Best Canned Dog Food for Poodles

Best Canned Dog Food for Poodles all poodles are created equal, so not all canned dog food for poodles can be the same.

Besides their size—the Toy Poodle, the Miniature Poodle, and the Standard Poodle—their nutritional needs will depend on their current life stage. Depending on their age, dogs require different levels of protein, calories, and other nutrients; therefore, make sure to choose foods that are perfectly formulated for the age of your dog.

Like with the Shih-Tzu and the Border Collie, they also suffer from a number of health issues, especially older dogs, such as food allergies and hip dysplasia.

Therefore, the dog’s diet needs to be packed with top-quality ingredients which are vital and you have to consider everything, including wet food packed with vitamins and minerals, raw food, dry kibble, grain-free dog food, dry dog food, and so on.

Dog food producers have also adapted their products to the different life stages of their consumers to offer from formulas for puppies, adult dog food, and senior dog food to ensure a well-balanced diet at all stages of your pet’s life.

Best Choices for Puppies

Puppies need a higher level of protein due to muscle development, more calories for proper growth, and more calcium for healthy bones. If your Poodle puppy is under 12 months of age, you must feed it food specially formulated for puppies. The cans are usually labeled “food for puppies” or will just have the word “puppy” clearly stated.

1. PEDIGREE Wet Dog Food PUPPY® Complete Nutrition – Chopped Ground Dinner with Chicken & Beef

Resembling a home-cooked meal, this option is not only tasty but also packed with high-quality ingredients such as real chicken and beef. The recipe makes sure to include all a little puppy needs for its growth and development. One such addition is DHA which helps support brain development.

Calorie Content: 449

Kcal/can Size: 13.2 oz.


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2. Hill’s® Science Diet® Puppy Savory Stew with Chicken & Vegetables

Protein is the main building block for your pet’s lean muscles and the right amount is essential for achieving ideal body weight. Hill’s pays a lot of attention to ideal levels of prime level protein your puppy needs in the first year of its life. Besides protein, the recipe includes gentle fibers that promote healthy digestion.

Calorie Content: 323

Kcal/can Size: 12.8oz.

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Adult Dogs Foods

Best Choices for Adult Dogs

When your dog reaches about 12 months of age, start feeding it with an adult dog formula. These foods are nutritionally balanced and, more importantly, they specifically provide the nutritional needs of an adult dog.

1. BLUE Homestyle Recipe® Lamb Dinner with Garden Vegetables For Adult Dogs

Specifically tailored to adult dogs, this recipe contains deboned lamb that provides your Poodle with a much-needed daily intake of amino acids. The formula contains only healthy, natural ingredients. Each can hasa serving of carbs (in this case, brown rice and barley) and,of course, fruits and veggies, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and cranberries.

Calorie Content: 522

Kcal/can Size: 12.5 oz.

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2. Pro Plan FOCUS Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Entrée Wet Dog Food

By having salmon as the main ingredient, this dog food is a perfect choice if you want to take care of your Poodle’s skin and coat. Packed with linoleic acid and omega fatty acids, it ensures beautiful skin and coat. It also contains prebiotic fiber which makes it easy on the stomach to ensure healthy digestion.

Calorie Content: 467

Kcal/can Size: 13 oz.


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Best Choices for Senior Dogs

Since the lifespan of Poodles depends on their size, so too does the time when they are considered seniors. Toy and Miniature Poodles are considered seniors at the age of eight or nine, while Standard Poodles enter the new life stage at age seven. Therefore, it is around these times that you should consider switching to senior dog formulas. One of the main reasons for this consideration is the fact that senior dog food contains reduced levels of certain minerals such as phosphates. By switching to this type of food you can help protect your pet’s kidney function.

1. Wellness Complete Health Senior Formula Canned Dog Food

The Wellness crew has created a special senior formula with high levels of antioxidants to make sure your Poodle goes through this stage of his life feeling like a youngster. One thing is guaranteed: it’s not going to lack flavor! As digestion slows down, the right amount of fiber helps for everything to run smoothly and the addition of B12 further helps with the gastrointestinal tract in general.

Calorie Content: 379

Kcal/can Size: 12.5 oz.

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2. Natural Balance Original Ultra® Whole Body Health® Chicken, Salmon & Duck Canned Dog Formula

Since the digestive system slows down in during the Poodle’s senior stage, it may struggle to maintain its weight and may start losing muscle mass. In order to support them nutritionally, Natural Balance has recipes with a higher concentration of calories and a higher fat content that offers a variety of prebiotics as well as fiber. The recipe also supports the brain with the additional source of DHA and omega-3. It contains a healthy balance of the best proteins with no addition of artificial flavors and colors.

Calorie Content: 480

Kcal/can Size: 13 oz.

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Other Things to Consider

Poodles are known to be picky eaters and may demand a certain type of food. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap. If your dog gets used to only one type of food, it will lead to a weaker immune system and, ultimately,a shorter lifespan. You should be the one in charge of the food choices—not your pet. If you decide to use dry food, still make sure to add canned food that has meat as a primary ingredient.

Do not feed your Poodle with the human food you prepare for yourself; it’s just not a good idea. If you want to prepare the food for your dog instead of buying it, cook some meat,either beef, lamb, chicken or turkey, together with some rice and vegetables. It’s recommended to prepare food that’s the easiest to digest so poultry and high-fiber vegetables are preferable. One meal a day is enough and it’s always recommended that you serve it at the same time of day. This way, you will prevent obesity and will speed up your dog’s metabolism. Make sure that your pet receives meals that are always fresh and it’s extremely important to always have a fresh supply of water nearby so to avoid dehydration.