Poodles as Diabetic Service Dogs

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The intelligence of poodles makes them excellent candidates for service dogs. This includes their services as both emotional support dogs and diabetic service dogs, as well as anything in-between. Of course, each individual dog is different and so those that display the necessary traits are often chosen at a very young age while they are still with the mother.

One type of service dog that is becoming more and more popular recently is diabetic service dogs, and in this post, we are talking about poodles as diabetic service dogs.

What Is a Diabetic Service Dog?

As you would imagine, a diabetic service dog is a specially trained dog to help those with diabetes. During their training, they learn a range of skills that they use to alert the owner of their blood sugar. The diabetic service dogs undergo an extensive period of training where they learn to identify warning signs of dangerous sugar levels.

As well as this, people with diabetes that are experiencing dangerously high sugar levels often emit an odor that only certain breeds of dogs can pick up. When the service dog smells this scent, they alert their owner to ensure that they check their levels before they pass out or become incapable of doing so.

Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic Episodes

If you aren’t already aware, hyperglycemic means that a person’s blood sugar is too high and hypoglycemic means that the blood sugar is too low. Both hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes cause a person to release a unique smell which diabetic service dogs pick up on.

Each scent is different, and when the service dogs smell either one, they will alert their owner by barking, licking, or excessively pacing. It’s important to realize that even though diabetic service dogs are highly trained, regular monitoring of sugar levels are still required by the owner.

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Why Do Poodles Make Good Diabetic Service Dogs

The number one requirement for any service dog is intelligence which poodles have an abundance of. Their constant need to please makes them very efficient in the training process of becoming a service dog. Loyalty is second on the list, and again, poodles are fiercely loyal dogs. So, rest assured no matter how often others might try and bribe them with treats, you will always be the apple of their eye.

As a bonus, poodles are pretty adaptable dogs. This means that even though they are pretty energetic dogs, they can quickly adapt to fit in with their owner’s lifestyle. Of course, it’s always advisable to give your service poodle a good dose of exercise each day, but unlike some larger dog breeds, they don’t physically dependent on it.

What are the Benefits of Having a Diabetic Service Poodle?

Well, for one, they are adorable. Who wouldn’t like to be a doggy parent to a poodle? For diabetics, having a diabetic service poodle gives them back an element of independence that they didn’t have before. Most people with severe cases of diabetes admit that they change their lifestyles and purposely avoid doing certain things because of their condition. When they introduce a diabetic service dog into their lives, they feel a sense of freedom again. Diabetics feel a lot more secure knowing that they have a specially trained canine friend by their side and families of those with diabetes also feel more relieved knowing that there is a loyal and intelligent friend looking out for them 24/7.

Who Might Need a Diabetic Service Poodle?

Even though diabetic service dogs are specially trained to assist those with diabetes, not all diabetics will require one. Those who are most in need of a diabetic service poodle are people with hypoglycemia unawareness. This condition means that the person no longer receives the symptoms of low blood sugar, so although they monitor it regularly, it can be quite unpredictable.

In some cases, they may realize that something isn’t right at the last minute, which doesn’t always give them a lot of time to correct it. Hypoglycemia unawareness can be extremely dangerous and can lead to progressed health problems like seizures or strokes. For people with this condition, a diabetic service poodle can quite literally save their lives as well as changing it for the better.

Other people that would have an improved life by owning a diabetic service poodle are diabetic children that require regular blood sugar testing throughout the night or those who experience regularly low levels and live on their own.

Caring for a Diabetic Service Poodle

These dogs are working dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need looking after. People with a diabetic service poodle that has had a dog in the past won’t really notice any differences when it comes to their care. They obviously need to be fed a nutritious and balanced diet and they, of course, need water.

Because they are a service dog, they will likely get exercise from going everywhere that their owner goes, but a good bit of playtime wouldn’t go amiss. The most noticeable difference when it comes to poodles is their grooming needs.

Having such a fast-growing and thick coat, poodles need to be regularly groomed to ensure that their skin and coat remains healthy. But apart from that, all they want is love in return for theirs.

Top Three Buys for Diabetic Service Poodles

Now that you know precisely what diabetic service poodles do and what they need, it’s time to do a spot of shopping. Below are our top three buys for diabetic service poodles.

Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

The best way to inform people that your pooch is extra special is by kitting them out with appropriate equipment. The Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness is a great uniform for diabetic service Poodles, and it comes in a range of colors.

  • Strong and durable scratch-resistant material
  • Cushioned straps for added comfort
  • Reflective and removable Service Dog patches

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Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dog Food

A fantastic range of dog food for poodles is the Nutro Ultra. They have a variety of dog foods that cater for all sized poodles including toy, miniature, large, and standard. Using the freshest possible ingredients, the Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dog Food is an excellent choice for diabetic service Poodles. Some key benefits include:

  • A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and cartilage
  • Rammed with antioxidants for an improved immune system
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Includes Linoleic Acid for healthy skin and coat

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Oster Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Clippers

If you haven’t the time to send your poodle for regular sessions at the groomers, then excellent reliable clippers will quickly become your best friend. The Oster Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Clippers are powerful enough to tackle any kind of matted coats.

  • Detachable battery for convenience
  • When fully charged the clippers run for around two hours
  • Detachable blades for different styles and lengths

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Final Words

Acquiring a diabetic service dog will make life a lot easier and much more relaxed for diabetics. These highly trained and incredibly intelligent dogs are just waiting to become a member of the family.

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