Remote Dog Cameras: Keeping an Eye on your Poodle

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Poodles are good-natured and smart dogs. While these characteristics are excellent for outdoor fun. They can be problematic if your poodle gets bored or has excess energy to burn. Being alone too often or for too long can lead to them feeling unengaged and lost, and when you need remote dog cameras to keep your furry friend entertained. This can cause poodles to become destructive as they look for an alternative activity to keep them occupied. This happens most often when their families are not around.

A way to manage this trouble making issue is to make sure they get appropriate exercise to burn off extra energy, but you can also engage with them when you are out of the house to make sure they are busy and behaving. You can purchase remote cameras to not only watch your poodle and make sure they are ok but to offer them reassurance, treats, and a distraction from boredom. Remote cameras can offer all these options and more.

Eye Spy

Not every poodle owner needs a remote camera in their home. If you are someone that can be at home the majority of the time and your dog is exercised regularly, they may not need one. In contrast, if you are frequently away from home for extended periods of time and your puppy has minimal access to the outdoors while you’re gone, then having a remote camera system in place might be a good idea.

A remote camera or camera system gives you the ability to check in on your poodle whenever you want from wherever you want. The benefit of having a camera means you can look in on sick or older pets, calm a poodle with separation anxiety or just find out how your dog is behaving if you are away for a more extended period.  Cameras are easy to install, work from an internet connection, and are easily activated remotely.

Things to Look for When Buying a Remote Camera for your Poodle

Two Way Communication

Having a camera to watch your poodle when you are away is reassuring for you as an owner. Cameras often offer the option of either one or two-way communication. One way allows you to monitor your pet, but two-way communication allows you actually to interact with them.

By adding audio and video to your remote camera, you can check in and calm down an anxious dog. It enables them to hear your voice and see you on a video screen. This feature can even be expanded to include more than one family member on specific cameras. You can use an app so multiple people can watch the camera feed at once.

Motion and Noise Alerts for your Phone

Many cameras that can be set up to watch your poodle also can send notifications to your phone when they detect activity. If your dog is barking or moving around, then you will receive a ping letting you know.

This is helpful when it is problematic to check on your poodle constantly. It allows you to go about your outside activities without checking up just to watch them sleep or relax. You can go online when you are notified there is activity and check in on what they are up to.

There are also cameras that can take video clips when there is activity and then send them to your phone to alert you. They not only arrive on your phone but can be stored in the cloud. All beneficial in making sure you know your pet is ok.

Live Video Feeds

Most cameras can open a live video feed so you can watch your poodle in real time. You can get a feed on your phone or computer so you can see what’s going on. If you pair this feature with the notification one, you can see them as they are active and going about their day.

This is an especially useful feature for those dogs who are elderly or not feeling their best. Being able to check on them and their movement in real time is important and reassuring for owners.

Top Poodle Remote Cameras

Once you have decided whether you need a camera or multiple cameras to make up a system and what features you want to have on them, you are set to start looking for a good product. Do your research and make sure you chose what works best for you and your poodle.

Below are some quality products that offer a range of options to meet your families pet monitoring needs.  

Petzi Wi-Fi Camera and Treat Dispenser

This remote dog camera is a well-made product that you will find useful and easy to use. It utilizes a free and secure app that allows you to monitor your pet while you are away from them.

This camera not only lets you to see your poodle but to use audio as well. You can speak to them if they seem to need some reassurance or if you want them to hear your voice.

Owners will have the ability to take a picture of their pet with a wide angle camera. This camera also has night vision making it easy to see your poodle in any lighting.  It can be easily mounted in various areas of your home so is completely adaptable no matter where you live.

Key Features

The extra benefit that comes with this remote camera is that it can give your pet a treat when you are not home. You can fill it with hard kibble treats that are tinier than a quarter and then offer them to your pet through your remote access.

This treat dispenser feature is novel and easily controlled by the Petzi app on Apple or Android. This camera is easily accessible so you can see your poodle, reassure them through audio and give them a treat for being a good dog.

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Pawbo Pet Camera

Another quality camera is the Pawbo. This is an interactive camera that is easy to set up anywhere in your home. It can keep an eye on your poodle and offer them treats through a Wi-Fi connection. The camera on this product produces a 720p HD video and has 110-degree wide angle lens with 4x digital zoom. The versatility of the camera and memory help you see your pup through real-time streaming. It will also let you record a video if you want to watch it later.

Along with a great camera, this product has a microphone and speaker that allows you to not only talk to your poodle, but they can speak to you too. You can both see and hear what they may be reacting to. This speaker also features the ability to sound a ringtone that you can customize to call them to get a treat or to the camera.

A further benefit is the built-in treat dispenser and a light pointer function that allows you to play with them a little. Your pet can get a treat or play a game of  “Catch the Dot” if they know how. Both these features can be easily controlled from your phone.

Key Features

The app for this Pawbo camera is downloadable for both Apple and Android products and will allow your whole family to watch the remote camera feed at once.

This is a great option if you are all out and about allowing any family member to check at any point during the day or night. You can share photos or videos immediately with your family directly or on your social media networks.

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Petchatz HD Wifi

This product is another higher end camera that allows you to watch, listen, speak to, reassure, and reward your poodle. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any point during the day or night to check in on your pet. It has audio and motion detectors that will alert you when they are up and around but will also allow you to hear your pooch barking if they are alerting to something. It’s also a good way to see what mischief they might be getting into without having to be linked in every minute of the time you are away.

There is a two-way audio function along with an HD low-light camera meaning you can see and hear everything you need to so you can make sure your pet is healthy and safe. You can reward good behavior or simply offer them a treat while you are not in the house.

This camera is innovative as it also offers an ability to spray a soothing scent called PetChat Scentz if your poodle is struggling with anxiety.  It’s one of the few remote cameras that provide aromatherapy.

Key Features

Petchatz is a great interactive product that has some inventive features. It allows you the basic ability to engage with your pup while you are off-site but also includes aromatherapy, brain games, and even streaming DogTV.

The app you use to monitor your pup works with either Apple or Android and can also be run on a tablet or computer. You will need high speed (broadband) internet access if you want to use the product to its full potential. 4Mbps upload speed is perfect for the best performance.

A quality product with lots of bells and whistles to make your pups time without you at home manageable.

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Pet Cube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera

This camera is a compact, easy to install option that has lots of features that are great for your poodle. Similar to most cameras, it lets you stay in touch with your pet through your Apple or Android smartphone when you are away from home.

It offers real-time video so you can see what they are up to with just a click on the app. The 138-degree wide angle camera provides 1080p HD video stream along with night vision and a 3x zoom lens.  You can use the two-way audio to talk to them should they need some reassuring, but it also lets you hear them if they are barking or upset.

Remote Dog Cameras Petcube Bites

You can use the app to toss your pet a treat as well. This particular product allows you to put up to 2 pounds of 1-inch treats in it and has the novelty of throwing the treat up to 6 feet away as well as set a schedule of when you would like the dog food to be dispensed. The higher-end version of this camera also offers a laser pointer so you can play with them as well if you are off-site.

This camera is easily installed on any flat surface or can be mounted to a wall if that’s the better place and has built-in motion and audio detection to enhance the usability of the product.

Key Features

It offers a 2 month free trial of the Petcube Care Membership which gives you the ability to access video history of  up to 10 days, use 30-second clips, sends “smart alerts” for when it picks up audio of your poodle barking or people in the house and filters that show only the critical video you need. All Petcube cameras have connections that are protected by 128-bit encryption to keep your video feed safe and private.

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Final Thoughts

While many of us would love to be home with our poodle full time, that is rarely what happens. We can not be with them 24 hours a day, so remote dog cameras are a great option that not only reassures us of their safety and wellbeing but lets us make sure they are behaving and not getting into any mischief. A good camera or camera system is worth the investment.

It offers us as pet owners a way to interact with our poodles both visually and audio-wise while also offering treats, streaming videos, or aromatherapy. These remote cameras no longer provide a blurry, grey picture of your pup but actual real-time footage of their in house adventures when you are not home.

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