What are Teacup Poodles?

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The poodle is arguably one of the smartest breeds in the world right now. And teacup poodles are just as smart, but smaller and more precious. A lot of people all over the world are fans of this breed due to their loyal, loving, and mischievous personality. They have a goofy streak and love to play despite sporting a regal appearance. They are eager to please and are very fond of people.

The teacup poodle is an unconventional size variation of the poodle. It is actually in the group of the toy poodle, but it is relatively smaller in size when compared to the AKC toy poodle standard. Very small poodles are given the name “Teacup Poodle” by breeders, which means there is no general standard for those that are breeding them.


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Teacup Poodle Description

In a nutshell, the teacup poodle is a very small toy poodle. These are excessively tiny dogs that are certain to be pricey from the day they are purchased till the very end. They are also incredibly fragile and demand a special amount of care, which can be achieved with little effort. The high cost of getting one of these dogs is just one of the many payments that will be needed to take care of this dog.

In spite of the fact that it is a very small dog, it remains a poodle which means it has a very high level of intelligence. It is simple to train one of these, they are a little stubborn and in extreme cases, prone to Small Dog Syndrome. You would want to prevent things like overexertion, agitation, and nervousness by making sure that your teacup poodle is well trained and carefully socialized.

The poodles would rather have unique relationships with each family member rather than picking one person over the others. They are kind of protective of the people they love, they can get a bit offensive when in the midst of bigger dogs and forget that they are so fragile that jumping from the bed to greet you can get them seriously injured.

They are tiny, fragile but they are definitely not lazy. They would also require regular exercise, but it needs to be done carefully to avoid injury.

Little Kurumi having a bath – from @kurumitaan

Teacup Poodle Size

The teacup poodle as a variety is not recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club), possibly it was crossbred in a prior generation to get this size attribute. There are some breeders that say the small size of the teacup poodle might have come from poodle litter runts that were preserved and mated for only down-breeding. What matters the most to breeders and buyers is the size of these poodles.

In fairness, the teacup poodles are toy poodles, but as the AKC describes all toy poodles as dogs that are 10 inches and below in height, it includes teacups, tinies, and others. Many teacup poodle breeders describe a teacup poodle that is fully grown with a weight of up to 2-5 pounds and not more than 8 inches in height.

Teacup Poodle Temperament

The teacup poodle is a highly intelligent breed. Also remarkably responsive, it is claimed to be one of the easiest breeds to train. They are sweet, delightful, very amusing, joyful, lively and they also like to be around people. With their size, they would make a very good watchdog, but if not given the right type and amount of exercise they may become timid and nervous. If it is noticed that the human is not fully the pack leader, then they might snap when teased or surprised.

The teacup poodle is good with other dogs and pets. They also tend to bark a lot unless if they are given rules to follow and limits as to what they are allowed to do or not. Do all you can to ensure that this little dog does not develop Small Dog Syndrome, this is a situation whereby the dog feels like he is a pack leader to the human. This will lead to various degrees of behavioral issues like snapping, guarding, growling, and nervousness amongst many others. This tiny dog is usually great with children but is recommended for older kids who know how to exhibit the leadership trait.

The reason for this is that some owners treat the dog in a way that it feels he is the leader to humans. This is definitely not a teacup poodle trait, but a trait that is brought on by timid owners. Ensure that you are your poodle’s tough, confident and consistent pack leader, providing it with mental and physical exercise daily.

Teacup Poodle Health Problems

The size of the poodle is a large factor when it comes to their health problems, and most breeders are still trying to make them smaller. The teacup poodle has a long list of health problems that are bigger than it, and most of these ailments can be critical if not treated properly.

The most serious and frequently critical disorders that develop within the teacup poodle are the bone, blood, and heart disorders. Some other conditions that should be monitored are the nose, eye, ear, skin, joint, digestive and internal organ conditions. You should also constantly monitor your teacup poodle to prevent injuries that can be gotten from simple activities, negligence, and improper handling.

If you plan to take in a teacup poodle, ensure that the transition is done gradually and with adequate preparation or else it could prompt critical stress reactions from the dog. The teacup poodle can fall victim to the littlest of health problems.

Teacup Poodle Living Conditions

The teacup poodle is a great dog to have in your apartment. It is very active indoors and it can also fare well if it doesn’t have a yard.

Teacup Poodle Exercise

The teacup poodle requires a daily walk. Their regular playtime will take care of most of their exercise needs, but it will not fulfill their primal instinct to walk.

Final Thoughts

These teacup poodles are good choices when it comes to getting a small dog, as they will serve as your companion and watchdog amongst many other things. Be sure to take good care of your teacup poodle and you would definitely be delighted that you own one of these.

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