snuggle Puppy comfort toy has heat packs to help your dog feel relaxed and happy
  • Includes a real-feel pulsing heartbeat to help your pup feel safe
  • The teething ring is designed with massaging nibs, a frozen core to combat sore gums, and a variety of ridges
  • An ultra-soft blanket that is perfect for snuggling in

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Dog Brick Interactive Dog Toy

As mentioned above, miniature poodles love exercising their brains as much as their body. With the Dog Brick Interactive Dog Toy, your pooch will be both entertained and challenged. By hiding treats in the pockets, it’s up to your poodle to work out how to slide the compartments open to receive the hidden treats.

  • Increase the difficulty level to improve your dog’s mental stimulation
  • Can provide a source of entertainment for your dog while you are away
  • Helps you and your dog to bond

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Kleeger Puppy Teething Variety Pack

There’s nothing we love more than a good bargain and what better way to get value for your money than by purchasing a variety pack of toys. The Kleeger Puppy Teething Variety Pack contains 12 toys that will definitely help to bulk up the toy box. These toys aren’t just ideal for teething puppies but are perfect for any age of miniature poodle.

  • 12 different toys
  • Perfect for playing fetch and tug
  • Thick and durable rope and rubber handles
  • Ideal for teething, playing, and entertaining

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Finding toys for a miniature poodle is relatively simple. The biggest consideration is that the toys aren’t too big for their little mouths. Having a selection of toys around the house helps to keep your dog active, but above all, they can also combat boredom when they are on their own.