Poodle Winter Shoes

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No matter what size of poodle you have, they all enjoy time outdoors no matter what the weather. Unlike most of us, poodles aren’t particularly bothered by weather extremes. They are eager to be out and about in almost whatever Mother Nature brings. This love of outdoors means your furry friend will need appropriate poodle winter shoes and gear for those that are based in colder climates.

Whether they are going for a quick walk or a longer hike through the snow, winter shoes will be a benefit in protecting their paws from the cold. Wearing this product will allow them to walk farther and in a more comfortable manner. Winter shoes for dogs may seem like a silly fashion statement but are useful in both cold and hot weather.

Are Poodle Winter Shoes a Must?

Poodles do not need to wear winter shoes every time they step out the door. This winter apparel is really for protection rather than just a quick run to the backyard.  However, there are many instances where shoes may help. One of those times is when snow is present.

Longer haired poodles may get chunks of snow in between their toes if snow is melting or if they are going to be out in the cold for longer periods. Snow in the paws means they may end up with foot discomfort or pain.

Sub-zero temperatures are another reason to put winter shoes on your poodle. There is the potential for frostbite on their feet when they are exposed to cold temperatures for too long. A game of fetch in the snow where your poodle skids and runs back and forth can also be hard on their pads, especially if the ground is icy rather than snow based.

The third reason for dog boots is the use of salt and chemicals on the roads and sidewalks to thaw the ice. Dogs lick their paws, and if salt is on them, it can cause problems internally and externally. Poodles may also find that the solid pieces of salt and sand used can irritate or hurt the pads of their feet.

Finally, if your poodle is a senior, a pair of winter boots will help with traction. Older dogs often have weakened muscles, and winter shoes will help keep them warm and safe if their paw-ware have good treads and soles.

What to Look for in a Pair of Good Doggie Winter Shoes?


One of the most important things to consider with doggie winter shoes is the material they are made out of. They can’t just be rain boots if they are to be worn in colder temperatures. They need to be not only waterproof but also insulted. Warm feet are as crucial as dry ones, especially if you are going for a longer walk.


Your pup needs to have warm and dry paws but needs paws that don’t hurt. It’s important that their winter boots fit properly. They need to be sized to fit your dog’s particular breed and foot size. Poodles of all sizes need their shoes to fit as they would with a human.

Too loose or too tight can mean discomfort, so make sure you find the shoe that fits properly on your poodle. They can’t be falling off as they play or walk. There are many different sizes and styles, so try a few on your poodle to see what works best for them.

Great Winter Shoe Picks for your Poodle

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Shoes

These shoes are perfect for all seasons, including winter. They will fit well and will keep your poodles’ paws protected and warm. Additionally, they are water resistant and have the added benefit of having reflective material on them along with anti-slip soles. They are one of the few products that actually have treads for your poodle’s stability.

These shoes will protect your pet’s feet from sharp items both on land or if they are playing in the water. They will also keep them protected from cold, snow and ice in the winter and hot pavement in the summer. They are easy to get on and off and are great for older dogs who need help traversing the terrain without slipping. They come in 4 colors and eight sizes to fit any size poodle.,

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Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

Your poodle will feel comfortable in these dog shoes no matter what the size of your pup. These are water resistant shoes that protect your poodle in any weather, be it hot or cold. They are easy to get on and off as the shoe has side seams that expand along with strong straps to fasten the sides of the shoe once they are on.

Finally, there is foam near the closure areas, so the shoe is secure. They are flexible, skid-resistant, and long-lasting.

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Petacc Dog Shoes Anti Slip Snow Boots

Larger standard poodles will enjoy these great shoes that are strong, water-resistant, and warm. They are flexible for comfort on long walks and offer skid resistant and waterproof soles. These shoes are excellent for winter cold and summer heat.

Poodles will love that they are easy to take on and off and you will love that they stay in place with the two long, adjustable, Velcro straps. These straps are also a wonderful safety feature as they are reflective and protect your pup when they are playing or out on a walk. These boots are hand washable and cute. Both you and your larger poodle will love them.

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Final Thoughts

You know that your poodle will want to continue their outdoor walks and playtime no matter what is in the weather forecast. Whether it is cold and snowy or hot with the burning pavement, these various types of doggie shoes will make your pup comfortable as they have their outside fun. These quality winter shoes are great for keeping your pup’s feet comfortable and healthy as they trek through all sorts of weather elements.

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