Keeping Your Poodle Warm

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Poodles are a unique dog breed that requires special attention during the colder months. With sensitive skin and coats that need meticulous grooming, keeping your poodle warm and comfortable will be a priority.

Poodles are on the higher-end of the maintenance chart. There are some things you can do to help keep your Poodle warm during the colder months that will alleviate any problems for them in the future!

Here are some must-knows about Poodle grooming during winter weather.


To no one’s surprise, the one part of a dog’s body that gets forgotten the most is the paws. It’s not that pet owners don’t care about their sweet pup’s paws, but it is difficult to understand how a paw can affect a dog’s warmth since humans don’t have paws to make the comparison.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your Poodle’s paws ready for the winter and in good shape come snow or freezing rain.

The ground is cold during the winter months, which means that a Poodle’s paws are subjected to some of the coldest surfaces in nature. The ground holds in heat and cold, so mornings are extremely difficult on a pup’s paws. As the Poodle’s paws are exposed to freezing ground, they are more likely to become cracked and dry. If left untreated, a Poodle’s paws can become infected (as is true with any canine’s paws during the winter months). Check out this paw treatment that is versatile for other uses on dry skin, cracked noses, and so much more!

Another big concern for any dog walking on the ground that has been treated for ice with chemicals and salt. These can be extremely harsh on a Poodle’s sensitive paw pads and cause irritation, infection, or blistering. If your area doesn’t use these ice melting techniques, cars from other parts of the country may bring these chemicals and salt with them on their tires. To avoid any mishaps or hurt Poodle paws, keep their paw pads moisturized and all should be fine!

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Paw Injury Prevention

  • Paw wax is a great way to prevent your Poodle’s paws from being cracked, dried, or blistered during the winter months. It protects their paws from the icy ground, snow, and salt/chemicals. Simply apply the wax to the paw pads every 3-5 days to keep their paws moisturized and protected throughout the cold months.
  • If you like puppy fashion (and Poodles are great for dressing up), you can employ the use of dog boots. These boots are quite up-in-the-air in the Poodle world as some Poodles love them and some hate them! If your Poodle doesn’t mind dog boots, they are great for keeping their paw pads protected from the cold, keeping their body heat from escaping, and protecting their paws from becoming cracked or dried from the chemicals or salt on the ground. And, if nothing else, they’re kind of cute!

Keeping the Warmth In

One thing that is never on the normal side of things for your Poodle is to see them shaking, shivering, or trembling from the cold. This is why it is so important to make sure your Poodle’s coat, skin, and paws are ready for the cold weather! If you notice any of these signs, there may be more serious trouble ahead.

If your Poodle does exhibit shaking or shivering, it is a warning sign that their body temperature has gotten too low. Action should be taken immediately to warm up your pup!

One way to ensure that your Poodle stays warm throughout the winter months is by allowing their coat to grow out more in the winter as opposed to the summer coat they have done during the hot months. While this isn’t a sure way to keep your Poodle warm, it does help keep them from getting too cold when faced with the wintery conditions. If you do decide to let your Poodle’s coat grow more during the winter, watch for tangles and knots as a Poodle’s coat is easy to tangle and become matted. Regular grooming and brushing will keep these mishaps from occurring.

Poodle Clothing

You can also employ the use of Poodle clothing such as coats, boots, and even hats. These fashionable choices will keep your Poodle’s body heat inside rather than letting it escape when faced with cold conditions. Some Poodle owners even opt for keeping these clothing pieces on their Poodle while indoors because of the draft that may blow from the air conditioner or the windows. Be mindful that wearing clothing or doggy jackets is not suitable for Poodles for long term use as their skin and coats can become irritated, inflamed, or even matted if kept compressed for too long.

If you suspect your Poodle may have trouble keeping warm during the cold winter months, try placing a piece of clothing on your Poodle. Those dogs who were uncomfortable or too cold may exhibit instant relaxation due to the warmth they haven’t experienced before.

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Prepare Your Poodle’s Skin for the Winter

Winter is hard enough on human skin let alone on a dog’s skin. That’s why it is so important to prepare your Poodle’s skin for the colder months to keep the problems at bay and your pup happier throughout winter.

A top concern for Poodle owners is dry skin. A Poodle’s skin is extremely sensitive and reacts to the cold weather negatively when not treated properly. When the weather dips down, the humidity level takes a nosedive, too. That’s why Poodle’s skin becomes drier during the colder months. You can remedy this inside your home by adding moisture to your home’s heating system through a humidifier. Sometimes, the warmer air itself will do the trick inside the home by keeping the moisture circulating. Keep your home at a comfortable and warm temperature throughout the winter, and your Poodle’s skin should do just fine!

You’ll notice that your Poodle’s skin is becoming dry if it starts to look frizzy, dull, or even matted. In order to combat this issue, you can do the following:

  • Schedule regular grooming appointments throughout winter. These scheduled visits to the groomer will allow your Poodle’s skin and coat to be moisturized through the bathwater as well as the shampoo and skin conditioner groomers use.
  • Use quality products at home with your Poodle. Your groomer may have some good suggestions, but we like this detangler and conditioner combination to give your Poodle’s skin the dryness and itch relief she needs!

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Your Poodle’s warmth should be a top priority during the colder months as they rely heavily on you to keep them warm. These suggestions are great starts to getting you where you want your Poodle to be both in the temperature and skin department.

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