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Training toys for Poodles are great for a variety of reasons. These toys don’t act as simply playtime additions but also as a way to help your Poodle deal with some tough issues as they grow. Poodle owners find that the right training toys can help with everything from teething, chewing, stress, and even separation anxiety.

To keep your Poodle from continuing with negative behavior and to encourage them to move towards more positive behavior, owners use training toys to get their puppy on the right track. They are great for encouraging your Poodle to bond with you as the dominant figure in the relationship, encourage more activity in dogs that don’t get around much, and even help keep your Poodle’s brain moving and thinking constantly.

It is extremely important to ensure that your pup gets the playtime he needs, but it is always great to add in useful play to help keep your Poodle happy and healthy with great behaviors. The training toys are also great for keeping your pup entertained and occupied while you’re out so they can still get the playtime they need and deserve.

Of course, toys (for training purposes or not) don’t replace human interaction. It is best to play with your Poodle while using the training toys to ensure they’re getting the love and affection they desire and deserve.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality training toys are vital to the success of the training methods you employ with your Poodle. It doesn’t necessarily help if you have 5 training toys if the quality of those toys isn’t very good. In fact, the more you invest in the quality of the training toys you purchase, the better chance your Poodle will have at having them longer. When your Poodle gets the chance to play with training toys for longer than a few days, the training methods you’re using with the toy become much more effective!

Check out your local pet store and consult with professional dog trainers to find out top quality brands of the training toys we recommend here. You can easily purchase training toys online (we’ve included links for you to make life easier), but you can also purchase them at your local pet store.

No matter where you purchase the training toys, purchase only the top quality toys you can find!

Little Chili loves his pull toy – from @chiliandpeanut

The Dog’s Size Matters

Poodles come in three sizes – Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Finding the right training toys for your Poodle’s size is highly important to the overall success of the training toy. If you buy a training toy that’s too large for a Miniature or Toy Poodle, the effectiveness of the training method may be lost.

Standard Poodles don’t need small training toys as they won’t be effective, either. They could be easily torn apart and become unusable quickly. That’s why it is important to find training toys that are right for the size of the Poodle you have!

Inspect The Material First

One thing that some Poodle owners (and dog owners in general) tend to forget is to look at the material the training toys use. If you purchase training toys for your Poodle that contain material that can be broken off into small pieces, your Poodle could potentially choke or swallow something harmful. If your Poodle breaks off the little pieces of the training toy, you could be cleaning up mess after mess and get more frustrated than anything!

Look for high-quality training toys for your Poodle that won’t break apart and that will stand up to the test of time (and your Poodle’s teeth)! You’ll thank us later, we promise.

Types of Training Toys for Your Poodle

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to explore the different types of training toys for your Poodle. Here’s the best of the best that will keep you and your Poodle happy and healthy for years to come!

Stop the Chewing

Poodles (like other dogs) find that chewing is quite enjoyable. In fact, some Poodles take chewing up as their one-and-only hobby, which makes them pretty good at what they do. This is not necessarily the type of hobby you want your Poodle to take on, of course, which means you have to get the chewing under control as soon as possible.

Finding training toys that stand up to excessive and aggressive chewing can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Poodles have the typical urge to chew that most other dogs do, which means they’ll chew anything and everything.

However, if you give them the right training toy, your dog will use that toy as their sole chew source. If you don’t give them something to focus their chewing on, they’ll find whatever they need to satisfy their urges.

Here are some things to look for when you’re checking out the best training toys for your Poodle to help them get their chew on in the right places:

  • Be able to withstand strong bites
  • Made from safe materials
  • Includes color indicators that show when the toy has been chewed too much/enough
  • Is fun with great texture that will feel good to the Poodle’s sore gums

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description
Kong Puppy Chew Toy
  • Cleans teeth and gums
  • Safe, USA-made materials
  • Made in 3 sizes – S, M, and L
  • Great for stuffing with treats to encourage exclusive chewing
  • Promotes proper chewing behavior
  • Decreases separation anxiety while owners were away and/or while crated

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Goughnuts Chew Toy

  • Not easy to destroy
  • Color indicator to show when the toy has been chewed enough
  • GoughNuts will replace worn-down chew toys
  • Floats and is great for use as a fetch toy
  • Made in the USA

Check out on Amazon

Teething Training Toys

It is inevitable that all puppies (Poodles or not) will experience teething pains. These pains differ from the urge to chew as we discussed in the previous section. Teething is a phase puppies go through when they’re growing, and it is not fun for either the puppy parents or the Poodle!

You’ll notice your puppy starting to teeth around 3 to 4 months, and it could last for 4-5 months. Much like human babies, puppies have an extremely difficult time with itchy gums and extreme discomfort they don’t know how to soothe themselves. Your Poodle may look for something to chew on to ease their pain, so finding them teething toys that train them to chew on the right thing is extremely important.

Effective Teething Toys

Teething toys should have the following qualities to ensure they give your puppy the relief they need:

  • Provide your pup with a variety of textures
  • Small nubs to help rub the gums and give relief
  • Flexible manipulation so that your Poodle can get to different parts of their mouth easily
  • Sized correctly for your Poodle’s size (if it’s not the right size, your Poodle may move on to something that is not a toy)
  • Includes flavors that can either be added manually or come with the teething toy to entice your Poodle to chew on it rather than something else

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description

  • Includes nubs to massage your Poodle’s aching gums
  • Material is designed specifically for teething puppies
  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar
  • Great for Toy Poodles due to small size
  • Chicken flavored
  •  Made in the USA

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Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys Set

  • Cleans your Poodle’s teeth and gums
  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar
  • Great for Toy and Miniature Poodles
  • Made from 100% cotton and floss fabric
  • Redirects puppies from bad biting and chewing behavior

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Busy Bodies + Treat Dispensing


Your Poodle may find themselves at home for extended periods of time due to work or life happenings. That doesn’t mean your pup should be left without something to keep them busy. If your pup is home for 5+ hours, these training toys are great for keeping your dog busy as well as giving them a treat in the middle of the day while you’re gone.

Another benefit of having a treat-dispensing training toy is that it can prevent bloat. This is a big concern for standard Poodles because it can be a serious health condition caused by fast eating. These training toys do a great job at keeping them busy while also preventing bloat and providing a mid-day snack.

What to Look For?

Here’s what you should look for when searching for the right treat-dispensing training toy for your Poodle:

  • Does it hold enough treats that are not easily released?
  • Can your Poodle smell them to trigger the response to make them want to get the treat out?
  • Is it designed to hold a variety of dog treats?
  • Is it made from safe materials to ensure that your Poodle doesn’t chew or swallow unsafe materials?
  • Can it withstand daily use and constant chewing?
  • Does it have the ability to be cleaned and rinsed of food particles left by treats?
  • Is it correctly sized for your Poodle? (Treat dispensing training toys are hard to find for toy and miniature Poodles, but if you look for one that works for 10 lbs and underdogs, it should work for your tiny Poodle, too.)

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description
Busy Buddy

  • Great for Standard Poodles (20-50 lbs)
  • Provides stimulating play for hours of fun and excitement
  • Durable and stands up to aggressive chewing
  • Easy to fill with dry treats or smears of peanut butter
  • Can be used with kibble to slow down eating time to decrease chances of bloat
  • Add extra challenge with added prongs
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Made from non-toxic materials

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The IQ Treat Ball

  • Easy to fill with your dog’s favorite treat
  • Can be used with kibble to slow down eating time to decrease bloat
  • Adjustable difficulty level to keep your dog’s interest peaked
  • Comes apart to clean
  • Great for small to medium-sized Poodles

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Playtime is Key

No matter what you do or how long you’re gone from home during the day, your Poodle will need (and love) playtime with you! It’s so important to give your Poodle playtime because it is the best way to keep your pup active and healthy. Even if you can only play for 10-20 minutes each night, that’s still enough time to let your Poodle know how much you love and care for them.

There are training toys that are ideal for various playtime activities such as playing fetch or puzzle games.  What happens you spend time training your Poodle with these training toys, you’ll teach them what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate behavior!

What Training Toys are Best?

Let’s look at some of the best training toys you can buy to give your Poodle the best playtime possible:

  • Look for colorful and interesting toys that get your Poodle interested in playing
  • Ensure that it is durable
  • Find the right size for your Poodle so that it can easily fit in your Poodle’s mouth
  • Get toys that are like puzzles for your Poodle to keep their brain moving

Our Top 2 Recommendations

Product Name Description
Zanies Mini Tennis Balls

  • Perfect for small dogs to play fetch
  • Small dogs can pick up and carry these mini tennis balls easily
  • Interesting colors to keep them enticed
  • Made from safe materials

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Trixie Pet Products

  • Designed for small dogs
  • Knobs and lids are made for flipping to keep your dog guessing and entertained
  • Place treats in different locations to keep the difficulty level constantly changing
  • Teaches your Poodle how to paw and maneuver certain pulls and knobs for constant guessing

Check out on Amazon


Training toys for your Poodle vary in their use and their ability to meet the needs of your pup. Your Poodle will grow with you, which means he’ll need different types of training toys throughout the different stages of his life. It’s safe to say that some of these toys will work for a majority of your Poodle’s life while others may come and go in usefulness. Keep up with your dog’s needs and pay attention to her growing physical, emotional, and mental development to ensure that the training toys are right for your Poodle at all times.

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