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Poodles are incredibly active and are highly intelligent, which is thy thier poodle toy needs to focus more on puzzles and tricks, than just on being fluffy.

The Toy Poodle, the Miniature Poodle, and the Standard Poodle are fairly easy to look after but do need regular exercise along with both physical and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. 

Toys to Keep Your Poodle Engaged

All sizes of Poodles are energetic and love to be outdoors. As all dog owners know, every pooch loves their walks and play time even more as it keeps both their mind and bodies active. If they aren’t challenged physically and mentally, they can be trouble indoors by finding other less appropriate outlets for their energy.

Poodles enjoy playing and interacting with other people and dogs. The length and type of activity can be adjusted for their particular size, but they all enjoy being busy. Playtime is a big part of this.

Dog toys will help at all stages of life, all levels of activity, and can be adapted for size. From puppy to senior years, and from Toy to Miniature to Standard, there are great products to keep your Poodle mentally and physically active with any interactive toy.

Teething Toys: Toys, Miniatures, and Standards

A Poodle will go through its teething stage at around three to four months of age. Teething means all Poodles of all sizes will have aching and uncomfortable gums while their baby teeth fall out and adult ones grow in. At this stage, stuffed toys are not ideal as they will be destroyed in seconds. Chewing dog toys such as a rope toy help relieve this discomfort. Good teething toys (or tug toy) are available in different sizes to suit your Poodle and the toys will have:

  • Different textures such as:
  • Cloth
  • Rope
  • Hard rubber
  • Twisted
  • Looped
  • Little nubs to massage gums
  • Flexibility to move on the gums
  • Flavored


These bones are great for teething Poodles and other dog breeds of all sizes and will help you teach your dog not to destroy the furniture or your favorite slippers. They will suit whichever Poodle puppy you have whether it be Toy, Miniature or Standard.

They have texture and are flexible to stop teething discomfort. They keep your dog entertained with chicken flavor to keep them interested. These varying sizes of Nylabone are a distraction from teething irritation and keep your Poodle focused on the teething toy rather than your furniture or shoes.




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Kleeger Products Puppy Teething Assorted Variety Pack

This package has ten chew toys made up of ropes, squeaky toys, discs, and chewy items. It’s perfect for Standard Poodles who have bigger jaws, but the smaller items can also be used for Toys and Miniature puppies.

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Strong Chewers: Standards

Some Poodles love to chew. Once they are beyond the teething stage, they continue with what they sense as an enjoyable habit. Good chew toys are important, so the Poodle’s focus stays on the toys rather than things around the house. Strong chew toys should:

  • Be tough enough for strong bites
  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Textured
  • Flexible


These toys are great for Standard Poodles. They are color-coded based on the type of chewer your dog is. Kongs can be for all sizes of Poodles but are best for the Standards due to jaw size and strength.

Some can be filled with treats or food and there are toys with little stuffing are available if your pup likes to pull things apart.




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Similar to Kongs, these chew toys are color-coded so its easy to choose what’s right for your Standard Poodle. The products are red in the middle so you are aware of when your dog has worn down the outer product. These will be replaced if your Standard goes through one with the only cost being shipping.

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Toys for Boredom: Toy, Miniature, and Standards

Poodles are intelligent and need more than a lazy life. Exercise is the best answer to overcome boredom but when there are rainy days that limit outdoor fun there are toys that will engage your Poodle. These toys should:

  • Promote independent behavior
  • Interact with noises
  • Engage their minds
  • Even treat balls (treat dispenser) will keep them occupied

Babble Ball Toys

These toys come in various sizes for your Toy, Miniatures, or Standard Poodle. They make noises to your dog then shut off when not in use. It helps on rainy days and when your Poodle is bored.

Additionally, if you are throwing the ball on hardwood floors, it will not leave a mark, squeaking all the way as it goes. Your Poodle will love both the sound and the bouncing of the babble ball.

Finally, you can always carry the ball to the part or the back yard. Unlike most toys, this one is very easy to carry, as well as easy to clean.



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Look Who’s Talking Toys

Toys that engage your Poodle at any size and age. They are set off with your dog’s interaction and will stop when they have had enough. A great product to offset boredom.

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Play Together Toys

Toys that are for you and your Poodle to play with together are important. Poodles love interacting with their owners. This applies to all ages and sizes of Poodles. There are basic toys, such tennis balls as well as outside toys that take a little more expertise. Indoor puzzle toys are great fun as well. These toys support bonding along with good physical and mental wellbeing.

Chuckit Tennis Balls: All Sizes

Fun, old school toys to play catch with your Poodle. Different sizes are available for all size pups. Even your Toy Poodle can play catch with these.


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Chuckit Flying Squirrel: Miniature and Standard

A great outside toy that combines toys with discs. Lots of fun for you and your Poodle if you have some space to run and play. Keeps your dog fit and agile. A little too big for a Toy pup.

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Puzzle Toys

Trixie Activity Flip Board: Miniature and Standard

This puzzle toy is a fun hide-and-seek game for your larger Poodle. It’s a great way to hone their smarts as they search through the toy for treats. A little too large for a Toy to use.

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Outward Hound Hide Squirrel Puzzle: Toy, Miniature, and Standard

A fun puzzle that plays hide and seek. Treats are hidden by the squirrels to be found by your Poodle. Has textures, sounds, and shapes to engage your dog’s intellect as they search. Toys will have trouble reaching but that is addressable with a perch or just using lower parts of the product.

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Final Thoughts

Poodles are enjoyable partners who need physical and intellectual stimulation. They need the appropriate size toy that addresses both these needs. If you want to improve your dog’s life, the correct choice of the toy will keep your Poodle happy and mentally stimulated.

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