Poodle Personality: What Kind of Companion Would It Be?

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Intelligent, gentle, devoted, and playful are just four of the words that Poodle owners often use to describe their character. Regardless of their size and color, or whether you have a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Poodle, a Poodle mix, or prefer Standard Poodles, they are famous for their playful but dignified personality and perceptive intelligence.

When it comes to training, Poodles are top of the class and they are absolutely magnificent in obedience training, agility training, and even hunting tasks. However, like most dogs, Poodles are prone to a number of health problems, such as hip dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, progressive retinal atrophy, blood clotting, dental disease, seizures, and other health issues.

Therefore, the dog’s diet should always be considered—from puppy to adult and even into their senior years. Furthermore, even though these purebred dogs have a wonderful temperament, they also need mental stimulation and positive reinforcement.

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Wonderful Companions

Their biggest value is that they are wonderful companions. They adapt to different living conditions, the pace of life, and the amount of activity—whatever the conditions are set by their humans. Despite their royal posture, Poodles are far from being snobs.

They yearn for a close connection with humans. They are fine with everything and anything as long as they are with their human family.

They become very lonely when you are away for a long time and are always ready to play with you when you are there.

They are happiest if they can follow their owners everywhere and with a little effort from your side, they can act very amiably.

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Toy Poodle TrainingThey know that being decent is important if they want to “see the world.” At home, they stick their nose into everything and they always follow their owners around. People who cannot stand that their dog is totally and utterly interested in everything they do, should not consider owning a Poodle.

If you spoil and neglect to train your Poodle, it will surely start to consider being the alpha male of the family. This is more common among smaller types, including Miniature and Toy Poodles, which are the first to become spoiled and anti-social.

Teaching your dog good behavior from the outset and then insisting on them to repeat it,will certainly prove that you are the leader of the pack.

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Close to Human Intelligence

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Braided Fleece LureThanks to their playful nature and intelligence, obedience training is crucial for Poodles to remain mentally active. Poodles that constantly learn new things will never be come bored and, therefore,won’t need to find destructive ways to amuse themselves. Poodles like it when you talk to them and experts in the field suggest that Poodles are the breed that understands the most words.

That is why it’s necessary to invest time and effort in working with Poodles, playing with them, exercising them, and talking to them. The investment will be returned in multiples and life with your Poodle will become a true pleasure. Extreme intelligence is truly an extraordinary trait of this breed.

It is often said that their mind resembles a human’s and their incredible shrewdness continues to astonish their owners. There are numerous scientific studies that place them at a very high second place in the world’s brightest dogs.

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Automatic Dog Ball Launcher That’s why they require a lot of activity, whether it’s just going for long walks or playing fetch the ball. Providing them with short exercises and tasks will satisfy their inquisitive mind, which is very important for their mental health and stability. They are very sensitive to vocal intonation, which is probably the reason that they are so trainable.

Poodles will realize that words mean something quicker than any other breed and it is even considered that they are able to understand whole sentences. Because this intelligent breed learns incredibly fast, their owners need to be careful. Inadvertently, they can pick up unwanted behavior just as easily as they learn good habits.

Therefore, if you’re new to training, it’s best to hire a professional to take your pet through obedience training. It’s important to note that all of this applies to Toy and Miniature Poodles as well. Many small dog owners often consider training as irrelevant and eventually end up with a poorly socialized dog.

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Mischievous Playfulness

Petrainer 998DRB Remote Dog Training CollarDespite their royal appearance, Poodles have a mischievous and playful trait and are always ready for any kind of activity. This makes them a perfect family dog; one that will play the whole afternoon with the children. They are incredibly attached to people and like to make them happy. All this, combined with their well-known intelligence, makes the dog perfect for training.

A trained Poodle will have a calm nature, especially if you engage it in some activity where it can use up some of its innate energy. They very easily adapt to life in both small and large homes, as long as they have enough activities and as long as the family surrounds them. They prefer living indoors with the people they love, while life outside is not cut out for them.

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Poodles Are Not Toys

Alfie Pet Grooming KitThey are protectors of their home and family. They are very sensitive to sound, so they will warn about visitors with their bark, but they will never be aggressive. Although they are relaxed with the people they know, it will take some time to become friends with strangers. They love kids, but they are not a substitute for stuffed toys, so they are not suitable for young children.

They are not toys for adults, either. The general misconception of Poodles is that they require a lot of time for maintenance and care and that they selfishly seek attention. It is true that display Poodles do require a lot of time to be on top form, but it’s also true that “regular” Poodles do not require maintenance any more than any other breed of the same size. It’s not as if they were the ones asking for the fancy haircut anyway, is it?

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Sensitive Creatures

The “bad” side of their character is their emotional sensitivity. Is there any tension in your house?Are people loud with lots of debates or even quarrels? Poodles are sensitive to stress and can react as extreme as falling ill; they have problems with digestion and even develop neurotic behavior if the people in the house have “family problems.” They are peaceful, sensitive dogs that need a calm and harmonious home. If you want a pet worthy of kings, but you also want to be surrounded by unconditional love and loyalty, having a Poodle for a pet is the perfect choice.

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