Training Your Poodle not to Jump to Your Bed

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Training your poodle not to jump on the bed can be a challenge. Poodles are smart dogs and usually easy to train, but they can also be stubborn. This means you need to be consistent with training and find ways to positively reinforce good behaviors and withhold those rewards when your poodle doesn’t do as asked.

Table of Contents

  • Why Do Poodles Jump on the Bed?
  • Importance of Consistency
  • Using a Crate to Train Your Poodle
  • Reinforcing Good Behavior
  • Final Thoughts

Why Do Poodles Jump on the Bed?

Most of the time, dogs jump on the bed because they want to be closer to you. They might do it because you are in bed sleeping and they want to snuggle with you, or they might jump on your bed when you aren’t even home because your scent is on the bed and they want to feel close to you while you’re away. Essentially, being on the bed gives your poodle comfort, and unless you have a hard and fast rule to never let your dog on the bed, your canine companion isn’t going to understand why the mattress is off-limits.

TL;DR – Poodles jump on the bed because they can.

Little Kurumi was not trained not to jump in the hat – from @kurumitaan

They jump on the bed because it provides them with something they want. Being close to you, being warm, or getting cozy in the sheets. It’s impossible to accurately tell what the reasoning is because your dog can’t explain it to you, but be assured, your poodle isn’t jumping up on the bed just to bother you or get on your nerves. They simply enjoy being on your bed.

It can also help to identify what is going on right before your poodle jumps on the bed. Dogs always respond better to corrective action when they can connect it with the exact thing they are doing incorrectly. If you don’t correct them until after the behavior, they will think the next thing they did is the problem. The best way to reinforce what you want is to break the practice in action. Poodles are smart and catch on quickly, so they can make the connection between what they are doing and what’s making you unhappy.

For instance, if your dog jumps onto the bed and lays down, but you aren’t able to correct them until they are laying down, the dog will likely think jumping on the bed is okay, but laying down is the problem. It’s better to catch them in the moment, so they connect what you are saying to the specific action they are taking.

Importance of Consistency

In most cases, a poodle will continue to jump due to inconsistent rules. Do you ever fail to force your poodle off the bed when he or she drops on it because you’re busy or on your way out of the house or you just don’t feel like correcting?

Are there occasions when your poodle is allowed on the bed, such as when your spouse is away on vacation or during storms? Your poodle doesn’t understand the mixed messages. He or she only knows that there are times when bed jumping is permitted, which to a poodle means bed jumping is always allowed.

Consistency is vital when it comes to training a poodle to do anything, especially jumping on the bed. First, start by restricting bed access at all times, day or night. A crate might be needed to accomplish this.

Using a Crate to Train Your Poodle not to Jump to Your Bed

Keep in mind, confining your poodle to another room might work, but dog’s don’t understand the difference between the couch and the bed. This means if you force your dog to sleep in another room and he or she gets used to the sofa when you allow access to the bedroom again the dog will lack understanding of why the bed isn’t okay to be on. You’re better off using a crate until your dog understands his or her limits regarding the bed.

If your dog misses you when in its crate, or when you aren’t home, provide a blanket for comfort. You can also give it a special toy that distracts your poodle from feeling lonely.

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Reinforcing Good Behavior

The key to ending disobedient behavior for your poodle is to reinforce good behavior. Show your dog where you’d like him or her to sleep and make that space as comfortable as possible. Provide them with an excellent reward when they are in that space. Putting your poodle to bed at night might include pulling out a beloved sleeping toy and rewarding with a high-value treat once your dog lays down on the bed provided. The trick is to make going to bed in the appropriate spot as appealing as possible.

Failing to make the alternative to jumping on the bed appealing can lead to worse behavior. Some dog owners restrict their dogs from the bedroom at night to avoid the dog jumping on the bed, only to wake up to find the legs to their table chewed or their couch destroyed. You need to fill the hole that was left by not getting to be on the bed, and you do this by providing pleasing alternatives.

Bribe the Dog

It’s also important to reward when you notice your poodle making the right decision at the moment. You might enter your bedroom with your dog, notice him or her looking at the bed, and then deciding to lay down in an alternative location. This deserves a high-value reward! Training treats are a great way to acknowledge good behavior. And, when you are dealing with a training issue, you should carry them with you when you’re with your dog.

Even if your dog does nothing but stands with all four feet on the floor when near the bed, it’s worth a reward. Treats are handy in these early stages of training. You want your dog to think, “I get a treat for standing here so I’ll stand here and not jump.” Once they make that connection, you’re on your way to resolving the issue.

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Final Thoughts

Poodles, like all dogs, will develop the occasional behavior issue you’ll need to correct. The good news is poodles are smart and easy to train, so dealing with problems is much easier than it might be with other breeds of dogs. Training your poodle not to jump to your bed might be difficult, but it is far from impossible.

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