Poodle Hair Length by Season

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If there is one thing that poodles are known for, it is their iconic coats. With a texture resembling hair more than fur, they require a lot of grooming depending on the poodle hair length. In this post, we are looking at their hair length by season and just how often grooming may be needed.

Puppy Poodles Vs. Adults

Before we get into this post, it’s important to know that the hair of poodle puppies grows a lot faster than that of an adult. They can also change color. On average, a poodle’s hair grows between half an inch to one inch every month. It’s hard to deliver a more precise length as it simply varies from dog to dog. However, seasons rarely affect the growth, although you might notice it growing a bit faster in the summer months.


Most of the monthly advice for grooming your poodle will depend on the climate of where you live. Spring tends to be a season of growth and rain, sometimes lots of rain. Poodles can get a bit soggy in the, and if your pooch enjoys walks in the woods, there could be a very muddy coat more often than not.

Keeping your poodle’s hair trimmed could help to avoid matting and prevent your poodle from turning into a mud monster if you live somewhere where spring means a lot of rain, that is.

Lenny likes being puffy – from @lennytheminipoodle


You are probably all familiar with the range of poodle trims that are around with some owners taking better care of their poodle’s hair than their own. But what is recommended for the summer months? Well, it all depends on what you prefer to do. Some owners like to shave their poodles in the summer so that they can remain cooler and their coats can’t get tangled.

In the summer the weather is usually dry, hot in some places, and extremely humid in others. Dogs also feel the rise in temperature, which can lead to them jumping in the water for a swim a lot more often than usual. The unique coat of a poodle means that they can easily get sunburned if it spends a lot of time in the sun.

If sunburn occurs, then it will also cause dry skin, which then becomes very irritating. To combat dry skin and sunburn, there are leave-in sprays which moisturize the skin with some having the addition of sunscreen. You can also expect the hair of a poodle to grow slightly faster in the summer.


Fall can also be quite a wet season in some areas. Other regions experience a slightly cooler type of summer. In terms of looking after a poodle’s coat, this season could be the easiest. Fall is generally a pretty dry season, and most places won’t get too hot for your pooch either.


The care of a poodle’s hair in the winter will mostly depend on where you live. For those that live in regions that get a lot of snow, you may want to consider trimming the hair around the feet. When poodles go out in the snow, it takes a matter of minutes before they start to gather snowballs that stick to their hair.

Another option is to invest in some doggy boots or specialized sprays which repel the snow from their hair rather than collecting it. If you live in an area that does get very cold in the winter, then you will probably want to avoid shaving it.

Best Buys for Poodle Hair

No matter what season it is, your poodle will always need a good brush. It will also need a good wash every now and then although if you have regular grooming visits planned, then you might not need to worry about this one. Below is a list of our best buys for poodle hair.

K9Konnection Double Sided Dematting Dog Comb

Poodles and matted hair go hand in hand. It’s a given when you get a poodle that you will need to spend some time combing through their coats to get all the tangles out. One of the best combs on the market to get this job done is the K9Konnection Double Sided Dematting Dog Comb.

The double-sided comb gives you the opportunity to work out the knots on the one side and gently cut them off on the other. The stainless-steel blade has rounded edges that won’t catch your Poodle’s skin. More specs include:

  • 12-tooth comb and a 23-tooth comb in one
  • Quickly work out tangles
  • Ideal for large and small dogs
  • Kind on skin

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Douxo Chlorhexidine and Climbazole Dog Mousse

Carrying around that gorgeous coat all day takes its toll on a Poodle’s skin, and sometimes their skin can become sensitive and dry. The Douxo Chlorhexidine And Climbazole Dog Mouse is a leave-on mousse that is highly moisturizing.

Ideal for severe skin conditions as well as superficial ones, this mouse will help to keep your poodle’s skin soft and nourished. More benefits are:

  • Antiseptic properties
  • Climbazole and imidazole helps to fight fungi and yeast infections
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Doesn’t require water and doesn’t leave any residue
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Vetoquinol Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Dog Shampoo

If your poodle has already developed skin irritations, then Vetoquinol Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo may be the answer.

The special formula is designed to fight the bacteria and fungus that leads to infections while soothing the skin. Other benefits include:

  • Fights against odors
  • Performs a deep clean
  • Removes flaky and scaly skin
  • Doesn’t interfere with flea or tick solutions
  • Suitable for routine use


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A poodle’s coat will always have its drawbacks, but when something looks that beautiful, it takes some looking after. The local climate and a poodle’s lifestyle will both affect the condition of its coat.

It is also important to make sure that the brand of dog food that your poodle eats contains the vitamins and minerals that improve the health of their coats. A strong and healthy coat will be much easier to untangle.

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