Best Vegan Dog Food for Poodles

Best Vegan Dog Food for Poodles

You are a vegan. Besides benefits to your health and body, there were plenty of other reasons you made that choice of being on a plant-based diet: protecting animals from abuse, battling climate change, protecting endangered species, helping feed the poor, and in general, creating a better world. Now you have a new pet. Scratch that. As pet owners, you now you have a new family member; a new true friend and life companion. Not only do you want the best for it, but also all the above reasons for veganism are still important values you hold. But now you are wondering will your Poodle be strong and healthy on a vegan diet?

Good news! Yes, it is absolutely safe to feed your Poodle pet food that is entirely a vegan diet. Poodles, and dogs, in general, are omnivores and not carnivores, so they can thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet as well. The digestive system of a dog is capable of transforming amino acids from plant-based protein into other amino acids they would extract from animal-based protein. There are plenty of studies that show that a vegan diet is a good choice for certain health issues and makes dogs more energized and active. A vegan diet is a good solution for dogs tormented with food allergies and also helps dogs suffering from liver disease and kidney stones.

Phew! Now that we got that big question out of the way, we have a few smaller, but also important, hurdles to tackle. One of them is choosing the best vegan dog food brands out there as well as a few vegan dog treats.

Poodle Nutrition 

Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs that require lots of activity, whether it’s just a long walk or proper dog sports. Whatever the case, activity levels will have a big impact on what kind of nutrition and what number of calories is best for your adventurous pet.

Another thing to have in mind is your Poodle’s size. Toy and Miniature Poodles will have similar nutritional needs as they both qualify as small breeds. Standard Poodles, however, belong to larger breeds and will, therefore, require a different kind of dog’s diet.

One more word of caution, make sure that your Poodle puppy does not get fed a large breed puppy food, as it’s not suitable for its needs and does not provide the essential nutrient it requires.

How to Choose the Best Plant-Based Foods

As is the case with any other breed, Poodles require good quality pet food, vegan or not. This means avoiding artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners, so reading the label is an absolute must. High-quality dog food should be gentle on the digestive system, provide your pet with plenty of energy, and keep the coat fluffy and shiny. Besides avoiding the bad stuff, make sure you include all the good stuff, and that is whole foods with the same level of nutrients that we humans consume. Read on for the best vegan dog diet.

Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula and Vegetarian Canned Dog Formula

Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula and Vegetarian Canned Dog Formula. Both of these foods are superior formulas that contain no animal or dairy products and that provide essential nutrients a dog would need.

Green peas are their main source of protein while main energy sources include brown rice, potatoes, and oatmeal.

The dry food version contains a minimum of 18% of protein and for the support of that curly and soft coat, the formula has a balanced supply of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both products meet the nutritional requirements set by AAFCO.


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Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula


V-dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food 

V-dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food For the same reason you became a vegan, it may be important to you to support only companies that share your values and do not produce meat-based dog food.

V-dog is one such company with all their products being 100% plant-based. They derive their proteins mostly from peas, quinoa, and lentils.

They are proudly labeled “complete and balanced” and all the products are made in the US. What is amazing is that the product has 558 reviews on their website and the highest rating of five stars.


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Halo Vegan Garden Medley Dry and Wet Dog Food

Halo Vegan Garden Medley Dry and Wet Dog FoodHalo is another company that has developed a vegan formula with only high-quality and natural products.

They mostly use plant protein from lentils and chickpeas and mix it up with garden vegetables and nourishing oils to create a complete and balanced formula that is easily digestible.

It contains zero artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and is also proud that all of their plant-based sources are non-GMO. Since it contains no rice, this formula is also a lower glycemic option.


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Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe 

Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe Besides good-quality meat options, Nature’s recipe has developed a formula for their trusted vegan consumers. Besides being very easy on your Poodle’s stomach,

it will have an amazing effect on the skin and coat. Healthy soybean meal is the main source of protein, but it’s the boost of omega fatty acids, linoleic acid and zinc, that does wonders for the skin and coat.

It’s a great natural formula with added minerals, vitamins and nutrients, and no bad stuff.


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Things to Have in Mind When Your Poodle Goes Vegan

Now that you know that going vegan is possible and that there are many great options out there, it is still important to make sure you have the best option for your Poodle. As mentioned before, there are a lot of factors in play—activity levels, size, age—and even though all of the above-listed choices are undoubtedly high-quality, just picking out one randomly would not be the best option for your unique friend. Providing your best companion with the right number of nutrients should be your priority when it comes to deciding on a diet.

Final Thoughts

Your Poodle is absolutely dependent on you to make the right choice, so consulting a veterinarian should be one of your first steps. Their nutrition is not the same as it is for us humans and only your vet would be qualified to provide you with the exact ratios and quantity of food that your dog’s needs.