Training Miniature Poodles to Support the Elderly

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Miniature poodles make great companions because they are loyal and obedient. And, because of their small stature, it is ideal for poodles to support the elderly. If you are looking for a dog that will provide companionship and be easy to train and handle, a miniature poodle is a great option.

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  • What Can a Miniature Poodle Provide to an Elderly Companion?
  • Training a Poodle to Provide Support
  • Tools for Training
  • Final Thoughts

Every breed of dog has the ability to bring love and companionship to their families, but not all breeds are right for all people. Some tend to be challenging to train or because of their size, they aren’t suitable for all environments. An older person might love the idea of having a standard sized poodle with their great personalities and fun-loving attitudes, but if they are living in a condo or apartment without a lot of space a big dog isn’t an option.

If space is limited or you are concerned about handling a larger poodle, the miniature poodle might be right for you. These dogs have the same outstanding personalities and lovable nature as their larger counterparts, but they require less space to be happy and healthy, and they are easily handled even by older adults.

Perhaps the best part? Miniature poodles can be trained to provide support to elderly owners.

What Can a Miniature Poodle Provide to an Elderly Companion?

In addition to love and loyalty, miniature poodles can provide more comprehensive support for elderly owners. They can offer a sense of well-being and allow older adults to have just the right amount of purpose in their lives.

Many seniors struggle to find purpose because their days of working outside of the home and raising families have passed. On the other hand, part of the joy of retiring and growing older is letting go of some of your responsibilities and just enjoying life. Mini poodles provide just the right amount of balance between responsibility and purposes without being the primary caretaker of an entire family.

Owning a dog means you’ll need to feed and care for something other than yourself. An elderly person is more likely to get out of the house, socialize, and stay active when they have a poodle companion that demands a certain amount of care and physical activity. If you or a loved one is struggling with finding purpose as time passes or tends to lack enough physical activity and time outdoors to be healthy, a miniature poodle can provide the boost needed to improve everyday life.

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Positive Effects

Some studies have even shown that adopting a miniature poodle or other breeds of dog can help reduce the effects of specific medical issues including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Deteriorating bone strength
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Reduce blood circulation

Training a Poodle to Provide Support

In addition to providing an elderly person with a purpose, miniature poodles can also be trained to provide specific support. For instance, properly trained miniature poodles can alert their owners to health issues such as an impending seizure or imbalances in blood sugar. They are also great for providing assistance when a senior owner has vision or hearing challenges. And they can be trained to help their human companions who need emotional support in certain trying situations.

Miniature poodles are great for providing support to elderly owners because they are not aggressive dogs. They tend to be confident and social and usually get along with other dogs. They are also known for being obedient and compliant when it comes to petting or grooming.

When properly trained, miniature poodles can be comfortable around medical equipment, such as walkers, wheelchairs, and oxygen machines. They have a high tolerance for encountering strangers and are known for having good manners.

Of course, ensuring your adult miniature poodle meets these objectives requires training. Whether you are the owner of the poodle who will be your companion dog or you are training a dog that will visit with the elderly and provide support and companionship for assigned periods of time, it’s important to work with your dog as early as possible preparing him or her for the challenges that come with being a support animal.

Training sessions should occur frequently and continue even after your miniature poodle knows what is expected of him or her. The more interaction your dog has in a support role the more confident and comfortable he’ll be.

Tools for Training

There are many schools of thought on training a dog, but perhaps the most important thing you can remember when training a miniature poodle to provide support to the elderly is that you want your dog to enjoy his or her time in that role. This means you want to make training fun for your pup and work to build confidence. Positive reinforcement is the best way to do this.

During training sessions, reward your pup with training treats. This helps you communicate with your miniature poodle and let him or her know through reward that behavior is acceptable. Make training sessions fun for your dog and know what to watch for when your dog begins to lose patience. The last thing you want to do, especially early on, is to push your dog too hard and make training unpleasant. Just like humans, dogs have a threshold for learning and recognizing when that threshold has been reached makes it easier to instill lifelong lessons.

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In addition to treats, there are other training tools that can help your dog develop appropriate behaviors for providing support. Through trial and error, you can learn what methods best suit your miniature poodle’s personality and learning style.

Finally, remember to be patients as you work with your pup. Miniature poodles are smart, but they aren’t perfect. As long as your dog continues to progress forward with training you are on the right track.

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Final Thoughts

Miniature poodles make great companion animals and are the ideal breed for providing support for the elderly. Through proper training and practice, your poodle can become a special friend to you as you age or to elderly people in the community who are looking for companionship.

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