Appropriate Size for Poodle Toys

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Toys for your poodle need to be chosen as you would for a child. They need to be safe, fun, and size appropriate. Poodles’ toys should vary in size as they do.  While some toys are for mindless entertainment, poodles also enjoy ones that can engage them both physically and mentally.

Toys that Will Keep Your Poodle Healthy & Happy

Poodles of all ages and sizes are generally energetic dogs. Even as they age, they aren’t a breed to be content sitting for long periods. They get bored without activity which can be detrimental to their mental health and can lead to damage within your home. Poodles are highly sociable animals and learning how to be polite, active, and gently playful is important. Toys can help accomplish these things.

The most important part of choosing toys is safety. If your poodles’ toys are too small, then this can be a hazard and also make the toy unusable. Your pups’ toys need to be large enough to suit their stature and be safe.

Appropriately Sized Toys for your Poodles First Year

The main toys that your poodle will need in the puppy year are for teething and teaching. Chewing a teething toy will ease their gum discomfort but also allow you to show them what to bite on and how to play appropriately.

You aren’t just relieving teething issues; you are teaching your poodle that your shoes are not appropriate chew toys. These early toys need to be adequate size according to your poodle’s stature.

While the design for small dog toys will be the same as for a larger canine, the size will be significantly reduced to make it easier for the dog to play. Too big will hurt their jaws and too small can be a choking hazard. The toys for learning and teething should have some of these features:

  • *Proper size to match your puppies jaw – this applies to all toys soft or hard
  • Varied textures and flavors for teething toys
  • Soft Toys – make sure they are puppy appropriate so no small items can be torn off
  • Tug-o-war toys for interactive fun

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Dinosaur

Nylabone products come in various sizes for teething poodles. They have bumps, good taste, and will keep your puppy chewing on the appropriate toy versus your table legs.

The back of the package gives you teething and chewing suggestions with some toys offering size examples to help you choose one that is the right size for your puppy.




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Kong Plush Teddy Bear

Kong is another product that caters to all sizes of poodles. Using this type of soft toy offers your pup something to chew on with or without a squeaker.

It is perfect as long as you choose the right size. If its too small, large poodles can destroy them quickly, too big and small pups can’t play. All of them have low stuffing so less mess and less hazard no matter what the size.




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Appropriately Sized Toys for Adult Poodles

Once poodles are out of the teething stage, many of them still love to gnaw on toys. While their first-year toys may yet be of interest to them, you need to be cautious that they haven’t outgrown them, or they aren’t too worn.

Your poodle should move into bigger and stronger toys to suit their adult years. This applies to all size of poodles. Even your small toy still needs appropriate size and texture for their adult teeth and chewing ability. Good chew toys should:

  • Be size appropriate – for safety and health
  • Strong enough for a larger dog’s jaw power


Kongs are the go-to chew toy in the poodle world. These toys are highly praised due to the large choice of sizes offered and their durability.

They are color coded for strength and size, which allows you to make the safe and correct choice. Chew toys should never be too large as it will strain jaw ligaments and cause pain. These toys can also challenge your dog mentally as they try to figure out how to get the treats out should you choose to fill them.

As they are made from a sturdy material that won’t collect anything from the ground, they can’t cause any health issues for your canine, regardless if they are a mini poodle or a larger type of poodle.

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Toys for Amusement

The purpose of toys is to challenge your poodle and keep them busy. However, they need to have fun as well. Interactive toys are perfect for doing just that. These types of toys should:

  • Be size appropriate (no tiny parts)
  • Interact with sounds and voices
  • Challenge their brains and keep them moving

Babble Ball Toy

Babble Ball is a good example of toy interaction. It comes in variable sizes appropriate for either toy sized, miniature, as well as standard sized poodles.

The wrong size can take the fun out of playing if it. If it’s too small, it loses its purpose, and if it’s too big, it can become scary for little pups. These toys are fun as they let out noises or speak to your dog and keep them engaged when your dog is alone.




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Fun Toys for you and your Poodle

The best toys are ones that let you and your poodle play together. Outside toys and indoor toys are fun for owners and their poodles to interact with as long as they are suitably sized for each type.

Tennis Balls

You can’t go more old school then a tennis ball. A game of fetch can challenge your pup and wear them out. However, be aware of their size. For small poodles, you will need to find a smaller ball than these for tiny jaws.

For larger dogs, they are great but be careful if they are chewing on them in the case that they break. You want to have fun playing catch but need to make sure your pup is comfortable with the size and durability of the ball itself.



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Zippypaws Burrows Squeaky Hide and Seek 

Fun puzzle so you can play hide and seek together. Squeaky toys are hidden by you, and your poodle searches them out. This works for dogs of most sizes as it’s the searching that engages them.

However, you need to be careful with larger dogs if they get more aggressive as the game may not hold up to strong chewers.

It’s a great way to work on your “drop” command, so they don’t get too caught up in the chewing. This toy is neither too small nor too large, but no matter what your poodle size needs some supervision.



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Final Thoughts

The size of the toys you offer your poodle is important. If the size does not suit them, then the toy becomes useless and can also be harmful to your pet. Too small and it becomes a choking hazard, too big it can hurt and strain their jaws. Be mindful of the toy size you choose by putting safety first.

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