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Poodles need dog toys that engage them through activity and by challenging their mental skills. Toy, Miniature, and Standard Poodles need regular exercise along with both physical and mental stimulation; therefore, having toys that they love to engage with is important in supporting their overall well-being.

If you put money into toys that simply get a cursory glance or few minutes of play, this doesn’t help your Poodle in any way and means you have put money into an item that is simply going to gather dust. Read reviews and get an idea of what entices your Poodle so you can choose fun toys that won’t cost you a lot and your Poodle will love.

Toys to Keep Your Poodle Happy

All Poodles are all energetic and love the outdoors. Walks and time to play keep their mind and bodies healthy and happy. If Poodles are not challenged, both physically and mentally, they can get up to mischief in an attempt to get stimulation. This will not make them or you happy.

Toys need to engage your Poodle at all stages of life and activity levels. If they don’t love a toy, any time they spend with it will be short lived if any at all. Whatever you choose for your pup should be something that they have fun with and will use for the longer term rather than just for a few minutes of distraction.

Teething Toys

Finding that toy your Poodle will love at this stage is very important. Teething means your Poodle will have sore and aching gums while their baby teeth fall out and adult ones grow in. Chewing helps relieve this discomfort so finding appropriate indestructible dog toys and other similar durable dog toys can mean saving your furniture and shoes. Good teething toys will have:

  • Varying textures:
  • Cloth
  • Rope
  • Hard rubber
  • Twisted
  • Looped
  • Nubs to massage gums
  • Flexibility so as not to hurt gums
  • Flavored to keep up interest


These bones are loved by most Poodles. They can be found in various sizes that will suit your Toy, Miniature, or Standard Poodle. The varying texture and are flexible to aid in solving mouth discomfort. They keep your dog entertained with chicken flavor and making them more desirable. A well-loved chew toy can help save some household items from little teeth.

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Kleeger Products Puppy Teething Assorted Variety Pack

This package has ten chew toys made up of ropes, squeaky toys, discs, and chewy items. The pack is perfect for Standard Poodles that have bigger jaws, but the smaller items can also be used for Toys and Miniature puppies, too. It is varied and if they don’t enjoy one toy, they’ll surely find another they will love.

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Fun Outdoor Dog Toys

Once Poodles have gone through the teething stage, some continue with the chewing habit and love toys that promote that. Good chew toys help keep Poodles focus on their toys rather than things around the house. Strong chew toys should:

  • Be tough enough for strong bites
  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Textured
  • Flexible


These toys are loved by Poodles as they promote both taste and fun. They are color-coded based on the type of chewer your dog is. Many Kongs can be filled with treats or food to engage the chewer and can also be thrown gently so there is some exercise involved. The variation of products means there will be one your particular Poodle loves.

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Rambler Toy

Your Poodle will love this toy as it can be used indoors or outdoors. Its perplexing mix of outer ball and inner ball will make them think and play at the same time. A great way to keep them occupied in the sunshine when you may not have an opportunity to join them for an activity.

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Mini Ball Launcher

A great outdoor toy that your Poodle will love. You can set it up, then sit back and cheer your dog on as they play catch with multiple balls. It’s a lot of fun when you want to relax or simply don’t have time for a long game of fetch.

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Indoor Dog Toys

Poodles are intelligent and need to be kept busy. Exercise is great but rainy days can limit outdoor fun. Interactive dog toys are perfect for those times where they can’t burn off energy outside due to cold or rain.

Babble Ball Toys

These interactive toys come in various sizes for your Poodle. They talk to your Poodle and then shut off when not in use. It helps on rainy days or when they are alone and bored.

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Puzzle Toys

Trixie Activity Flip Board

This puzzle toy is challenging a hide and seek game for your Poodle. It challenges their thinking as they search through the toy for treats.

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Play Together Toys

Toys that offer bonding time for you and your Poodle are great as they love interacting with their owners. Dogs often have a love of old tennis balls but also enjoy outside toys that take a little more expertise.

Chuckit Tennis Balls

What Poodle doesn’t love a tennis ball? They are old school toys to play catch with your Poodle. Different sizes are available for pups of all sizes. Even your Toy Poodle can play catch with these.

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Chuckit Flying Squirrel

While this toy isn’t perfect for your Toy Poodle, it is good for their larger counterparts. It strays from the regular game of catch by combining frisbee and a ball. It’s challenging and different so takes a little more fetch skill than a ball. It offers lots of fun your Poodle will love if you have some space to run and play.

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Final Thoughts

Poodles are enjoyable canine companions that are intelligent. This intelligence needs to be kept sharp along with their desire for activity. You can do this by finding toys they love to engage with both indoors and outdoors. Dog toys they love will be well played with and keep them happy an engaged.

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