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At times, your active Poodle will need some extreme grooming. Whether you own a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Poodle or a Standard Poodle, they are generally easy to care for but need some fairly hardy grooming that goes with their active way of living. If you take your Poodle out on the trails for a hike or for a play in the park, then there is every chance of returning home with a dirty dog covered in burrs, twigs, mud, and other outdoor elements.

It’s smart to have grooming tools available at home to help between visits to the groomers and to take care of the easier grooming issues for your Poodle. A bath, brush, and trim should be doable when you have the right products available.

Grooming Care

All Poodles have a curly coat that will become thicker as they move from their puppy years and into adulthood. A Poodle’s coat is hair, not fur, meaning that Poodles are hypoallergenic and do not shed dander like other breeds. However, with all its advantages, this curly haired coat is high maintenance. If Poodles are not groomed properly, the coat can become matted and tangled. Neglecting your dog’s coat can be painful and costly for both you and your dog. Neglect of your Poodle’s coat could mean that they suffer from skin infections that would eventually lead to painful sores and also require pricey veterinary treatment. A secondary issue of poor coat maintenance is the presence of tangles and matting leading to your pup needing to be shorn. That means the hair is cut right down to the skin level in order to get rid of their damaged coat. To avoid these problems, Poodles need to be brushed every day and have full grooming approximately every six to eight weeks.

Home Grooming

Poodles can go to a professional groomer if you would like a special Poodle haircut.  However, you also have the option of clipping them yourself if you feel able. Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles all have the same basic grooming tools if you choose to take care of their grooming needs at home.

You should always have good dog shampoo at home whether your pup goes to a groomer or not. It helps when your Poodle gets dirty on a walk, gets that doggy smell or needs something that will soothe irritated skin. Vets Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo is a great product to clean your pup’s coat. The product has various types that will work effectively on different types of hair and skin as needed. This particular brand cares for both skin and hair. It is also “tearless” so will not bother your pup’s eyes during the bathing process.

After shampooing, a good conditioner is important for dogs with curly coats. One with a detangler is helpful as it keeps your Poodle’s coat from tangling again after a bath. True Blue Conditioning and Detangling Spray  is a great product as it can be used after shampooing but also when you dry comb/brush your Poodle’s coat. A spray while brushing will keep the tangles away on a daily basis.

Hair Care

Daily hair care is important for any size of Poodle. Brushing keeps away tangles and matting and promotes healthy skin. JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush is a quality product for daily fur maintenance. It works well on a Poodle’s curly coat and is comfortable on their skin. The brush is designed for dogs with sensitive skin and promotes a soft and shiny coat when used every day. This brush won’t scratch your Poodle’s skin but removes any loose hair while taking care of the top hair as well.


Nail Care

Once the basic hair care products are used, the next item for Poodle grooming should be a good set of clippers to keep their coat short and healthy. Andis-AGC Clippers is helpful with two speeds and an excellent blade for a safe cut on your Poodle. The clippers long cord allows you to move around easily rather than reaching for your Poodle. The blade is replaceable so you can choose the type that works best for your dog’s coat. It’s a great way to keep their coats neat and tidy.


Once you have learned the basics of Poodle grooming, you can invest in some extra helpful products such as Flying Pig Grooming Dryer. This dryer can help ensure fewer knots in your Poodle’s wet hair and has the ability to get rid of damp spots. It helps speed up the drying process for dogs that shy away from noise with a quiet adjustable airflow and heat settings as you comb them out.  

Grooming Table

A pet grooming table is also helpful. Go Pet Grooming Table is durable and easy to clean. It is adjustable and is, therefore, good for any size of Poodle that needs a trim or full grooming session. A leash loop will keep your dog safe while you groom. It is non-slip and folds up for storage.

Final Thoughts

Poodles need constant grooming to keep their coats and skin healthy. Daily brushing, plus grooming every six to eight weeks is essential. Grooming at home is good for your Poodle but is also a nice time to enjoy quality time with your dog. 

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