Poodles as Seizure Alert Dogs and Other Medical Help

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Seizures are a scary thing to witness, especially when it happens to children. It can happen for a number of reasons, with the most obvious being epilepsy. However, that is just one of the many causes. There are few medications that can help reduce the likeliness of seizures, but they can still ultimately be very dangerous. Certain breeds of dogs have the ability to receive specialized training to become seizure alert dogs. In this post, we are looking at Poodles as seizure alert dogs as well as how they can provide other medical assistance. 

What Do Seizure Alert Dogs Do?

In a nutshell, seizure alert dogs have the ability to bring attention to the fact that a seizure is about to happen as well as informing someone if one does happen. The capabilities of some dog breeds including that of the Poodle, especially the Standard Poodle, is genuinely outstanding. When they receive specialized training, they can quite literally save a person’s life. Seizures can happen at the most unexpected time which makes it even more dangerous in the fact the individual could fall onto something or even down the stairs causing a more significant injury. Because seizure alert dogs, also known as seizure response dogs and seizure-alert dogs, can detect when a seizure is about to happen, they can ensure that the individual is in a relatively safe spot before the seizure occurs. For instance, if someone is about to walk down the stairs but these service animals sense that a seizure is imminent, they can warn their owner so that they won’t fall down the stairs. In some cases, these service dogs have even been able to push the individual to the side to prevent them from falling. The common behaviors of a seizure alert dog to warn their partners is by: 

  • Excessively licking them
  • Giving very close eye contact
  • Pawing continuously
  • And pacing or circling

The Benefits of Having a Seizure Alert Dog

People with extreme cases of epilepsy or suffer from regular seizures, often restrict themselves from doing what they want to because of it. One of the prime benefits of having a seizure alert dog is that they feel much safer. Their confidence increases and they don’t hold themselves back as much. On top of that, it is much safer having a seizure alert dog around. They become much more aware of when a seizure may happen, and they are less likely to fall in a dangerous spot and injure themselves.

 Why Poodles Make Good Seizure Alert Dogs

First of all, Poodles are renowned for their obedience. They have a constant need to please their owners and are incredibly loyal. Above all, Poodles are very smart. So much so, they are among the top breeds for being the most intelligent. Having this natural ability makes training Poodles reasonably easy, especially when compared to some more stubborn breeds. As active as they may be, Poodles are still placid dogs that are friendly and well behaved around other dogs, people, and children. On top of this, Poodles are extraordinarily versatile in the sense that they can easily adjust to various lifestyles. In other words, they aren’t very demanding, you lead the way, and your seizure alert poodle will follow.

 Other Forms of Medical Help That Poodles Are Good For

With the popularity of service dogs and therapy dogs rising, trainers are looking at how dogs may be able to assist with other medical conditions or illnesses. Some Poodles have a natural retrieving drive which means that they can be effective for people with mobility issues. This is usually discovered when they are puppies. However, even if they do possess this skill, then they are usually chosen to be trained as some form of a service dog. Because of the uniqueness of a Poodle’s coat (it rarely sheds), there isn’t often a great mess of hair to clean up. Also, their coats don’t usually set off allergies, which is why some people choose a Poodle as a service or therapy dog instead of other breeds.

Some Handy Items for a Seizure Alert Poodle

If you are planning on getting a Seizure Alert Poodle, then there are a few things you should consider getting on top of the basic needs. Here are our top three choices of handy items for a Seizure Alert Poodle. 

Seizure Alert Poodle

IFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher

Depending on the capabilities and lifestyle of the Seizure Alert Poodle’s owner, engaging in playtime may not always happen as often as they would like. To combat this, the IFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher is a perfect addition to give your companion some daily exercise. 

  • Easy controls to adjust the distance
  • Operates very quietly
  • Ideal for small and medium dogs


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ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness

When out in public, it is essential that people know that your dog is a specially trained service dog. The best way to get this message across is by kitting out your Poodle in an ALBCORP Service Dog Harness. Also, it prevents you from needing to explain to shop workers and other establishments that your dog can come in with you.  

  • Stitching is highly reflective
  • Made with a durable nylon/polyester material
  • Strong rubber handle on top of the harness makes it easy to control
  • Both lightweight and padded for your dog’s comfort
  • Adjustable straps
  • Hook and loop panels for additional service dog patches

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Oster Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pet Clipper

If you are familiar with owning a Poodle, you will already be aware that their coats require a fair amount of maintenance. Owners of service Poodles usually keep the coats shorter as it’s easier to manage. With the Oster Volt Lithium-Ion Pet Clipper, your service Poodle can get an even trim from the comfort of home. With the unique feature of speedy charging and high battery power, you can trim for longer periods of time. 

  • Cordless and easy to use
  • Detachable blades to change the length of the trim
  • Ideal for removing matted and tough hair
  • Heavy-duty single speed rotary motor

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Final Thoughts

Almost all service and therapy dogs are chosen from the litter just after birth. Even though the elements and characteristics that we have been talking about in this article are true, it doesn’t always apply to every Poodle. The decision will mostly depend on what type of service the Poodle will need to provide.

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