Poodle Raincoats

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A poodles’ athletic drive means they are likely a pet who loves to be outdoors. All sizes need outdoor fun for optimal health and happiness. This means they may require all-weather wear for when they are going for walks, hikes, or simply time playing in the park. Poodle raincoats are not merely a fashion statement but are useful in maintaining your poodle’s comfort and cleanliness.

Why Do We Need Poodle Raincoats?

Poodles do not necessarily need a raincoat, but having one helps if you are out and about with your pup and sunny skies turn to rain clouds. We all know that the smell of a wet dog can last for hours depending on how fast they dry off, so having a piece of doggie apparel that helps avoid this issue is helpful.

Raincoats are also especially beneficial for toy and miniature poodles, as these sizes are low to the ground and tend to get their stomachs and legs much messier than standards. Mud and water have less distance to splash up so can soak them quickly, leading to an uncomfortable pup and a possibly dirty floor upon home arrival. Being wet can also make your smaller dogs cold as they do not have the hair coverage or weight to combat lower temperatures than the standard poodle can.

Qualities of a Good Raincoat


The main thing you need to look for in a good dog raincoat is that it is made of waterproof material, not just water-resistant fabric. You want to be able to take the coat off your poodle, shake it out and put it away. Water-resistant fabric won’t do this. Raincoats should be made of durable, non-toxic polyurethane and PVC that won’t rip or tear and is lined to keep your pup warm and comfortable. If you are out hiking through the woods or simply playing at the park, you want a product that will hold up and be able to last through these play activities.


As much as the right material is essential for your pup’s raincoat, it needs to fit properly as well. It needs to be correct for your dog’s particular body size and characteristics. Poodles of all sizes look similar but can have different features that may hinder the proper sizing of a raincoat. Elastic leg straps and Velcro closings will give you the ability to adjust the coat as needed for your particular dog.

Raincoat Extras

Hoods are an excellent way to keep your poodle’s face and head dry when the rain and wind start-up. Collars also help to stop the wet and cold from running down their neck. Reflective material is also important to keep them safe during gloomy weather and night walks. An inner liner can also be a benefit for dogs that get a chill quickly or small ones without thick coats.


Once your pups’ raincoat is dried off, easy storage is really good to have. The coat should fold up easily and condense into a manageable size. Many have hoods, so make sure you can get it put away easily without much folding and twisting. Hanging it up is a great option to keep out musty smells if it needs time to dry.

Poodle Raincoats on the Market Today

Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat

This raincoat comes in 5 different sizes that will fit most sizes of poodles and keep them warm and dry. The Hurtta Torrent is made out of tough fabric that keeps their coat clean and dry while protecting them against both wind and rain. Additionally, the coat has a high collar and adjustable belt for a proper fit.

It has a slit for your pup’s leash and is designed to let your dog urinate as needed without having to remove the coat. It is easy to take on and off with a buckle attachment on the back of it. This raincoat is also reflective, which will help keep both you and your pup safe when you are out in poor weather or the dark of night.

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Canada Pooch Yellow Torrential Tracker Dog Raincoat

This sturdy raincoat comes in 9 sizes to fit all the way from toy poodle size up to a large standard breed. It will not only keep your pup dry but warm as well.

The raincoat has a hood with a visor to keep wind and rain out of their eyes and a collar to keep their neck dry. The fabulous Canada Pooch coat also has pockets for treats and a slit that allows the leash to be easily attached to their collar, which will come in handy when on a long walk.

This outdoor wear is made out of lined waterproof material with reflective strips to keep your Poodle safe on wet days and for the evenings when the sun goes down. It also has tummy coverage to keep them cleaner as they splash through puddles, thus saving you clean up when you get back home.

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Petrageous Designs London Dog Slicker

This slicker is a great raincoat with reflective colors to keep your poodle safe and dry. It’s easy to get on and off and includes a hood that keeps the poodle dry while playing in the puddles. It also has a slit for easy leash access, so there is no fumbling around to take it on and off.

This coat not only repels water but keeps your pup warm on colder days. It is made from polyurethane that can be easily wiped clean and is simple to store.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a poodle in your life, then you know that they will usually want to join you on your outdoor adventures. Whether you are walking, hiking, or playing, your pup may need a raincoat at some point to protect them from unpleasant outside elements.

Having good quality poodle raincoats, that fit appropriately, will keep your poodle warm and dry and keep your house and car smelling and looking clean and fresh after an outdoor adventure. A raincoat will help avoid that wet doggie smell as well as let you and your pup enjoy the outdoors no matter what the forecast holds.

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