Does Your Poodle Need a Haircut?

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Your Poodle will always need a haircut, some sort of grooming, or “puppy cut” due to the curly nature of their coats. Poodles come in Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Standard Poodle size types and they are not complicated to care for but do require some grooming to make sure that both their coat and skin stay healthy.

If you take your Poodle out on the trails for a hike or regularly play in the park, then there is big a chance that you’ll end up with a pup that has a coat riddled with burrs, twigs, and mud. Your Poodle may not need a full haircut, but they will need some general hair care, including their nails.

Poodle Hair Care

Poodles of all sizes have a curly coat that will become thicker from their puppy years to adulthood. A Poodle’s coat is not, in fact, fur but is actually hair, so they are hypoallergenic. However, with this curly coat needs some maintaining and, if it doesn’t require a haircut or a quick clip, then probably needs a brush and detangle. If Poodles are not groomed consistently, their coat can become matted. Neglecting your dog’s coat can be painful to your pet and cost you financially.

Neglecting your Poodle’s coat can cause skin infections leading to painful sores that can require an expensive veterinary visit. A secondary issue of poor coat maintenance means tangles and matting can cause your pup to need a significant haircut. They may need to be shorn down to skin level to get rid of their unhealthy coat. To avoid these problems, Poodles need to be brushed every day and have grooming approximately every six to eight weeks. That doesn’t necessarily mean a haircut but that is the often the best option.

Your pup can go to a professional groomer or you can do it yourself by using clippers for Poodles. Toy, Miniature, and Standard Poodles all use the same grooming tools if you choose to take care of their haircutting and styling needs at home.

Haircut/Styling Options for Your Poodle

You have some options for your Poodle’s hair care. You can let their hair grow, give them dreads’ or keep their hair short. No matter which you prefer, Poodles need hair care that supports the health of their coat and skin.


You should always have good dog shampoo at home whether your Poodle has long or short hair. It also helps when your Poodle gets dirty to get rid of doggy odor or to soothe irritated skin. Vets Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo is a great product for cleaning up your Poodle’s coat. It has various options for different types of hair and skin.

If you have decided that your Poodle won’t be getting a haircut any time soon, then it is important that all shampoo is rinsed out of their coat or it can lead to further skin irritation. Choosing not to cut your Poodle’s hair also means you need to be more mindful of skin care.


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After a shampooing and a really good rinse, good quality conditioner is important for your Poodle. Detangler is helpful as it keeps your Poodle’s coat from knotting. This is helpful if you have chosen to keep it long rather than a close cut. True Blue Conditioning and Detangling Spray can be used after shampooing but more importantly when you dry comb your Poodle’s coat. Removing knots from a long coat is vital to long-term coat and skin health.


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Daily hair care is an important part of coat care for any size of Poodle with either short and long coats. Brushing is imperative for taking care of tangles and matting and promoting healthy skin. JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush is for daily maintenance. It is ideal for a Poodle’s coat as it is designed for sensitive skin.

This brush won’t scratch your Poodle but will remove the loose hair while taking care of the top hair as well. This should be done even more often if you choose not to cut your Poodle’s hair.

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After the basic hair care products are used, the next item for Poodle grooming should be good clippers—if you choose to cut your pup’s hair by yourself. Andis-AGC Clippers has two speeds and a good blade for a safe cut.

The clipper’s long cord helps you move around your dog rather than struggling to reach certain areas. It’s a reliable way to keep their coats neat and tidy.

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Whether you have decided on long or short hair for your Poodle, you will need good scissors for coat maintenance. Four Paws Grooming Scissors help with everyday care that will keep their hair out of the eyes and around the ears. These scissors have safe round edges and adjustable blades, so trimming is easy.

They are good for all sizes of Poodles. However, you have chosen a longer coat for your dog, you need to make sure to trim the hair around eyes and ears to keep away infections and make sure they can see and hear properly. Not cutting does not mean poor maintenance.


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A hair dryer is a great purchase whether your Poodle is getting a haircut or not. Your dog needs to be washed either way and this product will help in coat care.

A product such as Flying Pig Grooming Dryer is perfect for this. It can help make sure there are fewer knots in your Poodle’s wet hair and it also has the ability to get rid of damp patches.

It speeds up the drying process for dogs that don’t like noise and has adjustable airflow and heat settings as you comb your dog’s hair.

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A pet grooming table is also helpful in coat maintenance. Go Pet Grooming Table is durable and easy to clean. It is adjustable so is good for Poodles of any size that need multiple brushings or a full grooming session.

A leash loop will keep your dog safe while you care for their coat. It is non-slip and folds up when you are done.



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Final Thoughts

Poodles need consistent grooming to keep their coats and skin healthy. It is personal preference whether you Poodle needs a hair cut or not. However, should you choose to go with longer hair, then extra care and maintenance are needed to keep their coats and skin healthy and looking good.

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