Nail Clipping for Poodles

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All poodles love to be active, and it’s important to make sure they are comfortable and healthy while they enjoy their outdoor activities. Nail clipping for poodles can be tricky sometimes, especially for smaller types, but is a necessary part of poodle grooming.

Although all aspects of poodle grooming are important, nails are especially so for poodles who are usually on the go. Nail clipping is not just cosmetic for your pup; it is also important, so their nails do not grow too long and become a hindrance to their indoor and outdoor adventures.

Nails that are not maintained can cause pain and medical issues such as:

  • Infection
  • Cuts to the toe pad
  • Cracks or breaks in the nail
  • Torn nails
  • Nail bed problems
  • Walking changes

Long nails can also damage your furniture, carpet, and flooring as they catch and scratch. So, in the best interest of your poodle, their nails need to be trimmed professionally or at home by someone who is knowledgeable about the process, and it needs to be done on a regular basis.

When to Trim Poodle Nails

Poodle nails should be trimmed approximately every 3-4 weeks. However, this is a ballpark number since the dog’s nail growth is dependant on a number of factors. Timing depends on their size, activity level, and types of activities they are involved in. Poodles that are indoors for the majority of the time may need their nails trimmed more when compared to poodles that are out walking on roads or sidewalks every day.

Those outdoor poodles will not need their nails trimmed quite as much as the indoor dogs since they have more opportunity to wear their nails down. If you think your poodle’s nails are clicking a lot on the floor or their gait changes, then its time to get them trimmed up.

Little Kurumi out for her walk – from @kurumitaan

Working with Your Poodle to Trim Nails

The sooner you introduce your poodle to nail trimming, the more helpful it will be over time.  It’s best to start when they are puppies if you can but no matter what the age, praise, and rewards are great incentives to getting them ready for a nail trim.

They need to get used to their paws being handled, so look at their feet and gently handle them, so they get used to it. Once they are comfortable, you can introduce the nail clippers themselves. Once they see that they are harmless, you can get started on their nail care.

What Do You Need for Poodle Nail Care Essentials?

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Pet Magasin Nail clippers are great in making sure your poodle’s nails are trimmed safely. A good pair of nail clippers is essential for safe nail maintenance as you gently do small clips staying away from the vein in the nail.

Dog Fashion Spa Crystal Nail File helps with dogs who are wary of clippers, grinders, and noise. It is a gentle way to get nails to a manageable length.

Furminator Nail Grinder helps smooth out a nail after a trim. It’s important to make sure nails are smooth, and nothing can catch once they are done.

Remedy and Recovery Styptic Powder helps stop bleeding if you have cut the nail a little too short. This product stops bleeding quickly with not stinging.

Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Air-Dried Venison is a must if you are going to keep your poodle in place and content while their nails are trimmed. Treats are a good way to keep them distracted and happy.

Go Pet Grooming Table is an extra for trimming, but it will make the process easier as it brings your pup up to your level.  It is adjustable, so it is good for any size poodle that needs a trim.

Trimming Poodle Nails

If you’re going to trim your poodle’s nails yourself, then you need to find a comfortable spot whether it’s the floor, a table, or a grooming table. Make sure you have good lighting to see everything you need to. It doesn’t hurt to have a second set of hands to help.

Once you start to trim, make sure you understand where the quick of the nail is. You trim slowly until you see it and then stop. If you’ve gone too far and the nail bleeds, then use the Styptic Powder to stop it. If your poodle is fidgety, then try to give them a treat after each paw is complete.

Once you’ve finished all the nails, you can move on to the file or grinder to smooth the edges of the nail. This makes sure there are no pieces of the nail that can catch on the carpet, furniture, or clothing. It would be extremely painful for your poodle if this was to happen.


Do not leave the trimming of nails too long in-between times. The quick of the nail grows well, so that means every time you wait too long, you can’t trim the nail back to where it should be since the quick is there as well. You want to make sure they are done on a regular basis, so you don’t have to play catch up and do multiple trims to get their nails to a comfortable point.


Nail clipping is something that needs to happen on a regular basis for your poodle, whether they are a toy, miniature, or standard size. Nail trims are something that they should not go without as it can mean their feet end up hurting either from curled nails on their pads or from sore nail beds from the upwards pressure of long nails.

As an owner, you have the option of getting their nails done at the groomers or taking this project on by yourself. If you and your poodle are comfortable taking care of this at home, then make sure to buy quality products so you can care for your poodle’s nails safely and hygienically. Healthy feet for your poodle mean lots of activity and outside fun for both them and you.

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