Daily Exercise for Toy Poodles

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All poodles enjoy time outside and being active due to their athletic nature. They are a breed where exercise will play an important role in their health and well being. It can even prolong your pup’s life. Regular exercise for toy poodles, both physically and mentally, is a proactive way to care for their health while offering them time to bond with you.

Poodles need more than just the occasional daily walk to meet their exercising needs. For each poodle size, they need suitable daily activity according to their stature. Toys will not need the same amount as a standard; however, all sizes need some. To get the appropriate amount, you must assess how long their size needs to exercise for, how often and the strenuousness of the activity that is helpful, not harmful. You do not want to over-exercise your dog, so there is a necessity to find a healthy balance for your toy Poodle.

Why your Toy Poodle Needs Exercise

The reasons for your toy poodle to get proper physical exercise are many. The benefits of an  active and engaged toy are:

  • Good blood circulation to fight cardiovascular disease
  • Increased good muscle tone supporting aging joints and ligaments
  • Helps digestion
  • Can prevent Diabetes
  • Reduce the chance of stroke
  • Reduce the possibility of some forms of cancer
  • Builds bone strength
  • Can slow arthritis
  • Increase life span

Adequate amounts of exercise not only help your toy poodles’ physical health but will improve their mental and emotional well being too. Daily exercise keeps them occupied, stimulated, and busy. It also offers structure, socialization, and time for relaxation. Exercise can stave off:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Grumpiness
  • Poor indoor behavior
  • Excessive barking
  • Attention seeking
  • Poor sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of socialization
  • Poor bonding with family

There are very few negatives to letting your toy have exercise and time with you.

Daily Exercise for Toy Poodles

The Best Exercise for Your Toy Poodle

As much as playing catch and interactive puzzle games are fun for your pup, the best daily exercise for your toy poodle is walking. This basic exercise is low impact, meaning it puts very little extra stress on their bodies and is great for keeping their joints, muscles, and bones healthy, especially as they get older. It’s unusual that your toy poodle would sustain an injury from regular daily walks versus the ones they may get with a more intensive activity.

Walks are also beneficial as their length can be changed to suit you and your dog. You can start with on shorter and slower walks and work to build up stamina for both you and them. This gradual increase in the length of the walk will help improve both muscle and cardiovascular health. As your dog becomes used to your outings, you can increase the time to get better long term results.

Along with walking being a fairly simple exercise, it is also almost cost-free. Once you have invested in a good leash, harness, and poop bags, you are good to go. There is always the option for you to include outdoor wear as well if you feel your poodle needs some extra protection against Mother Nature.  These costs are almost always one time costs and for the most part, are not ongoing. Look for the following type of products in the appropriate sizes to make your walks more enjoyable:

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Length of Exercise Times for your Toy Poodle

Toy poodle puppies need limited exercise compared to when they are over a year old. Puppies should not be over-exercised as it is hard on their bones and ligaments during their high growth phase. Their bones are still forming and growth plates growing, meaning that over-exercising can injure soft bone tissue.

This simply means that normal play time is great for your toy, but repeat motions such as walking or running for long periods are problematic. Walking for a short time at a normal pace is great for puppies, but overexertion can be hard on them. Remember that toys have small legs, so what seems normal for you is not for them. Be aware of how fast they are moving.

Once your toy gets to adulthood at one-year-old, then 60 minutes of exercise a day is great. That can be done in  3 20 min walks or one long 60 minutes one. One in the morning is great before you leave for the day and another when your back home to follow up works as well. A before dinner walk will burn off any excess energy that was pent up while you were gone. A little walk after dinner is beneficial as well to help digestion and sleep as long as it’s not too close to bedtime.

Once your toy poodle becomes a senior, they still need a workout but not as intensive depending on their health. A nice walk can help their joints loosen and keep their muscles in shape. A simple exercise can still offer them lots of health benefits.

Basic daily exercise is also beneficial for toy poodles who have chronic and current health issues. However, training needs to be monitored by their veterinarian, as there may be times where no exercise will be allowed during treatment.

Exercise Tips

  • Use a schedule so your toy will look forward to outings and know the timing
  • Don’t skip walks if you can avoid it. It is a good daily habit but also preventive care both physically and mentally
  • Use walks as training time as well to learn basic doggie manners
  • Adjust the length of walks according to your toys lifestyle, age, health, and the weather
  • Use a harness for less stress on the neck of your toy poodle. Small dogs don’t need extra weight from a heavy leash and collar

Final Thoughts

Your toy poodle will look forward to daily exercise, especially when they walk with you and get one on one time. If your pup is healthy and able to participate in daily activities, then these outings will not only bring them enjoyment but also long term health benefits. There are very few reasons not to enjoy some regular exercise with your toy poodle. Daily walks will keep you both healthy and fit.

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