Personalized Dog Bandanas 101

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Personalized Dog Bandanas

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Personalized dog bandanas are a great way to provide a gift for a new dog owner. They are lovely in providing your pet with a personalized accessory in their wardrobe, whether for a special occasion or everyday wear. These unique bandanas are available in various fabrics, colors, and styles. You can add your dog’s name as a label, embroidery, hand-painted onto a custom design, or decorate your pet’s scarf with seasonal decorations and themes.

These accessories fit easily on most dogs and are generally affordable to purchase with a custom quote, slogan, name, or holiday greeting. The top personalized dog bandanas are handcrafted and made to order.

Best Embroidered Personalized Dog Bandanas for Small and Medium-sized Dogs

The Personalized, Custom Dog Bandana is a great accessory for small and medium-sized dogs. These personalized dog bandanas are also a fantastic way to embroider your dog’s name at an affordable cost.

  • Manufacturer: My Personal Memories
  • Size: Measures 30 x 15 inches
  • Materials: Polyester


  • Custom embroidery is included in the overall price
  • Fabric is durable and machine washable
  • Ideal for all small and medium dog breeds
  • Fabric dye and embroidery are high-quality and don’t quickly fade or wear
  • The bandana size is large enough to fit comfortably and easily adjustable


  • This bandana is not recommended for large or giant breed dogs


The Personalized, Custom Dog Bandana is a great gift idea that’s inexpensive and durable. The polyester material is easy to clean and isn’t prone to wear and tear. You’ll have several choices of colors and styles, which are custom-made for each order.

Best Personalized Name Tag Dog Bandanas

Hand Trades Large Plaid Personalized dog bandana offers a classic design and name tag for dogs of all breeds and sizes. These dog bandanas make for a quality-made cotton accessory with a signature leather name tag customized for each order.

  • Manufacturer: Hand Trades
  • Size: Adjustable from extra small to large size
  • Materials: Cotton with a genuine leather name tag


  • The bandana is made from high-quality cotton fabric that’s durable and machine washable.
  • Every bandana is made to order, which includes the custom size, name tag, and signature for your pet
  • Hand Trades is a reputable company offering custom pet accessories for over 20 years by professional artisans
  • Lettering for the name tag is available in Great Vibes and Arial font, hand-stamped on genuine leather, and affixed with silver rivets
  • Ideal for outdoor wear and special occasions, including photoshoots
  • Available in all pet sizes, from extra small to large


  • Only available in one pattern and color theme (plaid)


Hand Trades Large Plaid Personalized dog bandana is ideal for casual and outdoor wear for your dog and is made to order by professional artisans. Every order is custom-made to size, so your pet will have the perfect fit.

Best Holiday-themed Personalized Dog Bandanas

Yespet Dog 12-piece Dog Bandana set for medium and large dogs is a fun way to celebrate seasonal and holiday events.

  • Manufacturer: Yespet
  • Size:9 x 8.35 x 1.54 inches, and 8.47 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester


  • The bandana fabric is soft and breathable and made of soft polyester
  • Ideal for summer weather and keeps your pet cool
  • Durable fabric with quality sewing that’s lightweight and easy to wash
  • Every bandana is well-designed with bright colors that don’t fade quickly
  • You can choose from a variety of designs and themes, including holidays, New Year’s Eve, seasonal events, weddings, and other celebrations, which are all available in a kit
  • Ranked as a best seller in the top 200 top dog bandanas
  • Ideal for medium to large breed dogs


  • While the dog bandanas are personalized for holidays, seasons, and celebrations, this product doesn’t offer the option of adding personalized tags for pet names
  • Dog bandanas may not fit small or toy-sized dogs


Yespet Dog 12-piece Dog Bandana set is an excellent gift for dog owners who enjoy celebrating holidays and seasonal events. While this product doesn’t include the option of adding your dog’s name, it’s a fun collection that’s inexpensive and makes a great set of accessories for your dog’s wardrobe.

Best Handmade Personalized Dog Bandanas

Yao Yao Personalized Handmade Dog Bandanas are natural fabrics with a durable collar attached. They are well-designed, easy to wear, and made with durable, high-quality fabric.

  • Manufacturer: Yao Yao
  • Size:3 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches, and 1.59 ounces
  • Materials: Cotton (bandana) and nylon (collars)


  • Available in all sizes, from extra small to large, to fit all dog breeds and smaller pets
  • The bandana includes a collar, which has a quick-release buckle that’s easy to use
  • There are several color options available, including light yellow, dark blue, pink, and blue
  • The fabric is 100% cotton and comfortable for dogs, with a soft texture and durable material
  • Every bandana is custom stitched with your dog’s name with embroidery lettering
  • The collar is adjustable to ensure comfort
  • All fabrics used are environmentally friendly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ranked as one of the best sellers in the top 105 dog bandanas category


  • This bandana style is only available in solid color


Yao Yao Personalized Handmade Dog Bandanas offer durable, solid-colored fabrics with built-in collars embroidered with your dog’s name. These bandanas are easy to wash in cold water and can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. The stitching is well made and customized for every order.

Best Design-themed Personalized Dog Bandana with Collar

Funny Girl Designs Personalized Embroidered pet bandana and collar are quality, handmade scarves for dogs that fit most small and medium-sized pets. It makes a great gift idea that features a custom design and your dog’s name embroidered.

  • Manufacturer: Funny Girl Designs Store
  • Size: Custom-sized to fit up to 16 inches
  • Materials: Durable fabric


  • Available in an adorable, custom design and various colors and patterns
  • Every order is custom-made to your pet’s size and with your dog’s name embroidered
  • The snap enclosure makes it easy to fit and adjust for various pet neck sizes
  • Made by Funny Girl Designs, a well-established professional artisan
  • Durable and ideal for wearing outdoors and in various climates


  • This bandana collar may not fit large or giant breed dogs


Funny Girl Designs Personalized Embroidered pet collar and bandana is a beautiful gift for pet owners. These bandana collars fit most small and medium dogs, including puppies and other small pets. Every product is custom-sized based on your dog’s measurements, so you’ll receive the perfect fit and your pet’s name in quality embroidery.

Are there benefits to a personalized dog bandana?

Yes. If your dog is lost, a personalized collar is an excellent idea for your pet. Some personalized bandanas and collars include a small tag to add a contact number or other information so you can be contacted when your pet is found. It’s also an excellent way for your pet to be recognizable in the immediate community.

Best Personalized Bandanas for Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

Personalized dog bandanas are lovely gifts for new pet owners and the perfect accessory for your pet’s wardrobe. There are many types of personalized options, whether you choose to add your dog’s name, a holiday theme, or a phrase on your pet’s garment.

When you shop for a personalized dog bandana, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right fit for your pet:

  • Choose a fabric that’s durable and easy to clean, preferably in a washing machine
  • Your pet’s size is essential, especially if you purchase a custom-made accessory
  • If your pet reacts to certain fabrics or materials, these should be avoided if they are a part of the bandana
  • Personalized names for your dog’s bandana are available in various fonts, colors, materials, and maybe embroidered, stamped on a leather label, or hand-painted
  • The colors, patterns, and themes available
  • If your dog is new to wearing scarves or bandanas, it may take a while to help them adjust, and a natural, easy fit is best
  • Whether you want to purchase a personalized bandana with or without a collar attached

There are many great personalized bandanas for your dog, with outstanding custom options and sizes to fit every pet. When you choose an option, it’s crucial to find an artisan that uses only quality materials, sewing, and buttons. Some bandanas with collars allow you to manually adjust the size of your dog, which is especially ideal if you have a puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Personalized Dog Bandanas

Is it best to choose a custom fit with a personalized bandana?

If your dog is large or a specific size that’s not easy to fit, you may consider ordering a customized fit that’s perfect for your toy poodle or giant breed dog. Bandanas with adjustable collars are also a great option, as they can adapt and “grow” with your pet from a puppy to adulthood. Many collars are removable and can also be attached to a leash and other accessories, such as bells and tags.

Are personalized bandanas durable?

Yes. An embroidery is an excellent option if you prefer textured, sewn-in lettering, as long as it’s done with precision without any frayed threats. A stitched label with genuine leather and stamped writing is another durable option. If you choose hand-painted or iron-on labels, these may fade over time, depending on the fabric.

Is it common for personalized dog bandanas to be more expensive than regular bandanas?

The cost for a customized dog bandana with personalized lettering isn’t much more expensive than a standard accessory. Most artisans offer quality fabrics and bandanas with various themes, whether you want to order a holiday-based pattern, an entire theme centered around your pet’s name, or a label.

Do personalized dog bandanas need to be a specific size?

The proper size of your dog’s bandana depends on the size of your dog, the type of custom design you choose, and the size of the label. If you choose a small label or stamp for your pet’s name, you’ll find it easier to affix to the edge of the fabric. More oversized bandanas allow more space to add customized designs and fancy lettering.

Should I have accurate measurements of my dog before ordering a collar or bandana?

If you plan on a custom size, an accurate measurement of your pet is an excellent option for the best fit. An adjustable collar is ideal for giant breed puppies as they grow. Even if you have a small breed dog or pet, it’s best to purchase a slightly larger collar or bandana to ensure a good fit. This is especially important if you choose to attach a collar.

What is the most common fabric used for dog bandana?

Cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton are the most common materials used to make dog bandanas. If a collar is attached, it’s usually nylon or a similar durable fabric.

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