The Best Lifestyles for Poodle Owners

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The most important thing to think about when considering a Poodle as your new pet is that they have needs too. Lifestyles for poodle owners can be diverse, but some adjustments should be made to accommodate your furry companion.

A Poodle will be a member of your family, and as such, they need feeding, training, and a whole load of love. The good thing though is that unlike children, they can’t shout at you or draw all over your walls for that matter.

Poodle Temperament

For those who haven’t owned a Poodle before, it’s always good to know the general temperament of them before choosing to get one. Poodles are one of the smartest breeds of dogs and quickly becomes apparent when you start training them. All they ever seem to do is try and please. They love exercising both their body and their intelligence. In terms of playfulness, they are fairly energetic and are great around children.

Choosing The Right Poodle Breeder

Knowing how to choose a dog breeder is something that needs a lot more awareness. Unfortunately, there are many people out there that breed dogs with very little understanding of the practice and care that is required. Purchasing a puppy from an unknown and illegitimate breeder is never advised. The health of the puppy would be unknown, and quite often they carry highly dangerous diseases that could cause their passing at a very young age. To help you choose a good breeder, here are our top tips.

  • Research
    Looking up the breeder online should help to answer any queries you may have. Check the breeder’s website to see the kind of environment that the dogs are kept in as well as any licenses that they possess. There will probably be reviews on them from other dog owners.
  • Doggy Health Tests
    All reputable dog breeders will have had health tests performed on the puppies. A copy of the results should be readily available and should always include an eye test.
  • Talk To The Breeder
    The third tip involves talking to the breeder. This is how you can find out just how much they know about breeding Poodles as well as getting answers to any of the questions you may have. A respected breeder will always insist on you visiting the puppy before purchasing it, and they may even ask you some questions on your living situation and lifestyle. If at any point a breeder says that you can pick up the puppy before they reach 8 weeks old, then they are likely not experienced breeders. Puppies should never leave the litter before 8 weeks.
The Best Lifestyles for Poodle Owners

The Emperor with his Canadian doppelganger – from @emperor.tydus

The Lifestyles for Poodle Owner and a Poodle

The best way to decide whether or not you have the right lifestyle to suit a Poodle is to think about the type of lifestyle that a Poodle needs. That way, you can see how it could fit in with yours. Firstly Poodles are extremely obedient dogs and its because of this that training them can be a lot easier than with other breeds. That’s not to say that only a small amount of time is needed.

When puppies are introduced to a household, it’s always beneficial to spend a generous amount of time with them. It helps them to feel comfortable, gets them settled in, and helps them to bond with you. Following that Poodles love to have a good run and healthy amounts of exercise. If you are considering getting a Poodle, think about whether or not you can take them on daily walks. Do you live near a large field or have a large garden?

Another thing to take into account is their coats. Generally, they don’t cause allergic reactions however, it can take quite a bit of maintenance. Make sure that you have the time and money to schedule them into the groomers on a regular basis. Alternatively, ensure that you have the necessary time to learn all there is to know about grooming your Poodle at home.

Poodle Necessities

If you have come to the conclusion that a Poodle will be a great addition to your home, then continue reading to find out our best buys of Poodle necessities.

Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food

It can be a very confusing task, choosing the best dog food for your Poodle but we have found a great choice. One of the best dog foods for a Poodle pup is that of Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food.

It provides all of the necessary nutrients as well as providing them with a gradual release of energy.

Some key features include:

  • Proteins and prebiotics that are highly digestible and help with digestive health
  • Supports a strong skeletal development due to its calcium and phosphorus content
  • Antioxidant-rich to help build a robust immune system

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Best Friends Luxury Shag Donut Dog Bed

Just like us, humans dogs also need a comfy bed to sleep in. Not only does it give them a good nights sleep, but it is also somewhere that can provide comfort for them. The Best Friends Luxury Shag Donut Dog Bed has a bolstered edge that provides orthopedic support.

It also has a special insulation layer that radiates warmth generated by your dog’s body heat.

Additional specifications are:

  • Ultra-soft faux fur for comfort
  • Generous amounts of padding
  • Raised bed edges for support and head resting

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K9Konnection Double Sided Dematting Comb

The first step in grooming your Poodle is to regularly work through their matted hair. A Poodle’s coat is very unique, and it’s because of this that extra care is needed.

It can get tangled quite quickly and so it’s recommended that they are brushed several times a week. The K9Konnection Double Sided Dematting Comb is a great tool to work out the tangles, leaving your pooch with a soft coat.

More features include:

  • Stainless steel blades that can cut through the most stubborn knots
  • Blades include a dulled edge that won’t cut the skin
  • Is used by vets and professional groomers
  • Comfortable to hold and use

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Getting a Poodle is a choice that you will be proud of. Having a loyal and highly intelligent friend by your side gives you plenty to smile about. If you have a lifestyle that will suit a Poodle, then what’s stopping you? Have a look around and find your new fur buddy today.

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